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Thursday, November 23, 2023

BIGFOOT For the Holidays at Odell Lake, Oregon

A woman and her husband were newlyweds when their encounter with Bigfoot occurred during the Christmas season at Odell Lake in Central Oregon. Here is their account and story.

I received the following account:

"Our account is true, and this is what my husband and I saw, and what we experienced while on a belated honeymoon/Christmas getaway.

And no, this did not deter us from the future plans we were making to move to this part of the country at all, not even a little bit. Actually, it gave us even more of a reason to relocate and live here as you will soon understand.

My husband and I were orphans. It was crazy to meet someone like him, who was, well, like me, from an adopted home. We met at school after my parents relocated to the Bay Area. Come to find out a week later, we would also attend the same church.

Yes, my parents are my loving awesome parents, and they have raised a pretty well-rounded daughter I believe. Did great in school, leads a home bible study to this day, and ended up with a degree in marketing.

My husband ended up in a very loving home as well. His parents were also believers who loved him and gave him every advantage some orphaned children never get to experience.

So, because of that, he became an organizer for a large Christian outreach program for orphaned children around the world.

It keeps him at home, but from time to time is does have to leave for a few days or so at a time. Thus the reason for a belated honeymoon.

As I said, we both had a lot in common, faith, fun, music, movies, and a love for the great outdoors. We loved the Pacific Northwest especially! It was this love for the outdoors that led us to an unexpected run-in with this animal, or creature called Bigfoot, it was Christmas time nearly a decade ago.

We had been married almost a year at that time, we opted for a December wedding because we were winter freaks I suppose, and I did not want to wait any longer. Besides, Christmas and anniversaries sounded great together!

He had to be gone for a few days right after our wedding, so we promised each other a belated honeymoon and a Christmas in the Pacific Northwest, preferably Oregon, central Oregon.

That brings me to our encounter, something rather frightening, but interesting all at the same time. And, yes, it gave us a Christmas and belated honeymoon we will never forget!

Central Oregon it was, Lake Odell to be exact, our one-year anniversary (and the honeymoon we missed) and Christmas that year would be spent there.

Our parents would meet us up there right before Christmas Eve, but we would be there for a whole week before, and a few days after Christmas. We wanted at least 10 days of just enjoying each other, and God’s green earth together, well, it turned out to be a white earth with all the snow.

That was fine by us, as a matter of fact, we were into sledding and even cross-country skiing. So, with everything packed, including skis, we set off for a long drive.

“What I do know for a fact was that this thing was slightly bent down to look through the window itself.”

It took us hours upon hours to get there, but, by nightfall, we made it, all safe and sound.

I have to say, it was even more beautiful than I expected, even as the sun was almost gone and I could only see so far. I could make the outline of the surrounding mountains, the lake that looked to have frozen edges, and some lights from a couple cabins that must be in use nearby.

There were not a lot of cabin lights I noticed, just a couple from what I could tell, but then again, there were so many trees everywhere so who could tell if there were more anyway.

Our cabin was just out of sight of the lodge, yet within the shelter cove section. Within a couple minutes, we made it to the cabin.

We were exhausted and decided to just unpack real quick and turn in for the night. Of course, we could not sleep just yet, so we grabbed some hot tea and enjoyed the warmth of the fireplace.

The first night was quiet and uneventful, it was not until the next day that some odd occurrences and weird things would be noticed and experienced.

I was up first the next morning. I grabbed a few things we forgot out of the car, got the skis off the rack, and leaned them up against the cabin on the front porch area.

I decided to take a quick walk with a hot cup of coffee down by the edge of the lake about 50 feet from the cabin. As I came to the edge of the lake I noticed I was correct, the lake was frozen to about 20 or so feet out from the shoreline.

I also noticed I was not the only visitor to this part of the lake, I noticed footprints.

At first, it took me a few seconds to grasp what I was looking at, I even pulled my head up and looked around I remember wondering who in the world is running around this place barefoot? It was around 30 degrees out that morning I remember, clear skies, but 30 degrees!

I did not notice if they were overly large at the time or not, all I could really make out was the front half of each foot. Trust me, it was frozen solid down by the lake, any impression at all would have to be from someone, or something very heavy.

That was the weird part at the time that made me think for a minute.

I looked around at my surroundings a bit, and then back down at the footprints that led along the edge of the lake towards the lodge thinking.

It was a little odd I thought, but that was it, I just thought it was odd. I told my husband over breakfast and he, like me, agreed there must be one not-so-smart cookie up here this week.

