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Saturday, October 07, 2023

Large, Dark 'WALKING TORSO' & SHAPESHIFTING CANINE Encountered in Rural Indiana

The witness and his coworker were driving home in separate vehicles when they encountered a large dark walking torso on the road. They later observe a shapeshifting canine and other weird anomalies.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"This happened in 2007 in Miami County, Indiana, near Peru, about 2 miles from Honey Bear Hollow Camp Ground. I worked the night shift and a coworker and I were both driving down a county road after work, probably around 4:45 AM, still dark outside. I saw his taillights get brighter like he was hitting his brakes, and then he swerved down into the ditch line, came back out on the road, and kept going. As I approached the same area, I saw this tall, black figure walking on the road. It’s moving in a very weird unnatural gait, like it was kind of blowing in the wind, but it clearly wasn’t. I first thought it was a really tall person wrapped up in a big black blanket because I didn’t see any arms or head, just two big legs and a torso. I had to swerve over to avoid it too, but I basically came to a full stop, and the thing walked past my driver's window. It had to have been around 7 feet tall, as it was leaning forward and was at least a foot taller than the top of my vehicle. As it got behind my vehicle, I could see the taillights illuminating its legs, but couldn’t make out any details like hair or anything like clothing. Just large, thick, black legs.

I took off down the road once it was behind me and saw that my coworker pulled into a gravel parking lot, so I pulled up beside him. He’s freaking out asking if I saw it, how it didn’t have a head, and other ramblings. I said we should go back and try to see what the hell this thing is because it seemed oblivious to us driving right at it. He didn’t want to, but he ended up following behind me. We drove back the way we came and in around the same area, there was a large black dog lying across the road. This was not your normal size canine, it was much larger than any normal dog, but it looked dead. It wasn’t there when we just drove through there less than 3 or so minutes beforehand.

Anyway, I decided I was going to get out and go see if it was alive or not, and move it off to the side of the road because you can’t really drive around it without going off the edge of the road on either side because the way it was laying across the road. As I get about 15 feet away, it raises its head up and looks back at me. Its eyes are glowing yellow, but I still say that was due to the vehicle lights causing eye shine. It lets out a low, deep, rumbling guttural growl and I stop instantly. It attempts to stand up and seems like it has some sort of issues with its front legs, but it stands up and continues to stand up, on two legs, like a person would.

It only stood on its back legs for a second or two, enough time for it to look at me, but then it hunkers back down to what looks like all fours and runs off to the wooded area. But there’s a pretty tall fence there so I don’t really know how it managed to disappear because it would have had to go over, under, or through the fence, or it just vanished. I also don’t think it was using its front legs when it ran off, because I never saw them really moving.

Now after all this, there was one last strange happening. My coworker got out of his car after the dog thing ran off, and he came up to me to basically say, 'WTF was that?' As we were talking, I noticed a mouse standing between us. It was also on its hind legs, kind of sitting as it was washing its face. I nudged it with my shoe, and it didn’t even seem to care. Kind of like the first thing that was walking, it was completely oblivious to our presence. It just kept on cleaning itself.

We left and went our separate ways. I woke up later in the day and started looking into werewolves and came across dogman stories. The only thing I will say about all of that is, that this didn’t have the hands and feet like is often claimed by witnesses. It had normal dog paws. It just had a large black wolf-style look about itself, but its fur was really fluffy, which didn’t really seem to match with the normal wolf-type fur. It wasn’t a bear, it didn’t have mange, I know the difference between a bear and something like that. It just looked like a very large black dog.

The first thing we saw, some people said sounded like a Fresno Nightcrawler but those were white in appearance, and not nearly as thick and tall. Someone recently asked if maybe it had wings and that’s what was concealing its arms and head as if they were draped around the front of it. I never thought about that before, and can’t say one way or another because I didn’t see any sort of details on its body, just blackness. The way it moved just seemed very odd, otherworldly. I always think of those inflatable tube men that flap around in the wind at car dealers or some sort of events when I try to describe their movements. Just really weird.

The mouse, might be the oddest thing to me because I physically touched it, so I know it was real, but it just didn’t seem to care. It wasn’t until recently I made the connection that all three of the creatures were on two legs at one point. Are they all connected? Who knows.

I never saw anything like that ever again, and I only live about 4 miles from where it happened and I drive through that area often. I wish I had more answers but all I get is more questions.

As someone who’s been pretty skeptical most of my life, I’ve tried to explain it in some logical manner but I can’t. I have said the dog was playing with the mouse, must have got hit and its front legs were hurt, that would explain why it was walking on its back legs, and why the movement seemed unnatural. The mouse was traumatized by the dog messing with it, which explains why it looked all wet and why it was cleaning itself. That’s the version I accepted for many years. The only problem with that is whatever was originally walking down the road was so much larger than the dog. When the dog stood up it was maybe 6 feet tall, but whatever walked by my window was at least 7 feet leaning forward. The walking torso was also a lot thicker than the dog's, as the legs were very thick, the dogs were normal dog legs." TT



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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