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Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Was a STILLBORN BIGFOOT FETUS Found at Chestnut Ridge, PA Church Camp?

A Pennsylvania man recalls seeing a large stillborn fetus at a Jumonville, PA church camp in the 1970s. He said that it looked like a 'monkey fetus.' Could it have been a Bigfoot fetus?

"My story happened in the late 1970s. I and a couple friends went to a church sports camp for a week at Jumonville, Pennsylvania (currently known as the Jumonville Camp & Retreat Center - Lon) and it's about an hour and 20 minutes southeast of Pittsburgh. It's located on the Chestnut Ridge where numerous unexplained phenomenon has been reported, from Sasquatch, UFOs, Dogman, and Thunderbirds. It also sits in the Appalachian Mountains. Each cabin had about seven boys. The mess hall was at the bottom of the hill along an asphalt path. Different cabins would line up outside to follow one another down the path.

When we went to eat one morning we were all walking to breakfast. Up ahead of me, I noticed kids walking off the path and into the grass. When I got up to that spot I looked down and couldn't believe my eyes. Laying on the path was what looked like a stillborn monkey fetus. It was big too, at least 2 feet long. It was as tall as the path was wide. It was definitely bipedal but didn't have a tail. I was just staring at this thing which is probably only 30 seconds when I noticed I had fallen behind my group and was getting passed by other groups. So I ran to catch my group.

My friend, KN was with me at camp that year. He said he was right next to me and remembers seeing the fetus too."

Transcribed source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o3opmhrdr8

NOTE: Was this a stillborn fetus of a Bigfoot? The Chestnut Ridge is well-known for a variety of unexplained activity and sightings. Here is an account I received in 2016:

I had an opportunity to talk to a man, who I'll refer to as 'CB,' who once lived on a farm in Washington County, PA. He had issued a report with the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society on possible habituation he experienced when he was younger while living on his Grandfather's farm. There were other odd creatures and anomalies that he had witnessed as well...in fact, I hope to gather more information on a specific group of cryptid big cats he observed living in the same general area.

Another incident he described also piqued my interest. This occurred in Fayette County at the Jumonville Cross
, which stands on top of Dunbar's Knob on Chestnut Ridge. The entire Chestnut Ridge is well-known for unexplained activity...but this particular incident was quite extraordinary. I have heard of a variety of unexplained sightings near the cross structure over the years.

One particular encounter was told to me by a friend, who was with me during a United Steelworkers representative training retreat in nearby Linden Hall in October 1992. He and another attendee took a hike to the Jumonville Cross one afternoon. During the hike, they experienced an overwhelming sense of dread when they came near the top. They didn't stay long...in fact, they decided to make their way back to their vehicle as quickly as possible. It was a bizarre story since neither had ever had that feeling previously and neither wanted to remain at the retreat for the remainder of the session. I believe something, other than a sense of dread, caused this reaction...though, I will also state that this person has experienced an extremely difficult life since that day. He refuses help from any source, living like a hermit in rural West Virginia.

On a whim one morning, CB and his girlfriend decided to hike the mountain to the Jumonville Cross...to enjoy donuts and coffee. They were talking and enjoying the view while sitting on the grass near a podium that is located near the cross structure. At the time, neither CB nor his girlfriend heard or saw anyone approaching the area...in fact, they thought they were alone for the entire time. Then they noticed, what they thought, was a light puff of smoke at the podium. An elderly man and woman suddenly appeared standing together. At first, they thought nothing of it...maybe it was simply a wisp of fog and these two folks had been there all along. CB and his girlfriend acknowledged their presence and said 'hi' to the older couple...but oddly, they received no answer. The couple didn't move and looked forward towards the horizon. When CB looked closer, he observed they both had solid black eyes.

Both of the witnesses were taken aback by this spectacle. The specters were both apparently wearing white tops and black pants. Then the couple moved off and just faded away from sight. CB told me that they were solid in form, so much so that they wondered if they had seen something other than ghosts.

We later discussed the 'black-eyed people' phenomenon, which he had just recently heard about. We also discussed his girlfriend's reaction, which was much less abrupt than his. There had been times when she would feel emotional changes during unexplained incidents. I believe that she may be an empath, as well as a beacon. Her presence at the Jumonville Cross may have actually triggered the appearance of the elderly couple's energy.

There have been many incidents reported at the cross over the years...including an increase in Bigfoot sightings and other odd anomalies. The area is actually home to a 
Christian campground and retreat. This location is also near where a young military officer named George Washington and his soldiers ambushed French troops in 1754, sparking the genesis of the French and Indian War. There have been reports of musket fire, disembodied voices, and the smell of gunpowder in the nearby glens and hollows.

I'd be interested to read or hear your experiences as well...Lon

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