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Wednesday, September 06, 2023


NOTE: I don't know what to make of this account. It was forwarded to me and I found it interesting enough to post. Anyway, take from it what you may. Lon

"I had an Uncle in the CIA who claimed the CIA imprisoned a kid who was possessed and fed them information.

Uncle B’s Background

Uncle B began college in the early sixties with a major in Theology to become a pastor. He was married and was in love with his wife Missy. During his third year, he and Missy found out they were going to be parents. Tragically a week later she was killed in a freak accident by a drunk driver. B dropped out of college. He said of the time, “I don’t think I completely lost my faith, but I didn't want to talk to God anymore.”

After a while, he transferred to a different college and majored in political science, minored in linguistics, and joined the ROTC. He got out with his commission in Army Intel and went to Vietnam. He did a bunch of crazy stuff and was then recruited into the CIA. After a few years in the CIA, he said he got assigned to a counterintelligence team in NYC. They wanted him, with his background in theology, to infiltrate the Russian Orthodox Church in NYC to gather intel about the KGB using it as a cover. His cover story was that he was ordained Orthodox priest but not Russian. He had converted and wanted to be regularized or something to that effect, I didn’t really understand. He tried explaining it, but it went over my head. Anyway, he got the Bishop’s blessing and he became an associate pastor or something like that.

I was drinking when he told me all this so forgive me if I don’t remember how all that worked. I’m sure there was more but it’s beside the point.

The Demon

After a year undercover in this assignment he was making progress. But then one day this young man (late teens?) came into his office. He said he was clearly distressed, erratic, and angry. He knew who he was indirectly. His mother had been going to a different priest and talking about her son hearing voices and acting strangely. My uncle thought he needed to get him to a hospital, but then the kid lunged at him started talking in Aramaic, and called him by his real name and his deceased wife’s name. And then the name they were going to give their unborn son (they had names picked out for a boy and a girl, they were also not common names).

This freaked him the 'F' out because he had never told anyone that she was even pregnant before she was killed. So he then called his handlers and they took him and the kid to a safe house. They thought he was schizophrenic, but spooks wanted to know who was onto my uncle and how much they knew.

My uncle started the interrogations because the kid was switching through multiple languages Russian, Greek, Latin, Aramaic, alongside English, and only my uncle knew these. B said he thought demonic possession was just superstition so he didn’t really want to believe that was possible. Still, he said he had no idea how the kid knew the things he did.

He asked the kid for his name when his voice started to sound like a dog growling at him. They had to restrain him and even then the straps looked like they could snap he said. I asked what name did he give and he started to tell me, but then he said that name had become classified in a way that he said could affect me since it was unusual. I don’t think that was true, but B had become convinced it was a demon and I think by saying its name it would come back or something.

He said it started talking about their projects and a bunch of classified stuff. His supervisors decided that the kid was deranged, but they had to ascertain how he came to know what he did. They decided to transport him to Langley, VA (CIA headquarters) to be treated and interrogated. B was given a cover story he delivered to the priest that the kid had a psychotic breakdown, attacked him and that he took him to the hospital. He then left and never went back. His superiors decided to terminate the operation because they felt that his cover was severely blown and that B may have even been a double agent and this kid somehow found out about it. Either way, B was sent to Langley. They wanted him to keep interrogating the kid as a “priest.”

This turned into a spectacle he said as people would come into the room and see for themselves the “demon” they caught, and the kid would start spouting off secrets about them. B said Angleton (James Jesus Angleton was an American intelligence operative who served as chief of counterintelligence for the Central Intelligence Agency from 1954 to 1975) eventually came down to see the kid. The kid started talking and Angleton told everyone to leave the room. Several minutes later he came out looking like a ghost. He thanked B for his hard work but said the kid would never leave the CIA. Angleton said whatever bastards leaked this information out to screw up this sick kid, he’d pursue to the gates of hell and personally put them down.

B said after that he was reassigned to a desk job, he wanted the kid to get treatment in a real mental hospital and an exorcism. B decided to quit soon after that. I asked what did the kid say, but he said it didn’t matter. He’d only say it was enough to convince him to come back to his faith, and he prays every day for that kid’s soul

Years later after he told me this story the CIA declassified its Gateway Project (A 1983 CIA study investigated how humans can transcend space and time with their minds). I asked B about it. He said it was a cover, and an old colleague told him the information they got actually came from the “source.” That’s what they called him. B speculated that at some point the “source” quit talking and that’s when they folded the psychic project. I asked him what he thought had happened to the man. He said he didn’t know but most likely they loaded him up with antipsychotics and put him in an institution." u/Machiasrevenge



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