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Saturday, October 07, 2023

Large, Ghostly 'GUMBY' FIGURE Floating Through Nebraska Cornfield

A Nebraska witness and his girlfriend were taking a drive in the countryside when they observed a tall ghostly human-like figure floating through the cornfield. The figure resembled Gumby!

Strange account forwarded to me:

"Let me start by saying I'm a civil engineer, I am a secular person who is agnostic and while I want to understand the universe and all its weird phenomena better, prior to this experience I was extremely skeptical of anything paranormal and believe there to be a scientific explanation for 99.9% of paranormal experiences.

However, my wife and I had a shared experience in college that permanently changed my outlook on the paranormal and on spirits/ghosts specifically.

About 7 or 8 years ago while back home in Omaha, Nebraska for the summer from college, my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I were bored one night and drove out into the country to stargaze and get some alone time.

We decided to take my car and drive out into the country and head north until we found a good dark place to park and chill out. About 10-15 miles out of town, I was turning down random gravel roads and found a little cul de sac that was facing north, but was newly paved. It looked like someone had constructed a driveway for a house that hadn't been built yet. There were no other houses around for probably a square mile, mostly just farmland.

I turned around in the driveway and pointed my car north, and we sat for a few quiet hours, enjoying each other's company and chatting about life plans. At about 2am we were pretty tired and decided to head home so our parents didn't freak out. As I stated before, we were parked on an empty dead-end concrete driveway, perpendicular to a gravel country road which was about 50 feet in front of us. Behind the gravel road was a cornfield (stereotypical of Nebraska, I know) and it was late July or August so the corn was probably 5-6 feet tall (this detail is important).

As I go to start my car, I put my key in the ignition, and put my hand on the light switch to turn my headlights on. Before I can turn the key, my girlfriend violently jerks my right arm, which scares the crap out of me. I looked at her confused, but she was just staring out at the road in front of us with a terrified look on her face. Immediately the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I sat there frozen in fear and confusion. A very tall white human-like figure was seemingly floating from left to right along the gravel road right in front of us. Since it was very dark and we were in the middle of the country, all we could make out was the silhouette, but we both could see it well enough to tell something strange was there. My brain was doing backflips trying to make sense of what I was seeing.

From our perspective, the figure looked about 7-9 feet tall (taller than the corn stalks behind it) and it was moving at an eerily quick speed, faster than walking but not running. There was no gait like a person walking, no head bobbing up and down, no real movement of limbs, it was just floating. My girlfriend described it later that night as a tall, white, Gumby-looking silhouette. We watched it for what was probably about 10 seconds but felt like a minute. My hand was still on the knob to turn my headlights on, and I had an internal debate on whether or not I should turn them on to better see what it was or to keep them off and not let whatever this thing was to know we were there. It continued drifting to our right until it was out of sight, and I started my car and floored it down the gravel road heading in the opposite direction.

My girlfriend and I barely spoke on the way home, and once we got to my parent's house we told them what we saw. My girlfriend left the room while I explained it to them because she was so spooked she didn't want to think about it anymore. She spent the night that night because she didn't want to go home alone, but neither of us was able to fall asleep after what we saw.

To this day I am completely mystified by what we saw, and if I didn't have my now wife with me at the time I would think I was hallucinating or going insane. We were both completely sober at the time and neither of us believed in or thought much about paranormal entities at the time. I have not been able to come up with any sort of rational explanation and it still bugs me quite a bit. Nothing makes sense in my head other than some strange amorphous spirit, or a 7-foot-tall guy in a Yeti costume on a bicycle riding around at 3 AM in the middle of nowhere in the pitch black.

Do youave any type of explanation for what we saw or seen anything similar on the Internet or in person? Let me know!" PS

NOTE: As many of my readers know, I have posted other similar sightings, especially entities that resembled the cartoon character Gumby. There have been other unexplained representations of created memes reported. Is it possible that these memes are simply a recreation of phenomena previously seen or experienced by the illustrators? Lon



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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