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Monday, August 07, 2023

USAF Law Enforcement Specialist Encounters UNKNOWN EVIL ENTITY at Barksdale AFB

US Air Force law enforcement specialist was assigned to inspect a weapon storage area at Barksdale AFB. While performing his duty, he encounters an unknown evil and hateful entity.

I received the following account:

"Dear, Sir. I enjoy reading your blog and I feel comfortable relaying my encounter to you.

As a US Air Force law enforcement specialist I had earned leadership and respect by doing what I'm told to do, no matter how difficult the task. At the time I was stationed at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. A drugged-up civilian man attempted to beat me to death. He was charged and pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of a federal officer. I had been shot at several times by gang members who thought that they could send their buddies on base to sell dope and mess with the enlisted men. I had been recruited into nuclear weapon security and Presidential security. These are just a few of my duties while I served.

In January 2002, early in the morning around 2 AM, I entered a conventional weapons storage area on Barksdale AFB. The CAS area was located away from the main area of the base carved out of heavy forest. Inside the CAS area are bunkers. The bunkers have large locks on the doors that are easy to see using a spotlight from a vehicle. I enjoyed doing the CAS checks because it was often peaceful.

But on this particular night, I had a gut feeling something was wrong. I called dispatch and informed them that I was doing a CAS area check. Dispatch understood I would be in the area for approximately 20 minutes. The check ended up taking much longer because the weather went from misting to heavy fog and mist limiting my visibility to about 50 yards. With the spotlight, I crept through the CAS area to check bunkers. I became more and more scared, a fear that was new to me. I had never experienced this before. I felt almost a desperate need to leave the area, however, I wasn't finished with my area inspection.

So I stopped my vehicle, got out, chambered a round in my M4 rifle, and ensured I had an M9 sidearm ready. After re-entering the vehicle I continued my inspection. As I cleared the older bunkers I entered a new bunker area. The fear I felt was thick in the air and I had a fight against that gut feeling that I needed to leave the area quickly. As I approached the newer bunkers I slowed down and had to pull up very close to them because of the heavy fog and mist. I turned on my spotlight and was shocked to see a row of bunker doors open haphazardly and the padlocks cut off and laying on the ground.

I immediately called dispatch and informed them that I needed backup and I had found an unsecured area. Dispatch acknowledged and informed me they did not have a unit to back me up and I should clear the area alone. Everything I was informed to do was so far out of the normal procedures that I knew dispatch was dealing with a much bigger issue. I put the vehicle in park and grabbed my M4 rifle and slipped the safety off. I took out the flashlight and looked into the bunkers that had been cut open to find all of them completely empty. I called dispatch and informed them that I was going to return to the main base and they acknowledged.

I got back into my vehicle. The inspection was complete and I drove up to the lock gate to exit the area. As I exited the vehicle I again had this absolute terror wash over me, to the point that I looked around into the darkness. I even called out asking if there was someone there. Nothing but complete silence.

To make a long story short, the gate was stuck. I was unable to open it. The evil feeling became incredibly strong now. I could feel a presence standing behind me. It was full of hate. I became increasingly aware of this invisible entity or creature. I stopped and turned towards the area. I could feel this 'thing' was near me and I asked it politely to allow me to leave. I turned back and the gate was free to open. I drove my vehicle through locked the gate from inside and walked about 20 feet to a pedestrian gate and attempted to unlock it to leave the area. I couldn't unlock it. I felt this entity almost pressing against me emitting an overwhelming fear within me. I once again turned towards this entity and asked if I could please leave. I turned back to the gate and it was easily unlocked. I exited the gate and turned around locking it shut.

I had this distinct feeling that this entity was not able to leave the CAS area and I was safe from it. But it felt as if it was projecting hate and intense fear at me. I cleared the round out of my M4 and put the weapon back into the truck. I returned to my normal duties but soon realized that several hours had passed while conducting my 20-minute inspection. It was now around 7 AM.

I returned to the main base, turned in my weapons, and went to the Flight Chief's office to explain why I was late returning. I knocked on the door and pushed the door open to see the dayshift Flight Chief sitting behind the desk. When he recognized me he stood up and said in a very aggressive manner, "Did you see it?" I was thinking that the NCO was talking about the open bunkers. I said, "Yes sir." He came closer in an aggressive manner and again asked if I'd seen the creature. I was taken aback and said, "No, but I felt it." He looked me in the eye and told me never to go into the CAS area alone and if I was ordered to, which was common, to discreetly inform dispatch I can't enter that area alone because I was given a lawful order not to. Strangely, I was never assigned to the CAS area again.

After many years, I still have no idea what I encountered that night." J



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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