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Tuesday, September 05, 2023

'My Strange Ride Along the Missouri River'

I have a strange memory that has stayed with me for many years. I believe it took place in 1971, along the Missouri River in Kansas City, MO. I didn’t remember it right after it happened. It came to me a few months later.

I received the following account:

"In this memory, I am sitting in front of the TV and it's a hot summer night. We didn’t have air conditioning and all the windows were open. I was watching TV alone very late, and the house was very quiet. This in itself was strange because my parents did not allow us to watch TV late, even in the summer. It was also next to impossible to be in any place in the house without a crowd, because I come from a large family, and the house was always noisy.

I remember having a strong feeling to look outside. I went to the front door and looked out the screen. I saw a large dark vehicle parked outside. It wasn’t right in front of our house but was closer to an empty house.

I couldn’t see the make of it, it was black, and the windows were too dark to see inside. It looked like a gangster car out of maybe the 1930s. I thought it weird that it was parked on our street, but some of the guys in the neighborhood were into muscle cars, so maybe it wasn’t that weird. It was very quiet outside, and there were no lights at the neighbor's houses. The night air reminded me of how it feels right before a thunderstorm.

Suddenly, I’m in the car. But oddly, the light is on inside, and there are a number of people with me. We are sitting in rows of seats, and there is a yellow-orange light filling the vehicle. I look around at the faces in the car, but no one is looking back at me. They seem familiar, but not like relatives. The vehicle appeared to have a large number of us inside, maybe 15-20, but the inside was not that big. Suddenly I was aware that the vehicle had been moving, although I couldn’t feel anything at all. Soon I realized we were stopping and at another house. I remember standing inside as a tall thin figure held the hand of a person in pajamas leading them out of the room. Two people were sitting on a couch watching TV, as I stood there, but they seemed in a daze, totally indifferent to us being there. Then I was in the vehicle again and we were sitting inside very still.

Somehow, I was able to look out the wall of the vehicle and saw we were moving over a grassy area that was very muddy. It was very dark outside but it smelled like muddy water and it occurred to me that we were near the river. There were no buildings around us, just overgrown areas of trees and grass. I saw some cat tails in some gorges under us. There must have been streams off of the river. At this time of the year, you would often be hearing the crickets very loud at night, and see the fireflies all over. But it was dead silent, and I didn’t notice any of the fireflies around. The vehicle was moving, but not rolling like a car, it seemed to be hovering above the ground.

I turned from looking outside to looking back inside and realized there was a front seat to the vehicle, and there were two people sitting in front. All of a sudden, one turned and looked back at me, and it was a beautiful golden-haired child. He couldn't have been more than a year or two, wearing a diaper. He resembled statues of the baby Jesus I have seen in church. There was a warm glow about him, and I remember the curls touching his pink rosy cheeks. He was talking to us, and some of the people next to me, seemed to relax and a few sighed. But as I was sitting there, I thought something was wrong. Something didn't feel right. The words he was speaking were in my head, but they were bothering me. The sounds bounced around my skull and echoed giving me a headache. For a baby, there was something cold and distant about him. I shook my head and looked at the figure speaking. There was a fuzziness in front of him. It was like a television screen in front of him that was losing its signal. I reached out to touch him, and he backed away. As the image flickered in front of me, I saw another figure. It was small and brown, and the head was a weird shape. It had large eyes, wider than long, and ridges around its eyes like oversized lids. I had a frightened thought that something really terrible was standing in front of me. The face of the baby Jesus stabilized and I felt my body go cold. Baby Jesus looked deeply into my eyes leaned toward me and I broke loose and punched it in the face. I didn’t think about punching it, I seemed to do it instinctively. I think I saw a flash, and then I must have blacked out.

I guess I forgot about it, until a few months later. My family drove down to a riverfront park to celebrate some relative's birthday. I was walking on a path close to the river and could smell the strong smell of the muddy water. I glanced around and saw a bunch of cat tails. Suddenly, I remembered it: The gangster car, the yellow-orange light, the people watching TV, the baby Jesus, the strange-headed being, and the punch.

I never told anyone about this event. There were so many things about it that were too ridiculous. In 1971, I couldn’t make any sense of it or place it in any category if I tried. I have never considered it a dream, because it was too real. I have other strange memories about the house I grew up in, but many are not as vivid as this one. I recently moved back into the house, and I started thinking about this event again. I don’t really know what to do with the memory. I made some sketches about what I remember.

The baby Jesus figure was like a little glowing angel, but there was something very distant about it. The weird being had a tan, light brown dry skin. It didn't look like any of the grey aliens I've seen in pictures. When I hit it, it was like hitting a turkey, with dry skin. The black car seemed to dip in the back and seemed to hug the street when it was parked outside the house.

Thank you for what you do." GU



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