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Tuesday, December 05, 2023

A Colleague's 'Chicago Sightings' Thoughts

I received the following information from a colleague, who has contributed his thoughts and conclusions on various subjects in the past. I will refer to him as 'André in France.'

Dear Lon and possible readers,

Responding to your invitation to suggest any explanation about the apparitions of flying entities in Chicago, I shall try to resume my knowledge about this complex subject. What follows may seem unbelievable and even unsettling to many people.

The present civilisation lives in a materialistic environment, which is commonly referred to as 3D (third dimensional). More fundamental then the word “dimension”, I would call it “consciousness level”. No doubt more and more people today are convinced that there is indeed some sort of life after life and subsequently higher levels of consciousness, which I shall concisely refer to as 4D, 5D, etc. Traditionally an unassailable barrier stood between dogmatic establishment science and spirituality, but it is breaking down today with the advent of quantum physics and string theory.

It is said that our body has a soul but it is the opposite; our immortal human soul possesses a temporary body. When the body dies, the soul moves up to the forth level of consciousness (4D). In 3D we live with the notion of linear time – past, present, future – which is an illusion. When in 4D we escape the limits of time. We then perceive the reality of reincarnation: our supposed “past lives” are all simultaneous but our 3D limitation forces us to live only one life within one body at a time. It also prevents our access to higher knowledge and understanding.

Let me recall a familiar comparison. Yet a few centuries ago men thought that the Earth was flat. They did not dare sail very far out at sea for fear of falling over the edge of the world. Their concept of the “world” did not allow them to imagine that the shortest way from one point to the next could be anything but a straight line, since a notion such as a rhumb line (great circle) is linked to that of a spherical world.

Such are we in 3D, but entities living in 4D (or higher) are able to see the true nature of life in 3D. They are also capable of inter-dimensional travel, i.e. through our time and space, which implies that they may appear from our past or our future! Such is most probably the case with the Chicago batman, but also with most of the numerous apparitions throughout the world (including that of the French “beast of Gévaudan” mentioned in one of your earlier posts). More importantly such is also the case with the “Short Greys”, to which I shall come back farther.

This leads to matters of higher importance, namely the origins of mankind, the passing of civilisations and cosmic cycles.

Genesis such as written in the Bible is the first and foremost misinformation and conditioning of human 3D consciousness. It is an allegory disguising genetic manipulations of an original spiritually connected human (Namlù’u in Sumerian) by invading reptilian ETs. Semitic scholars while under Byzantine domination composed biblical Genesis on the basis of Sumerian tablets and engravings. But, as everyone knows, history is always written by or for the benefit of the victors.

Back to what I wrote to you in October 2011, the reference to this is usually limited to Zecharia Sitchin’s popular writings. But he is not altogether reliable (for ex. his statement about the so-called “Nibiru” is a misinterpretation of the Egyptian Neb-Heru). I rather recommend three authors, better educated than the popular ones usually mentioned. First and foremost Anton Parks who, despite the apparent English name, is a Frenchman. Two of his seven books have to this day been translated into English. See http://www.antonparks.com/main.php (bottom of page, last two vignettes on the right). His exegesis and interpretation of the Sumerian hieroglyphs is probably the most thorough and reliable ever, as testifies the comprehensive references in the footnotes of his books. Second is the late Laurence Gardner: http://www.graal.co.uk/. His book "Genesis of the Grail Kings" is a must. Third is Laura Knight Jadczyk: The Wave series.

I shall try to summarize this very wide and complex subject.

The reptilian race Gina-abul and especially among these the invading warring males Annuna are responsible for our present DNA. The females Amasutum kept the secret of genetics. The Annuna stole the secret and forced them to manipulate our DNA so as to make humans their slaves and source of nourishment. (This is clearly the origin of the subjugating of women in most religions).

The human soul is endowed with two possible opposite lines of evolution which exist in the Universe in the conscience of the Creator: *Service to Self* (StS) or *Service to Others* (StO). As for the difference between the two, their very names are self-explanatory. As a consequence of reptilian manipulation, only StS is available within the limits of life in 3D. However the Amasutum secretly included a key in our genes which would allow us to evolve towards the state StO. This is probably the hidden function of what we call “trash DNA”. Within our deepest consciousness we know that StO behaviour exists, that it is the only way out of the 3D matrix and -beyond 4D - the only access to 5D and farther on our eternal journey towards the Source of Life.

We are endowed with free will, thus free to decide whether or not we intend to reach StO status, not only in 3D, but also in 4D where, after the death of our body, our choice needs to be confirmed.

The “3D matrix” is the reality that has inspired the fictions of our film industry. It is the realm wherein the reptilians endeavour to keep us. In Sumerian language A-DAM means animal, cattle...! We are their cattle and source of food and therefore they are bent on preventing us to escape. The StS environment is the seat of emotions and the source of all suffering, which is the food of the reptilians. They incite us into all forms of conflicts and wars. They initiated religions, which are the main causes of wars throughout human history.

Yet we have a choice because there are two opposite levels in the StS matrix. Souls in level 1 (in short StS1) are what we commonly perceive as criminals, sadists, tyrants and violent persons of all kinds. They revel as such and make no effort to proceed towards the state StO. Conversely souls in level 2 (StS2) are righteous, loving, peaceful and generally worthy persons. Consciously or instinctively they strive towards the ultimate state StO, which they know is the only path to freedom and fulfilment. This is also where the original DNA is gradually reactivated.

