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Thursday, October 05, 2023

Hiker Confronts UPRIGHT REPTILIAN HUMANOID in California's Yosemite Valley

A hiker in the Yosemite Valley stopped to rest and grab some food by a stream when he noticed a biped creature that he described as a reptilian. Things got stranger as time went on.

I received the following account:

"This happened in the Sierra Nevadas, in Yosemite Valley, California. It was a place that I'd been looking forward to hiking for a long time. I had prepared all my gear the previous night, double-checking everything. Water, food, tent, map, everything. I was just itching to get out there and explore. The sun's peeking up over the horizon and it's just so serene.

Anyway, a few hours into the hike, I stopped to refuel, taking a bit of a breather. I find a nook near a stream. I'm settling down to eat and I hear this sound. First I think it's probably a squirrel or something. But then the sound gets louder and heavier. Suddenly I'm on alert. I'm no stranger to wildlife and I instantly knew that this was different. I can just feel it in my gut. So I decided to move towards it and check it out. I tread lightly trying to figure out the source of the sound and then I see this creature. It's not a bear, not a mountain lion, not anything that you would expect to see in the mountains. It was something different.

This creature stood on its hind legs like a human but was much taller. The body was covered in these scales, like a lizard, but these were larger, almost like armor-plating. There was also a dark green color, almost black in some places, and its limbs were muscular but lean, like a runner's but way more powerful. The head was the most striking part. It had these slanted almond-shaped eyes that glowed an eerie yellow. It didn't have a snout, more like a flat face. There were these slits where a nose should be and the mouth was filled with sharp jagged teeth, but not like predator's teeth, more like rows of serrated knives, if that makes sense. I didn't see any wings or anything, but it had a long tail, almost as long as the body, like a kangaroo's tail. It had four fingers but they were long and ended in these sharp curved claws. The thing I remember the most was that the creature moved so smoothly, like water flowing over rocks, almost graceful.

You're probably thinking I'm pulling your leg or messing with you but I swear this is exactly what I saw. This reptilian-like creature was some next-level, out-of-this-world kind of being. I had a good five minutes or so to just stare at the thing. It's standing there at the edge of the clearing just observing me, like it's trying to figure me out. It didn't seem hostile, I mean it was freaky as hell. I didn't want to provoke it. But instead of coming at me it just kind of mirrored me as I moved. It was like we were doing some weird kind of dance. I know it sounds nuts but it was as if the creature was just as curious about me as I was about it.

We stood there for what felt like hours but I'm sure it was just a few minutes. At one point I could swear it made a sound like a low hum or something. I couldn't make much of it, but it didn't seem threatening. Then suddenly it turned and disappeared. I was in shock. I mean, what did I just witness?

So now, at this point, there I was alone in the clearing with my heart pounding like a drum. I'm just standing there wondering if this really just happened. I was trying to process everything. I decided to follow in the direction where the creature went. I couldn't just let it go and I had to know more. As I moved closer to where it disappeared I noticed these huge tracks on the ground. It was not anything I had ever seen in any guidebook. The air felt different too, almost electric. It felt charged and there was this energy around that I just can't explain. I pushed through the undergrowth following the tracks. It felt like I was in some kind of a dream or a movie, like at any moment I would just wake up back in my tent and it would all be over. But no, this was real and it was actually happening.

I walked further into the woods. I noticed that the tracks became harder to find, then they started to disappear. It was like the creature had just vanished Into thin air. I must have looked around for an hour or more but there was no other sign of it. It was gone. But I swear to you that every time I closed my eyes that night I could see those eyes. Its form was burned into my memory. I still can't believe what I saw that day." KL

NOTE: I asked the witness if they could provide a more specific location of their encounter. This is a general area where several unexplained humanoid sightings have been reported, in particular the 'Penelope' encounters that I have reported over the years. Lon

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