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Monday, September 11, 2023

Horrendous SASQUATCH SCREAM Send Michigan Deer Hunters Into A Panic!

A Michigan hunter and his son are in an area where they have hunted on numerous occasions. One night, while leaving, they hear a horrendous scream that sends them into a panic!

"There is a 900-plus acre farm/ranch that I hunt 10 to 15 minutes outside of Big Rapids, Michigan college town about 25,000 residents. I've known for years about the existence of Sasquatch. I have been an avid archery hunter for years and loved spending hours in the woods, scouting and setting up new stands to hunt in the fall.

On occasions my sixth sense would go into overdrive while out scouting certain sections of this property. I would dismiss it as an overactive imagination and carry on with my mission. Multiple times while on stand I would hear loud tree knocks from various points that surrounded me. I never thought too much into them as I would just dismiss those as natural sounds due to limbs clanking, banging ,or busting. I would also notice rank and stagnant odors that would overwhelm my area from time to time. Again, I'd also dismiss these foul smells as possible black bear odors as I've heard they stink and are quite abundant in our area.

On one occasion, while walking into my stand, I heard what sounded like a rock skipping through the tree tops, hitting up high and falling to the ground. I glanced in the general direction of the sound and didn't see anything. As I continued walking I heard the same sound again. That this time it was closer and as I look towards the sound I caught the movement of a two to three inch diameter rock falling out of the tree in which it had just impacted. I walked up to the rock, picked it up and stared up the tree, saying to myself what the hell are the squirrels carrying these big rocks up the trees. You see the pattern here. 'Weird' happens and I dismiss it as I'm 45 years young and don't want to believe I have to deal with a Sasquatch or any other paranormal entity on the land on which I hunt. But the last incident finally got my attention and I now acknowledge the fact that I could possibly be dealing with one of these beings.

My son and I were heading out of the woods in a well-lit full moon night about an hour after dark. No flashlights needed. We had a one-half mile walk back to our vehicle up this easily traversable stretch bottom that laid at the foot of large rolling hardwood hills and deep cutting ravines that extended to the creek's edge. We had sat pretty close in proximity to one another and had met up at dark to walk out together. Keep in mind that this is the same area that I've experienced tree knocks, rocks being thrown, and smells that could curl your toenails.

We had covered the half mile hike back to our origins and we're now standing outside of our vehicle offloading our gear into the back seat. I reached into the car and fired the engine while still standing outside of it as to shed some ambient light on our surrounding. I turned my back to the car it was in the process of evacuating my bladder when I heard what I thought was my son cranking the radio up in the car as loud as he could. I wheeled my head over to my over my shoulders to look at him and when I did I locked eyes with my son who stood on the other side of the car. I saw the fear in his eyes as he stood with his jaw open wide. He had not entered the car and turned up the radio. It was a scream/yell that had radiated from the bottom of which we had just exited minutes before. The loud bellowing lasted 10 or 15 seconds and was as loud as any music concert I've ever attended.

Keep in mind, I'm six foot, 230 lbs. My son's six foot two and about 260. We're both armed with bows and knives and I had a 45 XDS Springfield on my side. My son and I jumped into the car, slammed the door shut, and peeled out like Bo and Luke Duke being chased by Roscoe P. Coltrane and Boss Hogg as dirt flew from our tires all the way out to the paved road. Normally we travel this half dirt two track at about 10 miles per hour. That night we may or may not have hit 50 miles per hour. We anxiously and excitedly talked about our experience together all the way back home.

We've spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours in the woods and have hunted almost everything possible to hunt in our area. We have never heard any form of vocalization like this before. We rarely hunt this property anymore and never alone. As a matter of fact, the last time I sat in this area was two rifle seasons ago and I heard a larger tree fall over on a windless afternoon. I retreated back to the truck and basically called it quits for the day."

Transcribed source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiYWxvhGz50&t=291s



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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