The Universe is created and kept in equilibrium by a community of planners, the Kadistu, who are servants to the original Source. On certain occasions they send emissaries to teach humans the practice of Service to Others and show us the way to freedom. They are the Kiristi, which means “ardent sons of life” or “fish of the stars and life”. Several Kiristi have appeared since the beginning of human history. They incarnate a human body and are mostly known as prophets and saints. Christ is the one familiar to us westerners. His life and teaching have been related and transmitted through the gospels, though very imperfectly because much misunderstood by his own disciples. The religion, which he never founded, has soon become an instrument of power in the hands of Roman papacy.

Two thousand years later, Christ very recently transmitted a revised and true version of his teaching to a woman who’s name is kept secret. Under dictation through clear audience she typed a series of nine letters on her computer. They have been translated in several languages. I very strongly recommend this reading. They may be downloaded at: http://christ.direct/PDF/Christ9Letters-.pdf
Near the end of this account I shall explain why Christ’s letters appear in our present times.

Thus, we are all StS of one or other kind with many nuances between the extremes. When the body dies, the soul moves up into 4D where it is confronted with all the other StS. Here they withhold their free will and are called upon to confirm their choice. Many (if not most!) StS1 realise they have taken the wrong path while in 3D and chose to fall back into another 3D life where they have the opportunity to learn more lessons and possibly proceed up towards StO the “next time”. Since linear time is an illusion, the “next time” may well be a life out of the past or the future !

This is where we, in 3D, meet with apparitions. As mentioned higher, souls in 4D, whether StS1 or StS2 are free to move through time and space and may change shape. However, Universal Law forbids entities from higher dimensions to intervene openly into the lives of people in 3D. Therefore entities from 4D that manifest themselves in our 3D space infringe the Law. Yet many do so nonetheless, why now more than ever before? We shall see farther. As a clear example let us take the case of the “Short Greys”.

They are not ETs; they are aliens. What is the difference ? They originate from parallel earthly vibrations. They have souls; some may be nasty but most are indifferent or even friendly. They are time travelers who sometimes use UFOs with which they travel back into space-time by changing their gravitational magnetic field. They may visit our past or even our “predestined future”. They are often to-day’s humans coming back from our future in an attempt to change their temporal involuting life line in order to live other 3D cycles with the hope of reaching StO status. They have so to speak “missed the bus to 5D” and try to catch the present one with us. They plan to achieve this thanks to advanced technology. From them we own much of our present technology. This of course is a wrong path since materialistic technology is mostly of StS nature. We today should take this as a warning and avoid making the same mistake.

Short Greys are servants to the Gina-abul ETs who are, since Genesis, our reptilian jailers and predators. Reptilians have always been here; they appear rarely and stay deep underground, (cf. M. Salla: the Dulce report).

What about the Chicago Batman, or Batmen, since the question is: have there been several apparitions in different places at the same time or is it a single entity showing up different times in the same neighbourhood? The answer to this depends of course on collating witness reports, which is not my concern.

I feel certain that the Batman case is somehow similar to that of the Greys. They come into our space-time because it offers a unique opportunity for making up thanks to change. The nature of this change is cosmic.

The solar system, which is located at about 2/3 the distance from the centre of our galaxy, orbits around the centre on a plane which stands at an angle to the median plane of the galaxy. The movement is related to the 25,920-year period of the precession of equinoxes. When our Sun passes exactly through the median plain of the galaxy we have a Transition. This brings about many changes: cataclysms of all sorts, climate changes, and an expected pole inversion. (Even though we are responsible for depletion of natural resources and pollution of the planet, major climate changes are not of our doing but, through misinformation, they serve the interests of the “military industrial complex”).

But Transition modifies not only the physical environment but also the electromagnetic vibrations of life on Earth, of our psyche and spiritual consciousness. Religious persons call this Ascension. To human souls this offers a unique opportunity to accelerate their progress on the chosen course: progress towards StO or remaining in comfortable StS. But it also opens “worm holes” between dimensions facilitating the appearance in our physical space of many forms of life coming from the past or the future. This for instance explains apparitions of pterosaurs, shape-shifting entities and other strange life forms.

Much more important, Transition brings about the end of our civilisation, not in so many centuries nor even decades but right now! Any human whose consciousness is not asleep is aware of this. For the same reasons the same happened with previous civilisations, the latest one being Atlantis, where from many Short Greys are very likely shipwrecked souls.

This is also the opportunity taken by Christ to reaffirm his teachings, notably also because after 2,000 years our knowledge and intellectual capacities are sufficiently developed to understand him.

As for the concentration in the Chicago vicinity, it may be an interesting field of research for scientists of various disciplines. What is the history of this region, the geology, the fauna, human population, etc. from recent to very ancient times? There may be a clue to discover.


This summarises the extent of my research and knowledge, as a layman, in this vast spiritual subject. I refrain from trying to convince. I may be wrong. I encourage possible readers to exercise their discernment and make their own research.


If you witness strange apparitions, whether frightening or not:

- do not fear;
- remain calm and detached;
- do not speak to the entity, it can read your thoughts;
- through your thoughts send it a message of compassion and love;
- if it is a landed UFO do not attempt to approach.

Peace be with you. André

NOTE: I have found André and his continued research, on a variety of subjects, to be very insightful. I appreciate his input. Lon

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