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Saturday, December 02, 2023

Experiencer Claimed He Was Blinded By A GNOME!

Back in June 2019, I received an email that included an article and photo attachments. The experiencer stated that they had a Gnome encounter that left them blinded.

I received a document that was prefaced with the following statement:

Hello Lon,

I am attaching a seven page article (with images) of an encounter I had with a “gnome” here in my property in Carlsbad CA on July 16, 2017. The encounter left me blind on my remaining good left eye.

One of the items of proof that I can provide (if requested) is an evaluation done of my eyes by (redacted names of optometrists) here in Carlsbad CA. The evaluation was done on July 20, 2017, four days after my encounter with the gnome.

Lon, I am guessing that by now you can probably determine, within seconds or minutes, whether someone’s story sounds true or not. I can assure you that what I describe in the article is true. Let me know if you need more info.

Warm regards,


I contacted AG and received the following statement:

The story you are about to read is absolutely true, but I need to preface it with the following three points:
One, I was already visually impaired in both eyes from myopia and macular degeneration. My good remaining left eye--prior to the event I am about to describe, was corrected with glasses to 20/20 allowing me to drive legally. After the event I estimate that my vision deteriorated to between 20/100 to 20/150 although it has improved substantially since then.

Two, I never actually saw the creature that blinded me, but for the reasons elucidated I have inferred that it is within the category of gnome.

Three, as of December 11, 2018, I have determined that the gnome is still active in our yard here in Carlsbad CA!
In late May / early June 2017 I was doing my regular walk around the perimeter of our house looking for ants. In closely checking the ground outside the crawl-in space on the garage side of the house, I encountered a mysterious perfectly round hole approximately 1 ¾ inches in diameter with no nicks around its edges (see figure 1). But what most struck me was the absence of any buildup of dirt around the hole. I was familiar with holes made by gophers and squirrels and they always had a mound of dirt around them unless it was an old hole.

And it was not until several months later, while walking in a field full of gopher holes, that I realized how unusual it was to find perfectly circular holes, with the only semblance of a perfectly circular hole being a hole that was full of nicks around its edges.

I then forgot about the hole until mid July when, while checking the same area again, I realized that there was an ant nest(s) under the black polyethylene sheet that was covered by gravel. This was immediately adjacent to the mysterious hole.

On the Sunday of July 16, 2017, after removing the gravel, I pulled back the sheeting to expose the ant nest(s), and this time upon re-examining the hole I was struck with yet another anomaly - the hole was bi-tunneled with both tunnels running diametrically opposite each other at an 180 degree angle! (see figure 2)

I then began pulling at roots that had grown underneath the sheeting, with one of the roots reaching all the way over to the right-side tunnel and effectively collapsing part of it. I then dumped the first of two large pots of boiling water over the ant’s nesting area partially flooding the mysterious hole.

Then, as I piled the roots into a bucket, something unexpected happened — a bee appeared! At first I thought the bee had been attracted by the scent of the roots since it hovered above them.

The unexpected behavior of the bee then turned into astonishment when it followed me to the green dumpster cart on the other side of the yard! Although I thought the bee’s behavior was highly unusual and somewhat alarming, this was only a prologue to what was about to happen!

After dumping the roots into the green cart the bee then switched its attention to me! It would repeatedly, incessantly, sweep vertically in front of me from head to toe. It was obvious the bee was attempting to communicate something (this is the second communication I have received from a bee).

I remember standing outside the sliding screen door and telling my father, “Look at this bee”. And, for the next 45 minutes or so, as I prepared the second bucket of boiling water, the bee would sweep in on me as soon as I stepped outside the door.

The behavior of the bee then reached an incredibly alarming crescendo as I stood ready to pour the second bucket of water over the ant nest(s). The bee was now sweeping vertically in front of me with an increased sense of urgency and speed, tapping me on my forehead, chin, and abdomen. I was truly alarmed thinking the bee was about to sting me...and, indeed, when I felt its stinger on my upper abdomen I instinctively reacted by killing it with my gloved hand! It was a horrendous feeling; I felt as if I had committed sacrilege since I viewed bees so positively, so helpful to humanity. And, of course, I had learned to have a healthy respect for them having been stung several times throughout my life.

I felt an eerie sense of gloom and foreboding; SOMETHING WAS TERRIBLY WRONG! What in the world was the bee trying to convey to me?

Like an automaton I then went ahead and mindlessly poured the second bucket of boiling water not imagining the consequences of what I was doing and of what was about to happen!

And, the following morning when I opened my eyes, my good remaining left eye had a blurred blind spot in its center field of vision--AND I UNDERSTOOD AT THAT INSTANT THE MESSAGE OF THE BEE! I realized at that instant that that mysterious perfectly circular hole had NOT been made by a gopher, squirrel, rat, or any known animal. Fortunately, I am well versed in the paranormal and suspected that the hole had been made by what is commonly referred to as an Elemental, Fairy, Nature Spirit, and or, a Diminutive Humanoid.

However, I did not immediately know exactly what kind of creature I was dealing with. In thinking of the different mythical human-like creatures I had read and heard about—the word “gnome” kept resonating over and over in my mind. I remembered the strange case reported on Coast To Coast AM (C2C) on September 6, 2017 of a “Little Man Gnome” caught twice stealing fruit from an orchard in Florida. This occurred around 1947, and although the woman involved in the case had long died, one of the sheriffs involved was still alive. The little hairy, bearded gnome was described as being “no larger than a water bottle!”

Then I thought of the Garden Gnome statuette created by the German Phillip Griebel in the 1800’s based on local myths. What was the basis of these myths?

