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Friday, December 29, 2023

Did I Anger a WATER SPIRIT? Kansas Woman Experiences Unexplained Events

During the Christmas holiday, a Kansas woman is in southeastern Ohio to visit family. During that period, and after she returns home, she experiences unexplained events involving wet items.

The following recent account was forwarded to me:

"I'm hoping someone might be able to offer an explanation or at least an idea of 3 instances that have happened to me concerning water over the past 3 days. We drove to the woods of southeastern Ohio from Kansas to visit family over Christmas. On Christmas day we went out on the family property to their shooting range and it was a beautiful peaceful day. I later walked with the grandsons and took pictures in the woods. These are deep, remote woods where we were.

We went back to the lodge where we were staying Monday night and everything was fine. Tuesday night was when things started. I had set my pajamas on a stand so they would be out that night since I was packing up for us to leave early Wednesday morning. Our family came to the lodge to have dinner with us and play board games on Tuesday night.

Later we went to our room and when I reached for my pajamas, they were soaking wet. No explanation. Just sitting there sopping wet (water mystery #1). We drove all day yesterday and got home last night. I started unpacking the bags this morning and got to the one duffle bag with Christmas gifts in it. I received a kitchen towel with a snowman on it. I got to the towel and it was sopping wet! (water mystery #2) nothing else in that bag was even wet although the towel had been lying on things like cardboard. I packed that bag and the towel was not wet.

I decided to go downstairs this morning to my sewing room and catch up on emails, bills, etc. Now, I have rubber-backed 3X3 carpet squares over the concrete that has been waterproofed. I did that myself 2 years ago. I kicked off my slippers and walked across the room barefoot and in the center of the room, the 9 center carpet tiles were, again, sopping wet! (water mystery #3) there is no logical explanation for it. I checked all along the walls and every carpet tile lining the walls was dry, both the carpet and the backing and the wall where it joins the floor of the basement are completely dry. We've been in drought for several years, so the ground isn't saturated. There are no pipes that could have leaked. The dropped ceiling tiles would show water damage and all are perfectly fine with no dampness or damage. So, three water mysteries that I cannot figure out. Could I have possibly angered a water spirit while out in the woods? and did it come home with me?

I am a Kansas-born flatlander with no knowledge/experience of the woods. My husband came down and did a thorough check of the walls and pipes for any way that water would get in, specifically in the middle of the room. We can find no logical explanation." SM

NOTE: I doubt that a 'Water Spirit' was the culprit in this manner. Most likely it was the rath of a malevolent or trickster Earthbound energy that decided to hitch a ride back to Kansas. Normally, if a session is conducted correctly, this entity can be moved to a higher spiritual realm. This doesn't seem to be a poltergeist or thought-manifested energy, which would be more difficult to resolve. Lon

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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