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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Witness Describes Observing 'BEAUTIFUL ORB' & 9-FOOT-TALL 'BLACK BEING'

A British Columbia witness describes his sighting with a beautiful orb on his farm, then later seeing, what he thought was a 9-foot-tall 'black man,' later to realize it was not human.

"It was 1980. I'm 21, then living about 30 miles as the crow flies from where I had my first encounter (Brewster Lake, BC). This was a Saturday afternoon in early March, a bright clear sunny day with snow melting. Almost felt like it was spring. I was watering some cows. I had two 5-gallon pails and was filling them from the outside top of the house trailer I was renting. So I had one of the pails hanging off the tap while it filled. It was facing the side wall of the trailer monitoring the progress. There was a distance of about 3 feet between me and the trailer wall in front of me.

I don't know why but I suddenly, for no reason at all, moved my gaze up to the roof of the trailer about 15 feet over to my left. I watched for about 10 seconds before this thing came into view exactly where I was looking, floating over the roof, moving down and over along the wall to stop directly in front of me, between me and the trailer at chin height. Without moving my feet, I could have easily leaned forward and touched it with my nose. It was literally 8 to 10 inches from my face. It was round and the size of a large cantaloupe but it had no outside structure, mostly translucent. You could see through it but not clearly except the small center which was about half the size of a dime. It was like a little light but didn't shine. It looked really dense. That part seemed to almost be solid. It was white and I couldn't see through it. 

Radiating out from the center were evenly spaced colored pieces about the diameter of something that moved from the center spot out to the edge where it disappeared and then repeated. It didn't move fast, about 3 seconds to move from the dense center to where it stopped it almost looked like it was moving along a clear straw because it moved in a straight line. It reminded me of a sparkler only moving much slower than the sparks do. The sound it made was very soft like a buzz. It reminded me of the fizzy sound you hear when you open a carbonated beverage.

It stayed there stationary for about 40 seconds then it slowed, then it slowly moved to my right picking up speed. It looped out from the wall and up, shot over the roof, and was gone. The whole time I never spoke or touched it. I just admired it. It was beautiful, unlike anything I'd ever seen or been taught to believe even existed here on Earth. Clearly some kind of intelligent life form that is not carbon-based.

I never told anyone about it until one day I shared it with my one son and two teenage grandsons. They didn't know what to think of it because I was serious and they knew I was not a liar. It just sounds so outrageous. I know now that it was an orb.

My next experience came about 10 years later in 1990 and I'm now living in one province over in Northern Alberta. I was working for an oil company west of Grand Prairie. This day I was out and it was about 3:30 in the afternoon. I was working my way out of the bush towards the end of the day and right where the road joined Highway 40, there was a blue pickup sitting off the road by about 20 feet near where the ditch edged the brush. I came around the corner and drove past the truck to turn north on Highway 40. I remember saying to myself, out loud, 'Holy crap, look at the size of that black dude!' There leaning over the far side of the truck box of the blue pickup, was a huge black guy. He's absolutely 100% focused on me and staring at me, maybe even more like glaring at me, not moving at all, just watching me as I drove by. It kind of intimidated me because there were not many African Americans living in Northern Alberta at that time and I was mindful of being respectful to others and not staring at people who were different.

The being had midnight black hair and skin but the face of a man. It was covered in thick black hair except for the face. I thought at first he was wearing black coveralls and I wondered with all of the push for high visibility clothing in the oil patch where he had managed to find pitch-black coveralls. The whole thing really bothered me because the top of the truck box had toolboxes mounted on the box rails which on Dodge trucks were about the top shoulder height for me and I'm just over 6 feet tall. The truck looked like one of those older type Toyota or Datson trucks because the top of the toolboxes only came up to his belly and he was leaning with his elbows on top of the toolboxes never taking his eyes off of me.

I looked at my side mirror as I passed him and I saw that the black, what I thought were coveralls, went right to the soles of the feet. That's when I realized this was not a man. When I passed by, he stopped staring at me and went back to his business. He leaned over the side of the truck toolbox and started grabbing stuff from the floor of the truck box and pitching it over his shoulders onto the ground using one hand, then the other, just emptying the contents of the floor of the truck box. I thought to myself it must be a bear what else could it be.

I kind of laughed a bit thinking about how pissed the owner of the truck was going to be when he came back to this mess. But the thing that really bothered me was its face was like a human's and the way it was so focused on me driving by. I was noodling on it and got about 10 minutes down the road when it occurred to me it couldn't have been a bear because bears don't have opposing thumbs. How is it picking up stuff from the truck box pitching it out in the ditch one-handed if it didn't have an opposing thumb? Impossible to think of perspective, how it stood up to and towered over that Ram 3/4 ton truck. This thing had to be 9 feet tall!

I don't remember ever telling anyone about this experience. Needless to say, I've always been very open-minded and accepting of what some call myths or old wives tales. There is so much going on around us that we have no understanding of only those mesmerized or should I say oblivious believe the mainstream narratives."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CznQbJR2cok


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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