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Friday, December 22, 2023

Frightening Week-Long SASQUATCH Activity at Hunters' Camp Causes Panic (PHOTOS)

Two hunter friends are in the mountains of northeast Washington and set up camp. During the week they experience anomalous activity that eventually drives them away.

"My best friend Rob and I do an annual hunting trip the third week of October every year for early deer season. We take a whole week off of work and set up camp to stay the full week this is a very remote area in the northeast corner of Washington state in the mountains. We're the only people up there the entire week.

In 2017 we arrived on Saturday at our hunting spot and set up camp which took a couple of hours. We use a big canvas hunting tent that we can both stay in with plenty of room to move around and store all of our gear. At some point the first day after we set up I did a few tree knocks and a call to see if we might get a response. My buddy Rob was a skeptic at the time and had no interest in the Sasquatch thing whatsoever but tolerated me doing it. We got nothing back and went on with our day and didn't give it another thought. We're there to hunt so that's what we were focused on.

As I remember we went out the first afternoon to hunt for a few hours and then returned back to camp after dark. Nothing happened out of the ordinary the first night. The next day we woke up early to get out to a spot to hunt for the day. That day we returned to camp early afternoon for lunch and as we turned to head down the dirt path to our camp we immediately noticed a small tree that was uprooted like a carrot and placed across the path. Rob and I looked at each other and Rob said that wasn't there when we left this morning and he was right it wasn't there when we left. This was very weird, to say the least. I hopped out of the side-by-side to walk over and take a look. What we realized right away was that something had carried this tree and placed it there. There are no dirt drag marks like you'd see if someone or something had drug it in there. I picked up the tree and a bunch of dirt fell off the large rootball and the small tree was fairly heavy.

We proceeded to look around and inspect both tree lines on both sides of the path to see if we could find the source or a hole where it was pulled from. We looked around for 20 to 30 minutes and couldn't find anything. Something or someone carried that tree and placed it in there and placed it there. We took a few photos and carried on with our day.

We decided to set up two game cameras in camp to hopefully catch anything that might be messing with us. When we were gone out hunting we set up one behind our tent and one in the middle of our campsite facing our camp table. We headed back out to hunt after lunch and again returned after dark. This is when the distant knock started. We hopped out of the vehicle and right away heard a distant knock, then another that sounded like it came from an opposite direction. Rob was scratching his head wondering what could be making knocks in such a remote area in the mountains. We soon realized that this was some kind of a signal that would happen every night.

A few days later we returned back to camp after dark. As we turned down the entrance to our camp we saw the second tree, another tree was down in camp. We noticed it immediately. As we pulled in this one was around 25 feet tall and very healthy. Rob hit it with his flashlight and I snapped a couple of photos with my phone. This tree was big and it almost hit our camp table. There was no wind all that day, in fact, there was no wind the entire week. We couldn't believe this was happening. It was really hard for us to wrap our heads around it all.

At this point, it really started to feel like we were in danger. If a tree that size was pushed over onto our tent at night it could kill us. We thought about this and talked about the possibility of this happening. As soon as we jumped out of the side-by-side we heard a knock that sounded closer than the night before. Then another from a different location. Again, it was like they or whatever it was were signaling or communicating in some way. A couple more knocks and then it stopped. Again, Rob and I were really on edge at this point. Finding the trees and then hearing the knocks both nights when we arrived back to camp.

We made a fire and carried on, fixed some dinner, and eventually went into the tent to go to bed. At some point later that night Rob woke me up. The knocks had started again and were really loud and sounded very close. This was about 2 or 3:00 AM and this would happen for multiple nights at approximately the same time. We decided we needed to exit the tent to try to see if we could see anything. So we got dressed as fast as we could, grabbed our sidearms, and ran out of the tent in opposite directions. We met with each other on the back side of the tent and scanned the woods with their flashlights. We stood there for a while quietly and just tried to listen. We stayed outside the tent for maybe 15 or 20 minutes looking around the camp and talking about what was happening. We eventually went back into the tent and back to bed.

On day four we slept in a little the next morning since we didn't get much sleep during the night. I remember getting up tired and looking at the big tree that had been pushed over in the middle of our camp. Rob was also up and he reminded me that we had set up one of the game cams in the middle of camp, and that it would I should have caught the tree going down the previous day. I'll never forget this. He walked over to the tree with the game cam and said, "Nate, get over here. You're not going to believe this." I walked over and he punched at the game cam. Something had placed a dead moth backward and slightly squished it over the eye of the camera. This seemed bizarre to both of us. We stood there confused for a few moments and then Rob flicked the moth off of the camera and started to check it for any photos. The only thing we got was some really dark pictures as if something was covering the lens, but nothing before or after these photos.

The next night, I was asleep and Rob was still awake lying on his cot. He said he heard something moving around the tent. He then heard what he said sound like a stick being drug all the way around on and across the tent until it reached his side. It went right by his head. He decided not to wake me up. This is very unsettling for me to hear.

Every time we returned back to camp multiple knocks from multiple areas would start. By the sixth night, we're both exhausted and stressed out from lack of sleep. To be honest I was afraid to go to bed in the tent again. But reluctantly went to bed that night anticipating that we were going to get harassed and terrorized again. So we both had trouble going to sleep even as tired as we were again. Around 2 or 3 AM we were woken up by the knocks. They were very loud and sounded like they were right behind the tent. Both of us were also angry at this point. We were both sleeping with our clothes on to be ready to go out of the tent faster if we had to.

Again we went out of the tent and in opposite directions. Around the tent, we stood there again and didn't hear anything. Nothing was moving or running away. We scanned the forest with the flashlights again and Rob caught some eye shine across the field that appeared to be fairly tall or high compared to the ground. we both shot our guns in that direction thinking that maybe we'll scare it off whatever it was. I'm not sure that was the smartest thing to do looking back on it, but we were desperate and wanted all this to stop.

With our adrenaline still high we stayed up for a while but eventually went back in the tent and dozed off. At some point, after all this, I woke up again and heard something growling right behind my corner of the tent, right behind my head. It was a loud, deep guttural growl. I was terrified and I lay there for a minute wondering if I had just dreamed this. Then it happened again. This time I woke Rob up. It happened again, two more times for a total of four growls. Rob heard it too. We rushed out of the tent again and saw or heard nothing. How could this be? How could something be that close to the tent but it's not there? How could something move away so fast without us hearing it? Whatever this was it seemed to have special abilities and was getting the best of us. We still had one more day and night to go on our trip. If we were to stick to our original plans.

The next morning I checked the other game cam behind the tent hoping that it had gone off and caught whatever was growling at us. There was a series of photos from that night that had a ghostly white mist in them. Nothing else. That was probably a breath from something. We decided to call it and spend the last night at a family cabin on a lake around 30 minutes away from the hunting camp. We needed some sleep and we couldn't deal with it anymore."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcGQ0U-__Ew

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