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Thursday, October 05, 2023

WENDIGO Encounter Claimed By Minnesota Witness?

A Minnesota man claims that he had an encounter with a Wendigo creature in February 1972 when he was younger. The following information was part of an interview he gave on the incident.

“We found a nice steep hill, we could go sledding. We climbed up to the top and we found the top of that hill was another steep hill. So we climbed up to the top of that one and on the top of that one, sitting at another angle to it, was a third steep hill. So we were in hog heaven, we were like, "Man, we're gonna make the ultimate luge run ever. It was about in the 20s today, the snow's kinda melty, and we can make this really great sledding run, it's gonna be awesome." So we spent all afternoon making this awesome sledding run with supers and embankments and everything on it. So we said, it's too wet to use it now. We have to come back after it freezes again.

So, two days later it was 20 below and it was afternoon, 2nd week in February, 1972. And we said, well, let's go back and go sledding now. It's super cold, it's Friday, school's out – awesome, we'll get in some sledding all day. And we took off with our little sleds and we went back there. Well, each of us made two runs down the hill and we had started out in such a way that I can't remember which one of us got to the top first but one of us was going down the hill while the other one was only about halfway up the second hill. So, when one was at the top, the other was at the bottom working our way up. And it was going back and forth. When it was my turn, I was up at the top and I put my little sled down. I had a five or six-foot rut right up to the edge of this really steep first hill. And I looked back behind me and all that was on this hill was just barren hardwood trees, mostly smaller ones. A few popples and there was one really huge black spruce that was about 40 feet away from me. I turned around, I was about to jump on my sled but something just didn't seem right, so I turned back and I looked again.

I'm 13 years old. I'm not that observant, I'm like, something just looks different, and again something in the back of my head went that's just not right. That's not right. So I turned around and I looked. That black spruce only has one trunk, not three. And those two extra trunks have fur on them, well, hair, really long hair. Long grey hair. What's got long grey hair? Is there some kind of snow pants with long hair or something? Ah, it must be somebody pranking me. So I looked up above to where, you know, a teenager or even an adult would be, like maybe 5 or 6 feet but there were just pine branches there. Then I noticed rustling up above that about three more feet so I looked up above that and up at 9 feet, there was this face looking at me and it had its hands like this (mimics holding tree branches apart with his left hand (lower branch) and his right hand (upper branch) while peering through holding one branch apart at the top and the bottom, peering down at me and it went (mimics a wide open-mouthed grin) and it grinned. And its face did not look even remotely human. It had a flat nose with two little slits, it had a big thick brow ridge, receding forehead. It was hard to see from up here. I don't know if it had a crest or not because that's where the branch was. When it grinned, I could see all of its teeth. It had upper and lower canines in all of its teeth in its mouth in the front that I could see were all sharp so it was obvious to me this thing was a predator. I found out after the fact actually the only time a great ape would bare its teeth at something is when it's trying to scare it so basically it was saying, this is one of the weapons I will use to tear you apart. So at the time, not knowing that but being plenty scared anyway, I leaped on my sled and flew down that hill as fast as I could. I was just gonna get away from the monster.

About halfway down the hill, my friend was walking up and saw me coming and he said, "I didn't even have to guess what was going on, I just saw your face was white, your eyes were bulging and you said: Run like hell! So I jumped on my sled and I was right behind you. Now when I got to the end of the fire lane, back at the house, it was about three miles away. I was about 15 minutes if that. For about 10 of those minutes, I was standing there going, “Where was I just at? I'm not waiting for Dave. Why am I waiting for Dave?"

I had hysterical amnesia and completely forgot that whole incident for two years. And finally at one point, my friend Dave, we had this little gathering with me, him, and three or four other friends and he said, "Remember that time we went sledding out there at the end of the fire lane? I'm like, "No." He said, "Yeah, we went across that bog and we found those really steep hills, the three of them stacked up?" and I'm like, "No." And he goes, "Yeah, and you were coming down the hill really fast and you said run like hell."

BOOM! And it all came back. For like a month, I wouldn't talk to him because it was so traumatic. Actually, I'm still getting treated for post-traumatic stress to this day and that's one of the things I'm being treated for. When you're 13 years old and you see a 9-foot predatory monster which turns out to be the Wendigo, after a few decades of studying, it's not a comforting thing. And it also ruins your belief in authority figures and your parents who told you there's no such thing as monsters.

There's a friggin monster out there. Don't tell me there's no such thing as monsters. And I see bears all the time. I live a mile from the county dump. There are three or four of them in my yard every week during the summer so it isn't like I'm mistaking it. This is in the middle of winter, 2nd week in January, twenty below, so bears aren't gonna be up wandering around anyway. Plus, they are not nine feet tall. With eight to ten-inch greyish-white hair, especially in Minnesota. It did have claws on its hand which is another thing that threw me. It took me years to figure that one out because all the Bigfoots they show didn't have claws or anything like that.” B

NOTE: The interview was a bit sporadic, but I was able to transcribe most of it. It was presented to me as an audio attachment.

I don't know what this witness had encountered. Was it a Wendigo? I doubt it since the phenomenon is based more on human possession as opposed to it being an actual cryptid being. What are your thoughts? Lon



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