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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Inhabitants of North America Put on Alert: Latter-Day Prophecies of UFO Contactee PAUL SOLEM & NATIVE AMERICAN CHIEFS NOW COMING TRUE - Part II


By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” author of the internationally-acclaimed “Venus Rising” book series (Terra Alta, WV:  Headline Books, 2015-2024), available on amazon.com

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Venus contactee Paul Solem of Howe, Idaho, felt it was his duty to continue the mission of the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, Jr., in bringing gospel light to the First Nations people of the Americas.  According to Smith’s understanding of The Book of Mormon, “Before the great day of the Lord shall come, Jacob shall flourish in the wilderness, and the Lamanites (Native Americans) shall blossom as the rose.” See Doctrine and Covenants 49:24 (Kirtland, Ohio:  LDS Church, 1835).  Solem also believed that this prophecy must need to be fulfilled for our planet to become part of a greater galactic community.  Painting by Edward Williams Clay and Henry R. Robinson (1844), source:  Smithsonian Natural Museum of American History. Behring Center, Washington, D.C. 

From Paul Solem’s encounter with the Venusian angel in 1952 until 1969, there were many clandestine contacts with numerous Venusians and celestial beings from some of the other planets in our solar system and beyond.  These exalted beings would direct Paul to the leaders of various Native American tribes throughout the Western states, as well as to other contactees like George Adamski, Truman Bethurum, and Daniel Fry for timely advice.  These could provide Paul with the assistance he needed in the fulfillment of his mission to bring the Venus message to the masses of the First Nations peoples.  Paul would also appear at many small assemblies of Native Americans or others interested in finding out more about the visiting Star People, such as the members of UFO clubs. 

For Paul, during these seventeen years, he tried to avoid the limelight in which the other contactees were basking to more fully empower Native American leaders to step up as more acceptable representatives for the extraterrestrials and their message to be faithfully transmitted to the members of their respective tribes.   The Idaho contactee felt that the Mormon Church had failed in this regard insofar as the Indians of the Americas, at least in his estimation, were not being treated based on equality by the elders sent to them from the Mission Training Center at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. 

This was unfortunate, because when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was established at Fayette, New York, and The Book of Mormon was first published, both of these events taking place in 1830, one of the first tasks to be carried out by that then small church’s president, Joseph Smith, Jr., was to send missionaries to the First Nations peoples in the areas surrounding upstate New York.  These included the Seneca in the vicinity of Buffalo, New York, as well as the Wyandot near Sandusky, Ohio.  The prophet Joseph Smith emphasized to the membership that the Native Americans, called the “Lamanites” in The Book of Mormon, were descendants of a lost tribe of Israel and that they needed to be brought into the church organization based on full equality.  Byron R. Merrill of the Brigham Young University Religious Studies Center in Provo, Utah, recently wrote, “According to The Book of Mormon, Indians, or Lamanites as they are called therein, stand on a level of equality with all others in the eyes of God, who is ‘no respecter of persons.’[1] They enjoy a heritage as descendants of a chosen lineage; they are a people of promise.”[2]

The Call is Given

It was time for Paul Solem to extend his outreach.  His oversoul, the Venusian spaceman calling himself “Paul 2,” communicated with Paul via mental telepathy in late June of 1969.  It was around 2 o’clock on a night towards the end of that month when Paul woke up from a deep sleep.  The contactee was startled because he left his radio on and it began making strange, crackling noises.  This static, he would later learn, was induced by Paul 2’s generation of radio interference aboard his Venusian scout ship, which had been hovering overhead, purposely kept unlit in the darkness to avoid observation. 

Paul Solem could not get back to sleep.  Once out of that brief phase between sleep and being awake, known as “hypnogogic transition,” Paul was fully aware of his surroundings and heard his oversoul’s familiar voice once again in his head.  On this occasion, Paul 2 was directing him to contact his friend, the Shoshone Indian Chief Don Ingop from the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, situated off State Route 91 about halfway between the Idaho cities of Pocatello and Blackfoot, approximately 13 miles due north of Pocatello on State Route 91.  Today, Interstate 15 runs between Pocatello and Blackfoot, passing by the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, so there is not so much traffic along the state route as there used to be.  Howe, on the other hand, is about 90 miles northwest of Pocatello and 78 miles northwest of the “Rez,” as the local Native Americans like to refer to the Ft. Hall Indian Reservation.

The Idaho contactee therefore picked up his bedside telephone and dialed Chief Ingop.  After about seven rings, the chief picked up the phone, still in need of a little rest.  Paul excitedly exclaimed, “Dear friend Don, the time has come.  Our Space Friends have agreed to put on a UFO show for the benefit of all those scoffers out there making fun of us.  What say we get together at your place as soon as possible to plan a big UFO disclosure event?”

“I’m game,” said the chief, but interjected, “Why don’t you come by tomorrow at noon.  We can plan this and then drive over to the Journal in Pocatello before their offices close to put a notice in the paper.”

“OK, that’s our plan then.  See you tomorrow.”


(Editor’s note: “Cosmic Ray” reveals the first part of The Gathering prophecy and how it is being fulfilled today in Part III of this series on the Idaho contactee, Paul Solem. - Lon)

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