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Thursday, August 24, 2023

SASQUATCH FROM HELL! U.S. Military Units Attacked in the Sierra Nevadas

A U.S. military unit member describes a search & rescue operation for other units who went missing in the Sierra Nevada mountains. After the carnage, the giant Sasquatch was eventually subdued.

"I will describe exactly what happened before, during, and after my involvement in the incident that transpired in January of 2018. It all started from my unit on January's overseas deployment three weeks earlier and we're enjoying some much-deserved R & R when the call came we were to immediately regroup at our primary operations base for an emergency action. We all assume some vital intel had come in concerning an HVT (high-value target) somewhere in a foreign theater. Looking back now I wish that was the case. Unfortunately, it wasn't.

We were given a brief summary of the situation and we were told we would be given all the particulars once we reached our FOB (forward operating base) which turned out to be the Sierra Nevada mountains. We grabbed our gear, boarded a plane, and departed immediately. None of us knew exactly what kind of situation we were being dropped into, but it quickly became apparent when we reached the FOB that several units from various branches had been mobilized in short order. As we stood in the cluttered briefing room none of us, neither my unit nor the others, was prepared for what we would hear.

We were informed that three groups specializing in advanced mountain warfare had been running a training drill in the general vicinity when one of the teams radioed in that they could hear automatic weapons fire from one of the group's last known positions. A helo was soon dispatched to see what was happening since they weren't cleared for any kind of expenditure of ammunition that the other group had reported.

After an extensive air search, the helo failed to make contact with the group. It was decided that the second two groups would abandon their training mission and search for the missing group. An aerial search and rescue operation would commence immediately. The other two groups reported finding brass all over the group's base camp, large amounts of blood, and several mutilated bodies all corroborated by the search and rescue team sent to retrieve the remains. It was decided the other two teams would track the remaining members of group one that night.

Both teams radioed in saying something was probing their lines and acting very aggressively. They made special mention in the transmission to say they didn't believe it to be of human origins. During the night three more individuals went missing with no trace. It was decided to send helos up to pull them out. All 38 remaining members of groups three and four were in another room prepared to answer any questions we might have. We spoke with them at length, plotted out the first group's last known position, and planned our movements very carefully. The six units that had been brought in would be dropped at various places throughout the range. My unit would be dropped right at the group's base camp and would track them with assistance from another unit, while two units would be job four in advance of our position and work their way back to us. Two other teams would investigate possible secure positions the group could have made their way to.

The minute we were on the ground we all knew this was no longer a rescue but a recovery mission, or so we thought. As we moved deeper into the Sierra Nevada mountain range we lost all trace of the first group just as the other two groups had.

On our first night out there we were met with the most god-awful noises, screams, and growls. To be exact, we had Blackhawks searching for the source of the sounds as we crept deeper and deeper into the mountains. The only words spoken were between the radio operators of the six teams and the command at the base of the mountain. For 48 hours we searched for the lost group never finding any trace of them. On the third night, the two teams were sent to investigate possible secure positions the group could have gone. We were given direct orders to find them, the missing group, and kill whatever it was that was taking us out. The two teams sent ahead of us were ordered to hunker down and wait for the rest of us to regroup with them. Before going to look for the missing men nine hours later all six teams made their way to the northwest where it was believed the two men went missing. None of us knew exactly what we were facing.

The entire range had an eerie quiet about it, both day and night. We all had the feeling we were being watched, yet we could find nothing when we went looking. We knew we weren't so much the hunter as the hunted. Whatever was out there with us knew the terrain. It toyed with us for several hours going so far as to let loose this hideous laugh.

We caught our first break. One of the other teams came across several shredded MRE packets that were torn to pieces and what we assumed were the remains of a human thigh. For some inexplicable reason whatever this thing has left a trail leading to a small ravine. We knew it wanted us to follow it and knew it had eyes on us. We split up into four teams. Two of us would follow the bait while the other two would attempt to outflank it.

We reached the start of the ravine just after sunset and waited, not daring to walk blindly into this thing's ambush. As darkness claimed the entire range, the unit attached to my unit opened up on something creeping around our left flank. We quickly spread out and fired random single shots into the forest pushing it right into our other units waiting to catch this thing.

In a classic pincer maneuver, with our kill box set, we moved in only to find ourselves face-to-face with what I can only describe as the Sasquatch from Hell! This thing stood almost 12 feet tall and as wide as an Abrams tank! Even with us going at it with everything we had this thing fought back ferociously killing an additional four men before finally going down. We didn't let up. We put our 203s to work launching enough HPs to melt the damn Sun.

Once we reported back, the thing was dead. Two Blackhawks, packed with guys in bio-suits, showed up and took possession of what remains were left and we were all picked up and flown back to the FOB. Once there, we were given specific orders to never discuss what happened and return to our individual commands. None of the guys in my unit has gotten much sleep since then. Truth be told, we take hunting terrorists over that thing any day of the week.

During my 18-plus years military career I have seen some strange occurrences. But this is by far the strangest."

Transcribed source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-B7bH_R5xg

NOTE: From what I can determine, the missing units were from the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MCMWTC) which is located at Pickel Meadow, CA. Beyond that, it's difficult to distinguish the other military units called in on the search & rescue operation. Lon



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