The rest of the day was spent having fun, of course, it was mid-week, so the crowd was sparse at best, which was fine by us.

I have to say, the couple running the resort were awesome folks. We had told them about this being our belated honeymoon and our real first Christmas together. With that, they brought us a Christmas tree and some ornaments for it. It was a sweet gesture we took full advantage of that second night.

We trimmed the tree, ate dinner, and decided to take a walk down by the lake right before dark.

We walked along the shore away from the lodge, in a northeasterly direction. It was then that we thought we heard a whistle coming from the woods above us.

It whistled a second time and you could not mistake it, someone was whistling in the woods. My husband thought nothing of it only mentioning it was probably just a person passing by. As we walked, the whistles kept coming, not constantly, but every few minutes or so.

Back in the cabin once again, we turned in for the night.

The next morning, as usual, I was up before my husband not wasting one minute up there. I filled up my coffee cup and headed out the door for a walk along the lake while my husband slept.

As I barely got past where we parked the car I noticed footprints in the snow again.

This time I knew they were fresh, I was out here yesterday and would have noticed them. These, however, were rather large I noticed, and the length between them, the stride, was rather long.

I would wait until my husband woke up to show him, and I continued with my walk. This time, that morning, I did feel a little off while on my walk. I felt like I was being watched.

My husband, being the sweetheart he is, called over to the lodge to let them know what we found. It was a husband and wife team by chance that ran the place back then, and the husband came over to check it out.

He joked about it, but he did mention “Bigfoot.” We all laughed at it, of course, but he did say that there had, over time, been reports of sightings of the creature around the area. But, he reassured us he had never seen one, and personally did not believe they even existed.

To this day I believe he was telling us the truth, I think he never heard anything or noticed anything while he, and they, were there. We all shook it off to be somebody messing around, but who it was could not be anyone staying there at the time, the other couples were older folks for the most part.

Either way, he said he would keep an extra eye out, and that we should too.

It was my husband who woke me up in the middle of the night two days later. He was wide-eyed and fully awake. No, he was not frightened or scared at all, but he was fully alert and dragged me out of bed, and over to the window in the kitchen.

He propped open the window just a bit. The cold night breeze almost hurt to tell you the truth, but he insisted I stand still and listen.

Howling, but not a dog type of howl, more like a deep almost screaming howl coming from the mountains behind the cabin. Later, a month later listening to some recordings I would find online, I can honestly tell you it was a Bigfoot howling that night, besides, and not just because we would see it.

The sounds were freaky and in a weird, chilling kind of way. After a few minutes, and at the behest of me to shut the window, my husband reluctantly did so. We chatted again for a bit about it before we both fell back to sleep.

Mine and my husband’s parents would be there in just a few days to spend the last 4 days with us. Of course, they would all be in the cabin next to us, well, not right next to us; it was about 40-50 feet away from ours.

The footprints and now the howling were making me feel a little uncomfortable. Not for my safety or anything like that really, looking back now I do, but then it was just feeling uncomfortable with my parents being there to experience these weird little things.

At that time, we were about to spring it on our folks that we would, within a year, be moving to central Oregon.

I wanted nothing to make them feel any more worried about, including Bigfoot. Well, as far-fetched as Bigfoot seemed to me at that moment, it could be a little bit of an issue.

The rest of that day I decided to let it go, I put Bigfoot out of my mind and started focusing on getting things ready and getting some skiing in with my husband.

There were no more weird feelings of being watched or howling for a night or two after that night. However, the footprints were still being found all over the place, and some came pretty close to the cabin, our cabin.

The parents would be there the next day, the day after my husband and I realized how real these things, this Bigfoot species are.

Christmas eve-eve; it was the weekend, and we decided to get some cross-country skiing in. It was a clear day, the snow had stopped, and clear skies were to be the weather pattern for the next few days to come.

No creepy feelings came that day I remember, but, then again, there were a lot of people enjoying the snow that whole weekend, especially the last day of the weekend.

Like many animals, maybe being a little fearful and weary of humans runs deep with this species as well. Some of the stories I hear seem to fly in the face of that belief, but when you see these things and know they are there, well, I think they would rather not be involved with people, for the most part at least.

But, back to the day. It was great, all of it, I was having a great Christmas vacation and honeymoon, and telling you the truth, a part of me was a little thrilled with the footprints and howling going on, it made it just that much more exciting to a point.

However, excitement would turn into less excitement and more of a cautious interest, and massive shock at first too!

