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Sunday, December 24, 2023

Family Encounters BIGFOOT While Cutting CHRISTMAS TREE in Tioga County, PA

A Pennsylvania family is cutting a Christmas tree in Tioga County, PA when they experience tree branches being thrown at them. As they are leaving, a driver flags them down and says he just saw a Bigfoot

The following account was forwarded to me:

"On December 2, 2021, my family went out to cut down a Christmas tree. We were about 20-30 miles from home, way out in the middle of nowhere in Tioga County, Pennsylvania. This road we were on is fairly regularly traveled by people with jeeps because the mud is really soft, even when there is snow.

When we find a suitable tree and stop to cut it. We got the tree on the ground, and my dad was cleaning up some branches from the bottom when my mom got the great idea to throw a rock into the woods right next to the car. After several rocks, my mom was done throwing things, when out of nowhere, a decent-sized tree branch landed on the roof of the car. This branch was bigger around than our tree, which was a problem because our tree was among the biggest and tallest in that area. At the time I brushed it off as my dad being silly since I didn't hear him sawing anymore.

We pulled the branch off of the car, and I went to take a leak while my dad tied everything down. I walked down the hill about ten feet until I found a suitable bush, but on the way down, something got spooked from around that spot and took off to my right. I figured I'd come across a deer or something so I went down to where it had been to look for tracks so I could identify the animal. I got down there and couldn't find much except some trampled grass and broken branches where the animal had busted through the underbrush. The grass was pretty thick, so I wasn't too upset by not being able to find anything.

I returned to my chosen bush and did my thing, but as I was trying to climb back up the side where I had come down, I slipped because of the mud. I was slightly miffed. It was about 20 degrees and about a 15-mile-per-hour wind. I'd left my coat up top since I hadn't expected to be down there that long.

As I was walking along the side of this hill to where it got a little brushier, my mom yelled down "Quit throwing rocks. You've hit my window twice." I yelled back that I wasn't throwing any rocks and kept going, thinking that my sister was just being silly and carrying on with the Bigfoot thing. As I was reaching the patch of brush that I was going to climb, I came across what looked like a human footprint, but without shoes in the mud. It was about 14 inches long and had hair imprinted in it. At first, I thought it was a bear, but the bears around here don't get much more than 150-200 pounds, and even a big one only has 7-inch feet.

As I was examining this track, I heard something fly over me. I looked up in time to see a branch landing at the top of the hill, which is only a little way up now. I then looked in the direction it came from, just as something was retreating down the hill in the brush. I just caught a glimpse of it but noticed that it was bipedal, big, tall, and hairy. I freaked and made it to the top of that hill in seconds.

I got back to the car, totally out of breath despite it only being twenty yards, and hopped in. My dad was just getting in as I ran up and everyone else was already up. They asked me what was wrong, And I said "I don't know, but something down there is throwing things at us. Let's go!"

My parents looked at each other, and for once 'there is always a real explanation, so let's go find it.' Father didn't hesitate to leave.

This is what made me a believer in Bigfoot. About two miles down this road, A pickup comes flying up behind us and won't back off. We pulled over in a wide spot, but instead of passing, the truck pulled next to us, and the driver rolled down the window. It turned out to be a guy my dad knew. He was terrified and he said, "Get your ass out of here! I just saw a Bigfoot!

We followed him to the main road where we stopped and asked him where he'd seen this "Bigfoot." He said that someone had been cutting up a tree there, probably for Christmas, and that the thing had been standing on the side of the road." BW

NOTE: the witness, who is 18 years old, later told me that this occurred in the Pennsylvania State Game Lands #208 off of Rt. 349 about 2 miles north of Gaines, PA. I hope to have an investigator check out the location. Lon 

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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