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Thursday, November 23, 2023

WHITE FIGURE Confrontation in Cemetery Sets Off Chain of Malevolent Activity

A group of friends encounters an unknown white figure while exploring a venerable cemetery in Rochester, NY. This begins a string of strange and scary activity.

I received the following account:

"This happened about 4 years ago when I and two of my partners (referred to as K and W) decided to visit this 150-year-old graveyard at night. This occurred in Rochester, New York's Mount Hope Cemetery. Now, I am a sensitive/empath/indigo/whatever, W and K are blocked off energy-wise. 

The walk in the cemetery was dark and peaceful, at first. We wandered a while and read some stones, and eventually at a crossroads K noticed something and walked off. He came back, and whispered, "There's someone over there, I'm gonna check it out." The moment he walked away again, I felt eyes watching me from everywhere and an overwhelming primal sense of fear. I froze, and W strained to see what K was looking at.

About 7 or 8 minutes later, K was back and looking spooked. He told me that there was a stone white figure, darting through the trees. I was asked if I wanted to leave, and I said no. So we stayed, and wandered a little more. After a little longer, we came across this marble mausoleum, the door of which was made of glass and you could see through it. Getting closer set me off. Everything felt wrong and the dread was back. There was an extremely prickly feeling all over my skin. K touched the door and felt it too. Both K and myself saw a shadow moving around inside the mausoleum as we stood there, and the moment he touched the door, the shadow disappeared.

We ran, eventually finding a place to sit for a moment. I was completely overwhelmed and continuing to feel like we were being watched. K was really freaking out, getting dizzy and very quiet. He seemed really off, like he'd seen something I hadn't. I was asked again if I wanted to leave, and this time I said yes. We left, and the whole walk home, I felt the dread again. That inhuman primal fear.

Once we got home, W immediately fell asleep on the couch, while K and I began to panic. Both of us felt extremely dizzy and weak. And then we heard knocking. It started softly, only 3. as time went on it got more and more frantic sounding, but not much harder. We couldn't shake the dread for a good 30 or so minutes. When the dread left, we were left drained mentally and physically and decided on going upstairs and attempting to get some sleep. We assured each other that we would not open the door, thus we are safe.

At some point, while watching TV to try and calm down, I got overheated and K opened the door to the upstairs patio and turned on the fan. That was another thing we did wrong. Around 3:20 am, K woke up and he remembers only being able to move his head around. The door had opened on its own about halfway and a child with black eyes, who looked about 12 with extremely messy shortish hair and face covered by a shadow, was standing there and staring. He remembers the most intense terror hes ever felt. So much that it physically hurt. He shut his eyes and held them closed until the terror passed and he fell back asleep.

The house was already haunted (different story) but the activity has been kicked up a bit. The cat goes nuts because of it. Since then, for both me and K, depression and anxiety has become much more intense. I can barely sleep at night, and neither can K. There has been a constant dull ringing in my ears. Occasionally dread, so bad it hurts, will take over K for 20-30 minutes. I've been having random pains in various parts of my abdomen. TVs, radios and lights turn on and off by themselves and we are both constantly feeling watched and intense fear.

I can't find any sources on how to deal with or get rid of this energy. I also practice witchcraft and nothing I've done (casting circles, salt, cleanings etc. etc.) has worked. Whatever this is, whatever it wants, is having effects on our physical and mental health. I feel so drained. Someone tell me what to do." PV

NOTE: I sense that the use of witchcraft, and possibly other occult practices, is the root cause of the activity. Going to a cemetery under those conditions is simply like pointing a loaded gun to your head, and is ideal for gathering attachments with all sorts of malevolent energy. If one has psychic gifts, adding witchcraft and divination needs to be done in moderation, if at all. Lon


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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