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Saturday, October 07, 2023

Bizarre Real-Life CHIMERA-LIKE CRYPTID Sightings & Encounters

An experiencer describes his bizarre chimera-like encounter with a large rabbit accompanied by a dinosaur-like creature. He later talks to dozens of other experiences with similar incidents.

A comment on a previous report:

"Over 60 years ago I was young living in southern Ohio on a farm my grandmother owned. It was a very rural area, with gravel roads, no plumbing, a well in the backyard, outhouse down the hill. We had chickens in the yard, surrounded by cornfields and pasture across the gravel road for dairy cows.

One morning I was on the porch alone, and suddenly the chickens and rooster cleared the yard fast. Some ran under the house, and some into the cornfield about 20 feet from the house, they disappeared fast and were totally silent. Something scared them. Chickens aren't 'chickens' they will put up a fight with intruders, especially roosters. Something scared the heck out of them.

I stayed on the porch looking for what scared them when what looked like a stuffed toy Easter Bunny came around the side of the house. Blue with a white tummy, pink inner ears, and button eyes, kind of looked used. It walked as if you were playing with a child and holding a toy from behind, wobbling your hand to make the toy look like it was walking. I could see nothing behind the Easter Bunny moving it. I'm staring at it, it's staring at me, it was kind of off-center, leaning towards its left a bit. Little stubby feet and paws like a stuffed animal. Then it started talking without moving its mouth. It wanted me to go with it to play and help it do something (like an adult playing with a child moving the stuffed toy and talking for the toy). It kept trying to get me to go with it around the side of the house. The chickens disappearing so suddenly scared me. The bunny didn't but I've seen these chickens attack stray dogs and snakes in the yard pecking the snakes to death and this bunny was scaring the heck out of them.

I probably would have gone with the Easter Bunny but didn't because of the chicken's reaction. Finally, the bunny was backing away, kind of bouncing like someone was holding it until it was out of sight by the side of the house. I stayed on the porch and swung over the edge of the house to see where the bunny was going, at that time it had turned around and I saw it from behind. I froze. I clearly saw the back of the stuffed bunny-like image but behind it was what looked like a 4-legged tiny dinosaur. It's head or snout was stuck into the back of the bunny. It was greenish and had spikes down its back and down its tail. The bunny was probably 3 feet tall or a bit more to the top of its ears. The little dinosaur was about 2 to 2.5 feet tall. I ran into the house and told my grandmother. She went outside looking for it and we never found it. My grandmother (born in 1889) told me if anything like that happened again never go with it.

I've thought about it over the years and just left it as a mystery. Last fall I went to the UFO Congress and at an experiencer's meeting one of the members brought up an experience with the Easter Bunny trying to get him to go with it. He was also from Ohio. Then another guy in the small group spoke up and he had a childhood experience with the Easter Bunny trying to get him to go with it.

I recently spoke with a woman who had a similar incident with Santa, when he turned around he had a reptilian tail.

I attended the MUFON Field Investigator Boot Camp this October and one of the speakers was a retired ranger from the sheriff department on the Navajo Nation. He spoke of several UFO reports he followed up there where people were driving and either stopped or nearly run off the road by giant 4-foot rabbits. Only seen when UFO activity was happening. I later asked if could talk to him about my experience, but time was short and he had to leave. I've heard of accounts where beings, spirits, aliens, whatever take on the shape of a character that a child would trust to separate it from family or home for who knows what purpose.

I've now spoken with over 3 dozen people who had a similar experience with the Easter Bunny or other cartoon characters trying to lure them away as I had. Their experiences were more animated than what I saw, but I saw it from behind and the clear detail of it was exactly what you'd imagine a dinosaur to look like.

I've had 3 major, up close UFO encounters (one was a craft, the Phoenix Lights, two were beings I saw camping in the desert, and one included underground digging and a truck chase for my life). Now I'm wondering if I had another encounter as a child. Any insight or thoughts that would be beneficial?

Someone shared a 2002 TV movie called 'Taken' that had a depiction of a cartoon squirrel luring a child into its craft. It's on YouTube. My experience was not so animated, but I did see the being from behind the illusion." T



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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