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Friday, August 11, 2023

WHITE-EYED KID: 'No! Take me with you!'

The eyewitness encounters a white-eyed kid while waiting in the parking lot for a friend. The kids want a ride, but the eyewitness refuses. Things become a bit crazy after that.

I received the following account:

"I was in a 24-hour shopping center car park waiting for a friend who works there at around 10 PM. Suddenly a kid pops out of the window screen and starts tapping. I'm thinking 'Where the hell did he come from?' and 'Is he trying to rob me?'. Anyway, I roll the window down only partially and remember that my doors are locked so I feel a little bit safer. I ask the kid 'What do you want?' 'Sir, I'm lost, can you take me home?' I ask 'Where are your parents' as it was late at night and there was no one else visible on the same floor I was waiting on. This was starting to feel off. 'I'm lost and just want to go home' he replied.

This was definitely weird. I looked at him again. Then I did a double take. OMG! His eyes were white. Not just white around the edges but unending white through the entire eye, no iris and no pupil just a solid wall of light. I really don't why but I felt myself smiling slightly as I gazed at him. Then my thoughts began to collect again. It must've been about 3 seconds. 'Uh sorry. No kid I have to go' I immediately regretted replying. 'But you have to take me', the kid replied. I don't know how but I could feel his voice more than hear it. His words began echoing in my mind longer than it should have. 'Uh, no kid I have to go.' I started panicking. The kid replied again, this time with something indescribable behind his voice. 'I'm lost and just want to go home.'

I don't know how but at this point it was as if someone had put the kid's voice on a loudspeaker and as he spoke I felt as though a booming was resonating from within the kid. The force of the kid's voice was so strong. I felt strongly sympathetic to the kid, almost like I was being forced to by him. Anyway, with the last ounce of control I had left I turned the car on and slammed on the accelerator. The kid immediately shouted out 'No! Take me with you!' At this point, it was as though the kid's voice was a machine gun firing into me. I immediately sped to the nearest exit in a dream-like state and drove into the night. My friend at this point could find his own way back to his house (which he did later). While driving and exiting from the car park I could still feel his voice within me resonating at an amplified volume. The force of his voice, it was as if I had been picked up and violently shaken by the kid whose voice was so clear, and my unconscious was analyzing every nuance and inflection of what he had said like I was being forced to. There was so much force behind it.

Anyway, after I got back to my apartment I immediately tried to forget the whole thing. The next day I drive to work in the normal manner, and my friend was there resentful that I had left but we soon went back to good terms. I never did tell him or anyone else about the incident. The strangest thing did happen, however, on that same day.

When I was driving back from work back to my apartment there was a tremendous thunderstorm and I noticed flashes (although I didn't see it) of lightning. When I was at my apartment building (I live in a complex) I open a huge metal door to get in and it was soaking wet. There was a handprint on it. I only noticed when I looked down to pull on the handle at about the same height a small child would place their hands. The handprint was white and although the whole door was dripping with water the handprint seemed to be made of recently dried paint. I touched it, looked up, and felt it in my hand just to make sure it was painted. It was. I looked down again. The handprint within the 2-second span of me sampling it and looking up had gone from white to clear; from the rain dripping on the door. I touched it again and felt it. It was painted but now completely soaked with water and far more fluid than it was before indicating it was being soaked. I looked down again. It had vanished. I put my hand on where the paint had been, but it was nothing but a metal door behind it.

For some reason, I looked behind me. Of course, there was no one there. I went inside and made my way up to my apartment and had an early night. I have not encountered any white-eyed kids since or any being of (supernatural?) type for that matter. However, I now live a slightly more cautious life than before. I have become more religious now and now occasionally read the Bible when I didn't really believe in God before. Maybe I'll go to church. I don't know. The fact is these creatures might actually exist and are waiting for the right opportunity to strike." A


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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