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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Truck Driver Recalls His ALIEN ABDUCTION While Stopped at Ohio Rest Area

A long-haul truck driver reports his abduction while stopped for the night at an Ashtabula, Ohio truck stop. He then recalls his encounters with the same beings when he was a child.

I received the following account:

"I was laying down in the truck at a Pilot truck stop about 9 miles south of Ashtabula, Ohio on 3/10/2018 at 1 p.m. I always cover my windows to keep all lights out and lock all the doors. I had backed in, so the front of my truck was facing the storefront.

Typically, I'm out by 11:30 p.m., but I kept getting a ringing sound in my right ear and was having trouble with my knee (previous injury, unrelated). The last thing I remember is starting the truck around 12:30 a.m. to let the heat run. Then, it seemed almost instantly I was floating onto a table. The table felt high up, maybe 5-6 feet. I couldn't move anything. My head was turned to my right shoulder. It felt locked there. I was overwhelmed with fear and could feel myself attempting to cry out for help. Two very small 3.5-4' grey-skinned creatures were to my right that I could see. Everyone describes gray aliens differently than these guys looked. Their entire body was stubby, and their heads were almost too short for their eyes, which were very large like other people described. It was more over the shape of their face that look different than typical photos you see. The photos you typically see show them elongated in the face. These two looked like it was almost smushed down and like they were squinting with wrinkles between the eyes.

I couldn't speak or cry out, but I started to realize what was going on, so I thought in my head (best way to describe it) for them to please help me relax. I understood what was going on but I could not calm down. Once I thought that, I could move my arms. So I reached out towards one with my right arm and it held my hand. I did the same with my left arm and although I couldn't see it something grabbed my left hand. Their hands were very soft but cold and felt kind of like a toddler's hand. Once I was holding with both my hands I could not stop smiling. I was completely relaxed and all I could feel was happiness. The one holding my hand on the right I believe is the one who was talking to me. It asked if I was sure that I wanted to remember this time, and I told it I was not sure.

It was then that I realized that I'd been visited several times before. I believe the first time was when I was five. I recalled a small devil-like creature coming through the wall of my room. I had a bunk bed with no bottom bed, and it just floated straight up to my face. I immediately screamed. My dad came running in and found me in the far corner by my closet door. Being a kid, I told him the devil came for me. Now that I'm older I realize it wasn't a devil. It was one of those creatures.

The next incident wasn't until I was 9 to 10 years old. As I was going upstairs to bed I stopped at the landing. Outside of the window, there was a saucer-shaped disc silver in color with a large orange dome on top of it. I thought that I had immediately gone downstairs to get my dad. But when I went to go get him to tell him what happened he asked what I was doing still up. Apparently, I had been upstairs for almost an hour, I thought it was only a matter of seconds. After telling my dad what had happened, he grabbed our old VCR camcorder went upstairs with me, and videotaped this craft which was still hovering outside the window! After about 10 to 15 seconds, it shot off and was gone.

My dad went downstairs and called Airborne Express, which is the local DHL-type company that was in business at the time. He reported the incident to them as well as Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. No one reported seeing it they said that nothing was showing up on radars around that time and that it was probably a coincidence. However, the next morning when we woke up nothing was on the tape whatsoever. On top of that, we had a large pine tree outside of that window. It was lying on the ground and completely black on one side like it immediately burnt partially and then died. There was no other scaring to the ground.

Back to the present. So I'm laying on the table and I can feel other hands around me on my legs, arms, ears, and then I feel a hard pressure around my genitals. Like a pump, but with pain like heat/pain. I'm completely distracted while all this is going on though because the creature to my left is now alone it's just me and him in my view. He's telling me all kinds of things about meeting me in the past, but I can't recall what he was saying. I do recall him saying that I would forget things if I wasn't ready, and unfortunately, he had no control over whether or not I would remember. He could only allow me to remember what I wanted to remember. About the time that I really calmed down and stopped feeling like I was going to have a heart attack, everyone was gone.

I woke up in the truck laying on my back on top of my blankets. The truck was still running, but every light on the dash was lit up and alarms were going off on it, so I shut it off thinking it was overheating. I turned it back on a couple seconds later and everything was fine. The whole ordeal did not come to me until after I realized the truck was okay. I immediately started freaking out, and then I heard the same voice again telling me everything was okay and he would see me soon.

I feel like over the years I have developed a friendship possibly with this creature, but I'm not sure of that. Honestly, I'm not really sure I even believe myself, however, I can tell you that those other two instances definitely did occur when I was younger and I always wanted to know why they happened. I've always had an interest in aliens, but nothing more than any other young boy does. I've never fantasized about being abducted. I've honestly been freaked out about the thought of it, so I don't think that my mind is playing tricks on me or that I had a dream.

Another note to add is I do not think that these creatures had a gender. The only reason why I say that is the voice in my head that was talking to me did not appear to be male or female. I did wake up with a slight nosebleed in my right nostril, I had a headache and continued to have a headache all day. I had very uncomfortable pressure internally. I do not drink alcohol. I do not do drugs. And to the best of my knowledge, I have no mental illness from either side of my family that is known. I have never been a sleepwalker, and I don't tend to have very many nightmares. I wish I could remember more of what happened. Although I would definitely be terrified if this occurs again, I hope that I can be more open to it when it does though. I know they will be back because I recall the creature saying it would see me again. The beginning of the encounter was very intrusive and it felt embarrassing. They seemed to just do what they needed to do, and then they comforted me. I will say that I agree with others about the whole pure love feeling. I definitely felt as though it possibly genuinely cared about me. I'm not entirely sure that it did, but it was a very comforting feeling.

One other thing I do recall it asking me was if I remembered them fixing me when I ruined my ability to reproduce. I didn't answer that I'm aware of but I think I know what they were talking about. When I was on a deployment to Iraq, we would restart the radars standing in range of them. We were warned if we did that we could become sterile. So I used to do it every day joking that I did not need to have any more kids, as I had already had 3 at the time. I did wake up several nights with nosebleeds in Iraq, but in my opinion, I believe at least most of those were due to the desert air.

I hope my story will help in some way, shape, or form. These are not all of the details of this event. I'm not very good at writing out things, and I only wanted to write out what I was sure of." R



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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