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Friday, August 25, 2023

'DID I EXPERIENCE A DEMON?' People Describe Their Intense Paranormal Events

The original post, followed by other comments, discusses intense paranormal activity. Some involve possible intuitive & psychic gifts. They ask, 'Did I experience a demon?'

"The story takes place in Western Massachusetts. Five years ago, I was driving to work bright and early in the morning and the SUV next to me was in a right-turn-only lane, I was in the straight lane while we were waiting for the light to change. I didn’t think much of it or look at the SUV or driver until the light changed and they also tried going straight. At that point, I looked over as they were basically trying to run me off the road to go straight and veering into me. I was going to honk but then the middle-aged lady who was driving, jerked head to the side, looked right at me and her whole face morphed into a terrifying face.

I don’t even know how to describe it. It elongated and looked awful and terrifying. Like that scream painting by Edward Munch. But way more terrifying. It’s like she decided to show me what she really is and it changed in a flash. I slammed on my brakes, she, or it, cut in front of me and I ended up taking the very next right turn just to get away from her, and parked on the side of the road to catch my breath. I don’t do drugs, I sometimes have a couple of beers after work, but nothing crazy. I’ve never seen anything like this before or after and I’ve been too scared to mention it to anyone but my husband for the fear of being called a crazy person. I saw her face change right before my eyes and to this day absolutely certain of what I saw.

The feeling that came over me was just absolute terror and the look she gave me was certainly menacing. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like that? Instead of a grin, it was an open mouth expression with a threatening, pissed-off look. But the mouth and entire eye area were black. And the same, an elongated pointy face that no human could just naturally morph their face to make. Really, really freaky. The color of the face changed...more like a loss of color. Everything around the eyes got really dark and had a big open dark scary mouth. I shake just thinking about that day! I’ve had way too many experiences that were odd. I just didn’t want to include them with the story and sound like a total loon.

I had a very, very traumatic childhood. I survived a war, had really terrible things happen to me, and saw horrible things happen to others including seeing children get killed. I was 10 when I came to the US as a refugee and spoke no English. I think that trauma made me more sensitive to the spirit world. I get “feelings” good and bad that something is going to happen, and it does. My husband and my boss call me psychic. People are also always shocked by how well I can just “read their minds.” I don’t try to, I just know what they’re trying to say before they even finish saying it. I’ve also experienced ghosts many times, including one in our last house that my kids and husband are 100% sure of too. He didn’t give menacing feelings though and never physically manifested himself. We and even our friends experienced watching the door knob turn on the front and back door and the doors swing open. He also has a weird thing for oil. Twice, a bottle of oil slowly moved from the back of the counter, towards the front, until it fell over onto the ground. Both times I had a witness with me who also saw it.

I call it 'him' because I work as a real estate paralegal and reviewed the history of the house and found a man named Dana died there young of lung cancer. However, my son when he was young, swears that a little girl said hello to him in the bathroom there. Things slowed down there and in my new house, there is no activity at all now. When I went to visit my home country, I also went to Turkey and bought these amulets called Nazar. Once I put them in the house, the ghost activity became pretty much nonexistent. I’m afraid to experiment with this spiritual sensitivity. I don’t want to be bothered by spirits all the time. I went to Salem and refused to do any seances or anything that could attach a spirit to me."

Other people chimed in with their own experience. Sadly, they did not include dates or locations. u/fossacecak wrote:

"Years ago I dated a guy who had a heavy drug and alcohol addiction. It was really sad. He would be the sweetest person ever during the day and then get absolutely hammered and turn into a totally different person; mean, angry, verbally abusive. The next day he didn’t remember any of it. One night I was drunk with him and we were having a great time. We went to bed and it was like a switch was flipped and he was angry and upset and calling me names. He started saying really weird crap like that the Chinese mafia was after him (he was terrified and deadly serious). I’ll never forget how at one point I looked at him and he didn’t look like him anymore, it was like his face changed to this creepy jester-looking face but not human. I was like WTF? Why is your face different. He responded, “Eric isn’t here right now.” This reminds me of a line you would hear in an exorcist movie.

We went to bed and of course the next day he was back to normal and had no idea what he did and said all night because he was blacked out. To this day I think he was possessed and it took over when he was drinking. He also said that one time he was a kid and he went into the woods and tried inviting a demon to possess him and nothing happened. Makes me wonder."

u/AggressiveChicken774 wrote:

"I had an experience in an old house I was renting. I basically got a good deal. If I rented it I would promise to work on it and fix some of the problems. This was a city-auctioned hole that had been abandoned for several years and become a local dope house for the homeless. When I looked at it originally it was infested with fleas. I was wearing a pair of shorts, upon entering the back yard a city public works letter of condemning notice for flea infestation. The landlord was caught off guard as he bought it sight unseen. The city came and fumigated the yard 4 times wearing suits with oxygen to get rid of the issue.

Back to the real story of too many out of that house in just one year. Now a bit on me beforehand, I've been told by a few friends of the secondary nature that I hold a certain light or direction for the spiritual realm... sort of a beacon either for drawing them near or to warm them. I had to come to grips with that idea in this house, as I write my entire body tingling as every hair on me is standing straight up.

Anyway back to the story. I had a couple of friends and roommates over. It was a late night for the fun the night before, mind you I had just months prior to this particular incident lost my wife of 7 years to Lupus. Her pain was real. That is a whole different story for another day.

I had been lounging all day, in and out of the kitchen. It was now about 6 pm in the evening late summer I'd say August I believe l. I was lying on the floor watching TV and suddenly I felt a weight in chest and my arms which were already on my chest not really crossed but close. The weight pressed on harder for what felt like an eternity.. some say it was anxiety, but mine is different I feel like I swallowed a softball and it is stuck.. this was hard dead weight, literally sucking the air right out of me then suddenly I sit straight (something yanked me up) Im trying to call to my roommate like a night terror she finally sees me immediately comes to me and my arms won't release she even tries to slap me, to no avail. Then I'm flip-flopped over in the prone position, and like you said in the movie 'The Ring,' this dark hair, extremely wire thin and mangled face, ripping apart at every fold crawling under me pulling itself straight to my face and leans in so fiercely. She lets out this terrifying blood-boiling scream and odor like a sewer coming from all over her. Finally, another roommate just getting home heard the scream from outside while getting out of her boyfriend's truck and came running in to help.

I hadn't spoken this story to anyone for fear of it returning. To this day will never forget that face. Afterward,  I immediately called my friend who is gifted, who is one of the people who told me of my gift. I went to explain it as she already knew and let me know that someone at some time or another had ritualistic (Ouija) behavior or celebrations. Those so-called toys are not to be used by anyone who isn't experienced. They can bring things unwanted."

Source: “Did I encounter a demon?” r/Humanoidencounters



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