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Friday, November 24, 2023

'Did I Meet a VAMPIRE While Bar-Hopping Seattle?'

A woman and her friends are hitting the nightspots in Seattle when she encounters a man who claims that he is a vampire. He seems to know everything about her, which is alarming.

I received the following account:

"Over the holiday period, 3 days before New Year 2012, my girlfriends and I decided to explore Seattle’s nightlife. I have lived in Seattle for the last 5 years but have not really investigated the city’s nightlife, much to my girlfriends’ annoyance. My girlfriends are fully aware of this fact and begrudgingly I went on the pub crawl.

After hours of trudging through the cold night, and visiting many bars, we finally discovered a bar in Belltown which was located down an alleyway. I don’t know the name of the bar, it was dark and I wasn’t attentive at this point. This was our final destination and I was relieved. I was the designated driver and I had stopped drinking several hours earlier, so I wasn’t feeling the euphoria that was shared by my girlfriends. In fact, I was miserable! I remember the entryway to the bar had two stone steps; I stubbed my toe on one of them as I ascended the stairs which is why I remember. The interior was dark; it was small, packed full of punters, and had a very sticky floor. We managed to push our way to the bar and ordered some drinks.

We stood near the bar, the place was heaving. My girlfriends had already consumed the first lot of refreshments and they were drinking like a fish, so it was the best place for us to stand. I pushed my way to the bar a second time to get the girls more drinks. Whilst I was standing at the bar, I was flanked on the right by a group of men who were loud and crass, and to my left was a man probably 6 foot tall or so, with dark short hair and wearing a grey tee-shirt. I didn’t pay much attention to anyone as my focus was to attract the bartender so I could order the drinks.

The man on my left spoke to me but I couldn’t decipher what I heard. I turned to look at his face and his stare was quite piercing. I noticed he had really dark eyes, but then he was backlit so part of his face was cast in shadow. He then touched my shoulder and said something. At first, I couldn’t interpret what he was trying to say. There was too much noise, music blaring, punters talking and laughing, it just sounded like a roar, until he touched my shoulder and the noise just drifted away, similar to when one inserts earplugs to reduce noise.

At first, I couldn’t comprehend what happened. I think I was dazed for a minute or so, and then he started to speak again and I could hear him. He asked for my name and I provided my real name without thinking, then he asked who my friends were. The chit-chat carried on for a couple of minutes and then he told me he was a vampire. I scoffed at the statement, and then he showed me his teeth. His teeth were nice actually, bright and shiny and he had slightly elongated canines. I didn’t believe him, I thought the teeth were glued on and thought my girlfriends must have bribed him to poke fun at my skeptical nature.

I asked him if he likes to role-play as a vampire and became quite persistent in questioning. He was adamant he was a vampire and got frustrated so I asked him to prove it. He said he could bite me to prove it, but I rejected that idea. I am not naive to think blood disorders can’t be passed on through a bite. He mentioned he knew where I was from, (which I thought was easy since I have a British accent), where I work, and roughly where I live now. I was astounded when he clearly stated I was from the north of England, the northern coast, near Blackpool, (actually, I was born in Preston, Lancashire, which is 15 minutes from Blackpool). He stated I worked for an aerospace company and that I lived 40 minutes south of Seattle. He mentioned that I was married (the married part was obvious, I had my wedding rings on) and then he stated that I had a little girl. At this revelation, I was truly nervous; I didn’t believe he was a vampire, but a stalker. He knew too much about me. I wondered how he knew I had a little girl. I was actually panicking at this stage.

I quickly walked away and pushed my way back to my friends; I didn’t turn around to look at him and quickly told my friends what occurred. We left the bar within minutes. We had to walk a little and as we approached the car park, my friends noticed the “Vampire” from the bar, standing next to a bus shelter. I quickly ushered my friends into the car park and got out of Seattle as fast as I could drive, hoping he didn’t get a chance to see the license plate number.

Over the next couple of weeks, I was questioned a multitude of times by my friends and have been asked to inspect every single aspect of that night. The night in question, I was cold-stone sober so I know what I saw and heard. However, I am still dubious that he was a vampire, but I am not sure what he was. I was definitely astonished that he knew so much about me. I can’t explain how he knew so much. I am essentially a foreigner in this country and don’t have much information spread everywhere as most U.S. citizens. It is hard to track me unless you have access to immigration databases. Anyway, this is my weird story, you can interpret this tale how you wish. I, on the other hand, have learned to be more careful about the places I visit in the future." L


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