And finally, I remembered the mystic Rudolf Steiner describing gnomes as “creatures that make tunnels inside of the earth”. This described exactly what I found—a tunnel system...a tunnel system that continues to be excavated even as I write this letter!

Four days after the event, on July 20, 2017, without an appointment, I frantically rushed into the office of (redacted names of optometrists) for an valuation of my eyes and based on the results recommended that I not drive. I continued to drive with great apprehension relying solely on my peripheral vision.

One of my greatest worries since the event has been that I would fail my scheduled June 2018 DMV required optometrist’s vision test, and that my driver’s license would be suspended. I thought that I was required to have at least 20/20 vision in one eye (with corrective lenses) in order to be able to pass, and yet, Dr (redacted) gave me a pass with 20/50, although he did suggest that I not drive at night.

Two months later I was given permission at the DMV office, with a 20/70 score, to proceed with the driving test, which I also passed!

It has been one surprise after another, with the latest being a pronounced improvement in vision beginning in the first days of November 2018.

I hold absolutely no grudge towards the gnome; after all, it did try to warn me! There was a time in the distant past when a human could have deciphered the message of the bee. But now, after thousands of years of social conditioning, it is highly unlikely that any modern socialized human could have deciphered the message of the bee.

There are several questions I have:

1. What does the gnome look like?
2. How aware is it of us? Since remote sensing is a universal trait of living things, I cannot imagine it not knowing a lot about us. Is it able to monitor our activities inside and outside the house?
3. Why did it choose such a potentially dangerous location to construct its hole? The ability to anticipate events is also universal. Why did it not anticipate that its tunnel would become flooded?

I believe that part of the answer to my last question is that certain events are meant to happen as they will. How many times have we heard abductees be told by their alien abductors that “it has to happen this way”.

If we live in a multiple timeline universe with multiple timelines converging and creating the realities and events we experience—it seems clear this event was meant to happen to me! And while I believe there are several reasons for this, I will not list them here for the sake of brevity.

There is one interesting side note. Since realizing long ago that fairy-type creatures were real, I have been absolutely fascinated with learning as much as I can about them. My fascination was such that in 2003 I bought the book, 'The Elves of Lily Hill Farm' by Penny Kelly, which I partly read, and which is supposedly based on a true story (note that I rarely buy books).

There was a time when a story such as mine would have been viewed with skepticism, however, with the discovery of Homo Floresiensis in 2003 in Indonesia, the idea of hominoids of very short stature has become more acceptable. But even without this discovery, just the widespread historical and modern belief in diminutive human-like creatures throughout the world is enough proof for me to consider their possible existence.

Further proof is provided by the photographs of Samantha Ritchie of planetsasquatch.wordpress.com. Perhaps for the first time ever, images of very diminutive humanoids—three to four inches tall, have been captured on film!

I also need to mention a replay of a C2C Sept 13, 2002 Art Bell interview with the witch Evelyn Paglini, where Paglini stated that certain entities have the ability to harm us by taking advantage of pre-existing conditions. This is exactly what happened to me.

This last point highlights how much we humans have learned about these creatures through thousands and thousands of years of interacting with them. It also highlights what a truly amazing living universe we live in. A universe that is more complex, more evolved, and more inter-dimensional, than we can imagine.

There is a belief among shamans that if you acknowledge nature, that nature will reciprocate and acknowledge you in one way or another. This acknowledgment of nature began in our household with the practice of leaving food and water out for wild animals. We did not always know what animals would be attracted, but — living in a multi-dimensional reality, I suspected from the beginning that creatures from other dimensions might also be attracted.

Also, knowing that we live in a symbiotic relationship with nature, it occurred to me that attracting animals like birds, cats, coyotes, raccoons, opossums, skunks—and even rats, might also attract the inter-dimensional entities that had developed symbiotic relationships with them.

I remembered a woman who could perceive angels commenting that when large numbers of birds move together, that there is often an angel moving along with them. So, when rabbits began to increasingly appear in our yard two years ago, I wondered if something analogous might also be happening; that is, could something be attaching themselves to rabbits?

My suspicion was partly confirmed by the mysterious disappearance of the egg that I would leave nightly inside the dirty swimming pool water specifically for the raccoons. I had learned to determine whether the egg had been consumed by a raccoon or crow by the trail left on the murky water due to the animal’s movements, and also by observing the composition of the broken egg shell. Around two years ago I began to notice that the entire egg would disappear without any trace of any kind!

This recent encounter with a gnome is now my second encounter with an elemental on this property, with the first encounter, on Nov 25, 2012, being so subtle that I suspect most people would not have realized they had encountered an elemental.

My encounter with the gnome is the culmination of increasingly bizarre supernatural events that have occurred on this property now for the past eight years. And I believe these events will continue since a path of least resistance has been established.


I have not addressed the following points of interest in my desire to keep this article brief:
1. The gnome’s ability to make a perfectly circular hole without leaving a trace of dirt buildup around it (this, I believe, is related to its inter-dimensionality and to its access to unknown forms of technology...its clear from the literature that it has potential access to technology).

2. Why was I not blinded immediately after the incident? (this shows that there may be an observer effect at play here. The various converging timelines could not converge and create a new reality until after I was asleep and no longer observing this reality. Concurrently, being asleep also left me more vulnerable to its effects).

3. What other abilities do gnomes have besides the ability to conjure the assistance of bees and create effects remotely? (It's clear from the literature that they have a vast range of “supernatural” powers). - AG

NOTE: First of all, I feel that AG sincerely believes that he was blinded by a Gnome or other being. I have seen and read enough anecdotal evidence that suggests that these small beings do exist in some capacity, be it an indigenous or supernatural entity. That being stated, I have forwarded this account to other researchers, who are more well-versed in this phenomenon, for their assessment. Lon

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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