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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

NEW UPDATE: American Investigators State PERUVIAN ATTACKS BY ALIEN BEINGS 'Very Sinister'

A bizarre series of incidents in Peru continues where indigenous people have indicated that they encountered & were attacked by unknown 'silver beings with enormous heads.' Investigators are convinced something "very sinister" is at play in a Peruvian village said to be being terrorized by mysterious 7-foot creatures.


Locals in San Antonio de Pintuyacu have blamed "yellow-eyed" beasts for the attempted abduction of a teenage girl and even claimed the mysterious attackers tried to remove her face.

American explorer, Timothy Alberino traveled with ex-marine pal Doug Thornton to the location. Arriving in the remote village following a two-day boat trip, the pair were met with an eerie scene and a crowd of frightened locals. He said: "Everyone is very on edge, the men are in a state of heightened vigilance."

The 40-year-old said locals are “patrolling the village every night” and have burned down five acres of trees to give a clear view into the forest to see anything approaching from the undergrowth.

The villagers have reported "dozens of sightings" of huge 7ft figures dressed in black body armor with oval-shaped helmets and yellow eyes, Timothy said. They claim the "assailants" fly silently through the air on light-up oval platforms and have huge metal disks attached to their feet that allow them to "click in" to the boards.

So far there has only been one attack reported, but another local claims he had a close encounter when he shot one of the creatures at point-blank range.

He said the "alien" was knocked down by the blast, but was unharmed and "rose and disappeared".

Timothy said they have described the UFOs as "advanced aerospace vehicles size of a helicopter, an acorn shape, and unconventional technology."

The savage attack on a young girl was one of the most disturbing of its kind in recent years. When Timothy spoke to the 15-year-old victim, Talia, he explained she was so shaken up that she didn’t talk to him the first time and he had to return the following day. "She was suffering from extreme PTSD she would quiver, quake, and hide her face," he said.

But when the explorer gained the youngster's trust, she revealed the details of her nightmare ordeal. Talia told Timothy that she was picking fruit in the garden just after sunset when she heard rustling in the bushes. She then described an assailant shooting out of the darkness - riding a glowing platform - before grabbing her from behind. Before she could scream, the so-called alien covered her mouth and a second creature emerged and grabbed her legs. The pair then worked together to drag her behind a chicken coop.

The situation took a turn for the worse when a syringe was put into Talia's nose and a cream was smeared all over her face - making it go numb. The attackers then allegedly took out a scalpel and dragged it across the terrified teen's skin - making two deep incisions in her neck. But Talia bravely fought back and tried to pull off one of the helmets of the creatures. It was at this point one of them released its grip and she was able to scream for help. During the struggle, she said one of them complained about using too much cream and told the other it would "ruin the flesh" and make her face more difficult to remove.

After hearing the girl's screams, her brothers and neighbors rushed to her aid and caught a glimpse of the assailants fleeing the scene. They found the teenager lying on the ground "bloodied up" and "in a chemically induced semi-conscious state." "I know the neighbors absolutely saw the assailants and they saw these very tall people dressed in black head to foot," Timothy said. "They were floating on circular hoverboard platforms maneuvering on them in between trees. "These guys are very dexterous on these things and then they shot up into the sky."

Although it’s unclear what the alleged attacker's intentions were, the explorer believes they meant to cause harm.

In a bid to help protect the villagers, Timothy and his ex-military pal taught the men in the area how to use assault rifles. They also brought over provisions like rice and sugar as locals were too scared to go out hunting in the forest and were left with little food.

Local authorities have also previously dismissed the terrified villagers' accounts, instead saying the attackers are likely to be human. Timothy explained: "Worst case scenario this is an international organization of organ harvesters or sex traffickers who have top-secret hardware and they are using it to do something very sinister. "I honestly believe that’s what we're dealing with here."

Before the recent spate of attacks, creatures that peeled off the faces of their victims were only known in urban legends and were dubbed "face peelers". But now villagers fear the creatures might be more than the twisted villains they heard about in a fairy tale.

Following the attack police were called to the scene to investigate, and came up with the theory that the assailants were trying to drive off the locals to claim the land. They may have been using drones and other theatrics to scare them away from their village.

Timothy said the villagers were "insulted" by this because only two cops went to the area and conducted a “rudimentary” investigation before reaching their conclusion "without any evidence". The explorer's investigation comes after reports of sightings began to emerge in August. Police went to the Amazon jungle to probe reports of mysterious assailants made by the Ikitu indigenous people.

Although some believe it is related to the San Antonio de Pintuyacu sightings, Timothy is skeptical as it was taken more than 500 miles away in the Pichanaqui district of Peru.

Source: https://www.the-sun.com/news/9663290/peru-village-terrorised-face-peeling-aliens-mystery/


Other videos have recently surfaced:

Peruvian Boy Attacked by Unknown Beings

Video of Peruvian Villager Attack

A local resident asks:

"How long will this go on? The world media ignores this like it doesn't matter. The implications are unfathomably huge if this is either a US black project or extraterrestrial. How is that not understood?"

Personally, I had questions about the original reports as well. But apparently, these attacks have continued. Several investigators and local prosecutors have attempted to throw cold water over the accounts, but the reports continue.

