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Thursday, August 03, 2023


A young Italian experiencer contacts me, and relates several incidents involving him and his relatives. These include close encounters, a possible abduction, and an angel of death.

I recently received the following account:

"It was 2014, and I was eight years old. I don't remember the exact month, but I'm pretty sure it was December. Strange things had happened in the house in the previous days, strange shadows and continuous nightmares while I slept, which is why I always slept with my mother that year. I don't remember the exact date it happened. However, that evening my father was working the night shift so my mother and I were home alone.

My mother was sleeping next to me and I woke her up telling her there was something in the corridor because I heard noises. She said it was just the wind, and turned back to sleep. I couldn't sleep, and after the umpteenth noise I opened my eyes. In front of me, to the side and in front of the cot where my mother slept, was a gray figure with thin legs and thin arms. It held up one arm to indicate something, with the hand parallel to my mother's face, which was turned onto the back of the bed. I closed my eyes hoping it was a nightmare. Then I opened them again, and it was still there. Lying in bed, it seemed to reach up to the door handle, which is next to my bed, so it was not higher than 60-70 cm. Perhaps it really was taller, and it was because of the perspective that it seemed short to me.

At that point I closed my eyes, and now that I think about it, stupidly enough, I reached out to try and feel that thing. I wanted to see if it was real, or if I was dreaming. My hand touched something sharp and cold, and I spun around closing my eyes. I don't know if what I touched was the thing or the metal frame of the cot, but I think it was the frame.

A few minutes later I turned around and opened The thing was gone, so I figured it was all a dream, and then decided to sleep. Suddenly, inches from my nose, a round, gray thing appears in front of the headboard. I start to scream, but no sound comes out of my mouth, so I blink, and the round thing is gone. I try to fall back asleep and succeed, but I don't know if I was abducted afterwards or if it was all a figment of my imagination.

After that, still in that period (end of 2014 beginning of 2015) when I was trying to fall asleep, I remember that my father was also in the house. I heard a voice saying "Ah... food...". I never understood what it was. Over the years I've thought several times that it was my father who watched something on the phone before falling asleep. However, I couldn't close my eyes all night.

Three other similar cases have occurred. Once I saw a dark shadow breathing heavily beyond the door that separates the living room and the corridor, which is made of opaque glass. Another happened the following year, when I was changing in my room and I heard a growl from the corridor. I immediately closed the bedroom door without reopening it until my parents arrived.

The last one happened two years ago after I fought with my father. While I was alone in the room, I jokingly said "Aliens, can't you kidnap him for a few days?" and I received a hoarse and disturbing "No..." as an answer. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I didn't just see shadows.

Three years ago, in August, while I was in the courtyard, at about four in the afternoon, I saw a gray figure materializing out of nowhere. The figure trudged a few steps in wide strides before disappearing after stepping onto the first step to ascend up to the house. It was slightly shorter than a person, with long arms and legs. I remember it had four fingers, and it stared at me before vanishing. I will never forget that look. A white-toothed smile and almond eyes. My folks were next to me looking in the same direction, but they saw nothing. When I told them what I had seen they said it was just a trick of the lights. I also was touched, and perhaps about to be kidnapped.

At the age of 10, something grabbed my head and dragged me out of bed. I woke up screaming and putting my hands on my head. I had time to touch a pair of wrinkled hands before my parents woke up, and the hands let me go. My parents came to see what had happened, finding me on the floor groggy. They told me it was just a nightmare, but I'm sure it wasn't.

I had the last experience last August, on a Wednesday, at midnight or noon. I watched Netflix on my computer while playing games on my phone. The light from the computer quickly illuminated a hand seemingly connected to nothingness trying to touch me just above my left knee. Without telling my (sleeping) parents and without shouting, I turned on the lights immediately, but whatever it was was gone.

My mother had similar experiences to the first I related to. Once she saw a short, huge-headed humanoid figure spying on her and my uncle from the front door to their bedroom. The second time a similar figure spying on her from behind a radiator, on the corner on the way to my grandma sister's house, which is attached to my grandma's by a corridor full of windows. He never told me when the second happened, but the first happened at night. Another thing about my mom is that she always sees a black figure before a family member dies. She says it's death, and I believe her. He saw her before my great-grandfather passed away, then before my great-grandmother passed away, and last time in 2021, at the end of May, about a week before my grandfather died of a heart attack.

My grandmother and her sister also had weird experiences. Shortly after my grandfather's death, from the corridor going to my grandmother's sister's house, for a few nights, they saw a bright red dot floating in the sky. It rose above the horizon, moving up to the chimney of the house closest to them, to then rise into the sky and disappearing over my grandmother's house. I don't know why they never took pictures. They say it was a drone or a Chinese lantern, but I don't think a Chinese lantern takes the exact same route some nights in a row. Maybe it really was a drone though, but not having seen it (and the two of them not being very adept at identifying modern technology) I can't be sure.

My grandmother's sister had the last experience I want to tell you about back in 1960. She never told me the exact year or month. At the time she was still living in Olgiate Comasco, Italy, the birthplace of my mother's maternal branch, with my great-grandmother. She was coming home from work, and night had just fallen. To get home from where he worked at the time, she usually passed through a wood that has now been replaced by a few houses. On the dirt road he punctured a wheel on the bike he usually used to travel there. A few minutes after she started shuffling behind her bike she saw lights in a clearing, and never scared easily she approached.

A similar event had also happened a few days earlier, but it was explained as the lights of a demonstration or a discotheque that opened in a small village near his home, whose name I don't recall and I don't know if it still exists. What he found in the clearing, however, was a series of stationary lights within which other series of lights spun in opposite directions. These lights then suddenly turned off. When she got home, my great-grandmother asked why it had taken so long. My grandmother's sister, looking at the watch on her wrist, saw it was 11:30 pm. This is when she normally gets home around 9 pm. She told my great-grandmother everything, but I don't know what happened next. She never wanted to know what had happened to her.

Near where my grandmother and my grandmother's sister grew up is Lake Como, Italy, and several times they have seen what they call "heat lightning", basically ball lightning, and they said that the red ball they saw wasn't a ball lightning because it lasted too long and was always the same, and my aunt said it's impossible for so many and as big as the lights she had seen in the 60s to form.

I live in the suburbs of Abbiategrasso, province of Milan, Italy. This is located just next to the Ticino triangle, perhaps the hot spot with the most UFO sightings in northern Italy. Nearby are the Cameri military base and the state powder magazine in Remondò." MB



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