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Wednesday, November 08, 2023

BIGFOOT-LIKE Creature Reported Roaming West Yorkshire, UK

A West Yorkshire resident is walking their dog along a farm lane that they were familiar with when the dog suddenly begins to bark. The witness then observes a massive upright hairy creature.

I received the following account:

"It has taken me a long time to come forward with what happened to me that day, but I feel that I am ready to finally tell all. It happened years ago in the month of October back in 1998. I and my family lived in a rural area of West Yorkshire in a village called Bramham. It's a countryside area, with lots of farms, a quarry, and some rivers and streams. I liked to walk my dog around the lanes and tracks as it was a way for me to wind down and get some air.

I had finished work on that particular evening. I'm out walking with my dog down a long farm track, a route we often take. It was early evening so it was about 8 pm and it had gotten dark. I and the dog are just walking along. I let the dog off the lead so he could have a run as we were about half a mile up this single farm track by then and there were no animals or people around, so I let him have a sniff around. As I walked the dog was just doing his own thing. It was quiet with no sign of anyone around. I was enjoying the walk, there are hedges on both sides of the track the whole way so it's hard to see clearly into the fields, and there are some woods to one side of me. As we walked even further along the track the dog suddenly stopped, he froze and looked up the track in the direction we were walking.

He must be aware of something up there as he starts growling and acting all strange, his hackles are up and he growls continuously. At that point, I thought it must be a fox, which is the way he'd acted before if we came across one. So I'm looking at the track to try and see a fox. I can't see anything anywhere. No fox, no cat, or any other animal. I can see how worked up he is, as now he is going mad and starts barking loudly. I had carried on walking so by this point he was a short way behind me. So I turn to the dog to try and calm him but he won't stop, if anything he's getting worse. Something had really spooked him so I turned to look up the track and I couldn't believe my eyes.

Standing there looking at us was this thing. A massive creature stood there looking back in our direction. It must have walked between 8 to 9-foot steps out onto the field track before I had seen it, and now I can see it clearly and it can see us. At this point, I was in complete shock at what I was seeing. I kept thinking, "It can't be real." I honestly don't think my brain could process what I was seeing, because standing there on the field track was a huge creature of some kind. It was massively built and was about 5 feet wide across the shoulders and about 8 feet tall. I couldn't make out any facial features as the face was in shadow, but I could make out that it was covered in hair. It was standing about 30 meters from me so I could see it clearly but I could not make out any features even from that distance. It made no sound and I never smelled or heard anything.

To my disbelief at that moment the dog runs straight towards it, the dog's barking as he runs in its direction. But the dog stopped about 15 meters away from this thing, he was clearly scared and just didn't know how to react. He had completely forgotten about me and that's a first for my dog. Usually, he would put my needs first, and maybe that was what he was doing as he was by now in between me and this creature. But I could tell I was the last thing on his mind at this point. The dog barks a few more times then he turns and runs straight past me and back up the farm track to safety the way we came in. No doubt now you can imagine how stunned I was.

The whole incident lasted only seconds and I just stood there paralyzed and trying to process what I had just seen. I must have been in shock, because of what I did next I did without conscious thought, and I can't explain why I did it. But as I stood there looking at this creature I nodded my head quickly and I said, "Alright" to it (I know that's crazy but that's what I did). Then I just calmly turned around and started walking back down the field track after my dog, all the time listening for this creature coming behind me. I was completely sh*tting myself. I think I acted without thinking as I never looked back up that track until I got to the dog and I couldn't see anything in the field anymore when I did.

I didn't report this for years and years until other people came forward in secret and started to share their accounts online with each other. I had no idea what a Bigfoot was back then. Now years on from seeing them online, I can say without doubt it looked like it was an exact match. I have spoken with this witness on numerous occasions, and I did get in touch this week to let him know another person had come forward from the same area." BR

NOTE: I have received 1 other direct report and I have seen another reported sighting in the same area over the years. Is there really a Bigfoot roaming West Yorkshire? Lon



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