Here is the location of the attacks: Peruvian Village Under Attack

A recent statement was made by one of the victims who sought help in the United States. He claims that he has been experiencing the phenomenon since 2012:

"We have told very important people (in the United States) what's going on here and have it on hundreds of videos. I have medical records of what happened to my body during a close encounter with them. Even the doctors don't understand what happened to me. They have tested me over and over for everything!
One says I was exposed to some type of radiation. You would think they would come set equipment up to study them because they come all the time very close to the ground here. I mainly wanted the government to help me but all they did was send drones and fighter jets to watch them. They have not set up a single piece of equipment here.
I had some big UFO experts come here but they did not bring a single piece of equipment to study them! I thought the whole world would want to see this and study it and they don't really want to find out the truth!

A Harvard team has contacted me wanting to set up AI tracking cameras. Where is our government? This is 1000% real and I have them on some very good videos since 2012. It's not like they just came one time! This has been very regular since I had a close encounter with them in 2012. We have seen them around the area since around 2000 but after the close encounter, it changed everything! They come right down by my house many times now.

Many experts are in private contact with me but why is no one setting up all kinds of equipment to show the whole world?

Everyone should be asking that question! Something strange is going on! It's like they really don't want this to get out. I was told by someone to stop talking about this but I'm going to show the world what's going on even if I have to do it by myself!
I have shown some of the experts some of the better videos that are on multiple cameras and different types of cameras. There are some I won't name that have raw file copies of some of the videos in case something happens to me. They know it's all 100% real. The government saw them live up close but they are only trying to keep me quiet. If this was a random event I would have never told anyone about it but this is all the time. If they had come when I told them to they would have seen the biggest UFO event in history and probably would have gotten all kinds of data on them. We have it all on multiple videos and it's over three hours long! The government was here on 2-14-2023 and saw the first part of the event but something much bigger happened on 2-16-2023."


"Members of the Ikitu indigenous people, from the Alto Nanay district, indicated that they are silver beings with enormous heads, immune to their hunting weapons, and that they have already attacked a teenager. They demand military presence in the area.

The residents of the  Ikitu indigenous people, in the district of Alto Nanay, province of Maynas, Loreto, live in terror after reporting the presence of "strange beings" that attack them at night.

As they indicated to RPP News, since last July 11, these beings appeared that would measure two meters, that would be immune to their hunting weapons, and "disappear" when cornered.

"These gentlemen are aliens. They seem armored like the green goblin from Spider-Man. I have shot him twice and he does not fall but rises and disappears. We are frightened by what is happening in the community," said Jairo Reátegui Ávila, leader of the people.

Reátegui reported that a teenager was attacked with cuts to her neck by these beings. She was treated for her injuries in the same community.

“Her color is silver, her shoes are round in shape and with that, they rise up. They float one meter high and have a red light on the heel. His head is long, his mask is long, and his eyes are half-yellowish. With that, they see you well and they leave. They are experts at escaping," described the community leader.

Due to this situation, the population demands a military presence to protect them, and that the local and regional authorities take measures because they cannot carry out their daily activities in the town, located 10 hours from Iquitos by river trip.

Meanwhile, they have organized night patrols to try to hunt down those who torment the tranquility of the population.

RPP Noticias consulted other local versions of what these beings that the community described could be. Some described this presence as the so-called " peelacaras ", as alleged organ traffickers are known in the jungle, linked to legends of the mountain.

Another version that the population handles is that it could be drones that roam the area and generate uncertainty in the population. These could be linked to drug trafficking or to gangs of land traffickers.

Finally, this medium contacted the Loreto Regional Health Directorate (DIRESA) to find out if there are any reports of medical care for any person attacked by these beings, but they indicated that it does not appear in their records. (With information from Diego Cáceres, RPP correspondent in Iquitos)." - "They are aliens!": Loretan residents denounce the presence of strange beings that attack them at night

Here is another media account:

"Terrified villagers in a rural district of Alto Nanay, northeast of Lima, Peru, claim they are under attack by 7ft tall armored aliens that bear a striking resemblance to the Green Goblin from Spider-Man. According to the locals, these extraterrestrial beings have large heads and yellowish eyes, and they have been launching nightly attacks on the community since 11 July.

One alarming incident involved a 15-year-old girl who was reportedly grabbed from behind and had her neck cut when she resisted. The community members are living in fear, unable to sleep peacefully due to the constant threat.

The allegations have been made by members of the Ikitu indigenous people, who have described the aliens as being immune to their hunting weapons. The villagers are now urging the Peruvian military to intervene and protect them from these interstellar intruders. They claim that the aliens wear protective armor and have unique floating abilities, using round-shaped shoes with a red light on the heel.

Community leader Jairo Reátegui Ávila stated, “These gentlemen are aliens. They appear to be armored like the Green Goblin from Spider-Man. I shot one of them twice and he wasn’t injured; he rose and disappeared. We’re very frightened about what’s happening here in our community.”

The villagers have taken matters into their own hands by conducting night patrols to hunt down the alien attackers. They have requested military presence from the authorities, but reaching the remote community from Iquitos City requires a challenging 10-hour river trip.

Some villagers have likened the aliens to “pelacaras,” strange beings believed to feast on human fat and organs.

Authorities have visited the area and toured the village perimeter, including the location of the alleged attack on the teenager. However, it is unclear if any evidence was found to support the villagers’ claims or if the government plans to deploy military personnel to the area for an extended period.

The Ikitu community, according to a 2017 national census, comprises approximately 1,350 people. The situation remains tense as the villagers seek protection and answers amid the unexplained attacks by these mysterious and seemingly impervious aliens." - Peruvian Villagers Report Attacks by 7ft Armoured Aliens Resembling Green Goblin from Spider-Man



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