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Thursday, August 24, 2023

LITTLE PEOPLE UNDER MY BED! - Was There A Portal to Another Dimension?

I received a response to a post that I made in 2018 that was titled 'The Rancher': Bizarre Encounter. Click the link and read the account, then tell me your thoughts.

Hi, Lon. You asked for speculations on the bizarre story of 'The Rancher.' This resonated with me for two reasons. The first one is that as a little girl, I used to have "dreams" about little people under my bed at night who would only come out after my parents went to sleep, obviously well after me. Of course, my parents didn't believe me, but I did overhear my mother saying, "How does she always get out of bed and end up on the floor?"

I am now 73 years of age, remember that it was a double bed and that my mother would even put pillows on the side of my bed (The other side was up against the outside wall of the house, which was on the second floor overlooking an alleyway that ran between our house and the house next door.) so I couldn't get out. I always managed to do so. I woke up one night rocking violently from side to side, and the next thing I knew I was flying over the pillow and fell right down onto the floor with a thump. Most of the time my parents didn't hear me fall out of bed (Their bedroom wall was at the head of my bed.). They would find me on the floor in the morning. After I hit the floor I would be terrified, but then I would fall asleep and not wake up until the morning. The pillows would always still be on the bed and not disturbed.

From what I can remember the incidences spanned for years, before I entered the first grade up until the age of 9-10.

The whole bizarre incident obviously affected them so much that they put a nightlight in my room which shone brightly onto my bed, not out into the hallway. They were highlighting my bed area, certainly not someone walking in the hallway to the bathroom, which was adjacent to my bedroom. There wasn't any door to my bedroom and no nightlights of any kind, up to this point.

The even stranger part of this story is that after installing the nightlight and then moving my bed to the opposite side of the room, (very small bedroom, however), my bed now shoved up against a wall being adjacent to the hallway leading to their bedroom, the "little people" stopped visiting me. My Dad would even look under my bed with me and would say, "See there is nothing there and there couldn't possibly be anyone that small who could get under the bed." It has only been in the latter, most recent years of my life that I have found out that there are people who have had stories of little people under their beds.

The standard height from the floor to the bottom of a box spring mattress is 7 1/2 inches. The person who was recounting their story said that they believed the entities to be 8-9 inches tall. This is certainly close enough for the 7 1/2-inch space underneath most beds.

I can't help but think there is a portal that connects them to the "people on their list for watching" as the entity said so eloquently. You may recall that I emailed you about the Mothman in Chicago and how I think they are interdimensional beings who come through portals. I think this may account for a lot of the bizarre experiences that people have and are having.

The second reason that resonated with me is that the entity said he was a liaison between us and them. 'Us' must mean some sector of our society, i.e. military, private research companies/ies, the private sector of our society who are connected to the elected elite or rulers of this planet. This, of course, would mean that this segment of our society has ongoing contact with others and has given them permission to conduct these "visits", without our knowledge/permission. Maybe I have been watching too many of the X-Files episodes." M



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