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Saturday, November 25, 2023

CRYPTID CANINE Incident Results in Questions & Warning by the MEN IN BLACK!

A group of friends in Denton, Missouri encounter a canine-like biped that chases their vehicle. After contacting Park Rangers, they were questioned by several supposed MIBs and told to stay quiet.

"In the summer of 2008, a group of boys cleaning a cemetery in Denton Township, Missouri, encountered some type of creature that attacked them. Denton is in Mark Twain State Park.

"Josh (the primary witness), 16, was a Boy Scout who was hoping to get his Eagle badge. To accomplish this, he had to do a public project. He opted to clean up the Sam Crocker cemetery in Good Water, Missouri. Three of his friends tagged along and agreed to help. Josh's brother and his friend also tagged along so they could be dropped off at a local creek to fish.

They all hopped into Josh's Grand Cherokee and left. They arrived at Sam Crocker around 11:45 after dropping off the brother and his friend at the fishing hole. They got to work. At around 1:30 PM, two park rangers showed up and checked on them. They told them that they would be in the area. Later, one of the friends mending the cemetery fence noticed something off in a clearing. He thought it was a bear. He told Josh that the bear was heading towards the creek, so they agreed to get the brother and his friend. The brother and friend agreed to come back with them.

They returned to the cemetery and ate their lunch. One of the friends walking over to retrieve his water bottle smelled a terrible odor. He likened it to rotten eggs mixed with a strong stench of animal feces and urine. Josh also smelled it and decided to go look for what it might be. He went right down to the road, assuming it was a dead animal. That's when Josh spotted a silhouette in the woodline pacing back and forth. He thought it was a bear. As Josh began making his way back trying not to run, he yelled for his friends to get back to the car. That is when Josh realized that it was bipedal and not a bear. The creature seemingly realizing that it had been spotted, dropped to all fours and began running through the cemetery. They all got to the vehicle and sped away.

The brother in the back of the vehicle could see the creature chasing them. Looking in his rearview, Josh claimed that it looked like an all-black German Shepherd about the size of a small pony with stoplight red eyes. At some point, the creature jumped onto the hood of the jeep. He slammed on his brakes and the creature fell off. It stood up in front of the jeep and stared at them. Josh thought it stood about 6 feet weighed 200 pounds and had jet black/brown hair covering its entire body. Josh could not understand how its eyes were so red. 

After a few minutes, the creature dropped back down to all fours. It seemed to grab onto the back bumper. The boys made it to the highway where they saw the rangers. Josh attempted to alert them, honking and shining his lights. The creature jumped off at that point. They drove for another ten minutes before turning around. When they went back, they saw the two rangers standing over something on the road. One of the rangers walked up to Josh's vehicle and told them that they just had to put an animal down and get out of there and that their bosses were on their way. Josh agreed.

As he drove, they passed three park ranger trucks moving very fast and a trooper. The trooper turned around and pulled Josh over. He took their names and then indicated that a dog had just been put down. Josh was just happy to get out of there.

Six or seven days go by and Josh gets a call from the scoutmaster who tells him that he knows about the incident at the cemetery. He asked him to come by his house so they could talk about his Eagle Scout badge and Josh agreed. When he arrived at the scoutmaster's home, he saw a park ranger vehicle and a black Suburban parked out front.

He went inside and observed the scoutmaster, a park ranger, and three figures dressed in black suits, two were males and one was a female. The female was wearing a black pantsuit. One male in the suit was short and wore glasses while the other stood about 6'1 or 6'2 and was much more imposing. The first thing the ranger asked was if the creature in the park at all damaged or scratched his vehicle. Josh indicated that it didn't. With that, the female got up with a clipboard and walked outside. At some point, the scoutmaster passed Josh an envelope. Inside was his Eagle Scout badge and the paperwork. Josh had not completed the required hours to earn the Eagle Scout badge and yet he was giving it to him. The taller man said, “We're giving you this today because we know that you are trustworthy and you cannot tell anyone what occurred that day at the cemetery. You have to let your friends know exactly what happened that you guys saw a bear and you guys got spooked and left. Tell your friends the same thing we're telling you otherwise we will we will come back we will come, instead of having you come here, we will come to your home.”

He then named every person in the vehicle, seemingly threatening them too. Shortly after this meeting, the scoutmaster and his wife moved away from the area. Josh attempted to locate him on social media but was never able to track him down."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aA6SsHSaI4


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