We had eaten dinner I made some cookies earlier for dessert, and some hot cocoa with peppermint, I always add peppermint to my cocoa. We were wrapping gifts for our parents when I noticed some movement near the kitchen window.

Mind you; the kitchen window was rather high off the ground and larger than you expect for a rental cabin in the woods.

Whatever it was, I could not see the street light down the way toward the lodge I could usually see through the window, whatever it was, was blocking it.

As I looked out the window, it only took seconds and then all of a sudden, well, I felt a sense of shock go right through me. I grabbed my husband’s arm tightly I remember; he even made a sound it was so hard.

He followed my gaze at that moment out the kitchen window.

I have seen films of Bigfoot since then, and I have to say, there was a film of one walking through the forest in the Sierra I believe by a forest service guy, that was it, except I could see the face and the upper torso, well, I think most of the upper torso.

What I do know for a fact is that this thing was slightly bent down to look through the window itself.

Its face was not human, but it did have a human likeness to it. The report of an ape-like nose I can understand, however, it was not smashed down like a great ape, you could see a sort of rounded nose that was longer than it was smashed.

The face was long, and the eyes were huge, but had a ton of wrinkles around them, between the red eyeshine and the wrinkles, that is what made this thing look truly scary. Its mouth was huge, and I could even see some of the teeth between the large lips.

The skin was dark gray, not gray, but a darker gray like a real dark stormy sky before a bad storm.

It had no ears sticking out, and the hair seemed to be a dark brown, at least it looked like it. The eyes were huge; it just looked scary! There was little hair between the nose and lower forehead area; we got a good look at this thing.

It was wrinkly too, very wrinkly. It looked at us as though it was curious, but frustrated all at the same time. Or, perhaps it was just frustrated and wanted to eat us, I don’t know, I don’t think anyone is in the heads of these things yet.

It blinked once then turned and walked off. We immediately jumped up, locked the front door and shut off the lights. We had no gun at the time, so we were rather frightened for our own safety because of that fact.

We stood there for about another 3-4 minutes just staring out the window, talking about what we saw. While in the middle of talking, or whispering more like it, that creature, that Bigfoot thing came back into view, except closer to the tree line about 30 yards from the cabin.

It was tall but, compared to me, anything was tall compared to me though as I am all of 5' 6". But this thing, well, it had to be at least 8 feet tall. My husband, the next morning would say it around 7-71/2-feet tall when he compared it to the tree it was next to.

It was standing near a large pine tree, a Douglas Fir if I remember correctly.

It was visible because of the street light near the lodge, casting a backlight on it. I could not make out the face anymore, but it was tall, had long arms, and seemed to have a slight bend at the hips as it walked away.

It had a funny-looking gait. When people say it steps one foot in front of the other, it does, and I don’t think it can help the way the shape of the body looked, hopefully, those of you who have seen this thing can understand what I mean.

We immediately called over to the lodge waking up the managers. The husband came out on a ski machine about 20 minutes later, and he too was surprised at the footprints, their shape, size, and the fact that they looked close to human footprints.

However, he noticed that the big toe was off too far to the side to be human unless the human happened to be a giant person with deformed feet. While we wanted to laugh at the comment to keep our spirits up, we all just looked around and parted ways quickly heading back inside.

It was late; it was just after midnight by that point and the parents would be there that day. While we eventually did fall asleep, it was not until after a cup of tea and some time to process what we had seen.

In the meadow, we built an abominable snowman.

Scary, but, with all the people out and about up here during the holiday week, I felt more, well, lucky to have seen what I saw the night before than anything. However, I was still a little freaked out.

I guess I felt that way because I was in what I felt to be a safer environment at the time, some people are not when they have an encounter.

We kept close to the resort as we walked around a bit that next day, but most of the time was spent getting things ready for the parent’s arrival.

Of course, a bit after they arrived, we told our parents what we experienced that night over dinner, and they did believe us. So much so, that my mom wandered around a little nervous I could tell the next few days.

We also told them that we were relocating to central Oregon, to the Bend area to be exact. They were a little sad at the news, but they joked that I could do some research on the ape-like creature we saw in our cabin window.

I am a part of a local Bigfoot research team today, not the popular one you hear about, just a local organization. And as I said above, we are still searching, and still seeking evidence.

We did move to Bend, and yes, while out enjoying the wilds of central Oregon,, my husband, and our new little addition, our son, we still wonder about and look for more evidence of the Bigfoot we saw at Odell Lake that Christmas." J


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