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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

'HAWKMAN' Winged Humanoid Encountered in Knox County, Missouri

A Missouri witness is fishing on the North Fabius River one night when they encounter a winged humanoid that they describe as resembling the comic superhero 'Hawkman.'

I received the following account:

“It was the summer of 2000 in Knox County, Missouri near a small village called Colony and just north of there, the North Fabius River where there is a concrete bridge. I would fish on this small river, a lot of times underneath the bridge where there was usually a pretty good deep hole to fish.

One night, I was fishing just on the east side of the bridge on the south bank and as I was watching my poles, I heard a loud crashing sound straight across the river from me, something crashing through the trees. I look directly in that direction and see this large object flying through the air and down to the river. Mostly what I'm observing when I first catch sight of this thing are enormous wings and this thing lands right in the middle of the river where there is a sandbar that divides basically two small channels in the river. It lands just to the left of where my line is cast out, maybe 20 feet or so. It was most definitely dark but there was enough light from a burning citronella candle bucket I had burning to where I could see most of the outline of whatever it was I was seeing.

I will never forget the size of the wings and how it landed just like a bird. The wings were most likely white or at least light enough I could make them out pretty easy but it stood just as a man and had the body of a man. The wings were enormous and were possibly as tall if not taller than the body by a foot or two. It looked mostly naked from what I could tell but I saw some kind of chest straps that went across its chest. I could not see a face but it looked like it was wearing some kind of helmet and face shield and I say this because it looked exactly like the face shield of the DC Comics superhero "Hawkman". It had a pointed face shield that looked like a bird's face and just like the Hawkman character, it had wing-like pieces on its helmet. It looked like a helmet because it appeared to be a different color or shade than its body.

After it had landed, it stood straight up and had its wings tucked in and it didn't move for a very long time but I could see water stirring up. I just kept staring at it, afraid to move. I can't say how much time passed but it seemed like a long time that I watched it. All of a sudden I saw it moving even more and it looked like it had a large vase in its hand and was dipping it into the water and started pouring water on itself on its right wing. To me, it seemed like it must have been injured because of the way it crashed through the trees. That's what it appeared like anyway. After it did that, it stood straight and didn't move at all. It stood there for the longest time and looked more like a post because it was so still. I watched it for at least another 20-30 minutes and it did not move.

I was scared and I just kept thinking in my mind that it had to be able to see me or at least see the citronella bucket burning. I started to tell myself that what I was seeing wasn't real. I had two poles with me at the time but only one was cast out and the one that was cast out, I just started reeling it in nice and slow while keeping my eye on this thing. At this time, the wind is blowing the candle directly into my face and it's all I can breathe in once I finally get my pole reeled in. I grab the candle bucket and move it from the right of me to the left.

All of a sudden I see this thing leap and jump into the water like a dive and water splashes up and there's wake hitting the bank. I immediately grab my poles and take off running up the bank. I kept falling down, scared out of my mind in a total panic thinking this thing was behind me. I finally got past the rocks and up above the bank and onto the road and went straight for the truck. I got out of there, still thinking this thing might be following me. I was scared. I was actually scared for a very long time. Looking back now, maybe the creature was just as scared as I was.” JP

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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