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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

'COPY OF A COPY' - Is Earth An Illusion?

An experiencer says that she was told by otherworldly beings that our existence on Earth is an illusion and it was created in a way by the place they come from. Do you believe this?

I received the following account:

"Hello, Lon. Since I was a child I knew something about this universe and understood it in a way that I could not explain to others. The one who visits me doesn’t speak and everything this organism has shown me has made me feel not at odds with mankind.

This place is an illusion and it was created in a way by the place they come from. It's done so scientifically and they observe us as energy, frequency, and vibration sort of left to its demise. Time for them is different from what we consider time. When I’m there I’ve watched half a million years of evolution here in about a year's worth of what we call time. Our universe is held together by these beautiful rods that keep it stable. This alien has explained that everything is a 'copy of a copy.' That their universe was made and they are also watched. I know better than to tell therapists or people what I know I’ve experienced.

At one visit I was able to see how they had created our universe and it reminded me a lot of what we have as the large hadron collider. Unknown to us, and it will remain unknown for many lifetimes, (we never die, our energy comes back here) is that we will also recognize that we have the knowledge to create the universe. But I never get to know if we just observe as they do. They have watched us evolve over millions of years which to them has been 14-17 years as far as I can understand. There are gateways here, on Earth, but they are often found and then closed. The area I was shown was South America which had the most prevalent doors.

I know I am not separate from anything in this universe and that they have a different time understanding why we act and do the things we do. To them, it’s senseless and almost an embarrassment because they know what we are truly capable of doing. As a 42-year-old female, I don’t age, and I don’t put effort into not aging, I know the two who came for me gave me this gift and I know why. I live my life very carefully and have dedicated my time to quantum physics, astrophysics, and healing for mankind. It’s all I’m capable of doing as myself at the moment. I’m not the only one, there are a lot of us. We tend to be tall, and thin and people are attracted to us by our energy. My blood type is O negative and I descended from them when a few passed through the gates and didn’t go back.

I wish I had more time to explain things and the beauty in all of life, but I don’t. Not here, not now. I’m not crazy, I am not traumatized by them or their visits, or my visits. If I could emphasize one thing it would be that right now we are in an interesting place to make changes and see truths we weren’t taught to see. Here it’s a thousand years at most, there a day or two. They do not influence us, but more so pity us because we are capable of doing so much more in our moment. We don’t have the ability to see what is real, it is kept from us for a small number of individuals' greedy interests. Even those small percentages cannot see through the illusion that they created.

I’m only one person here, there I’m everything and everyone so there is no lie to be sold. They are not very forthcoming about what or where “I” get to go once my energy fades elsewhere but I do believe in the next phase they will be with me and guide me as in this one." JH

NOTE: Do you believe this concept? Are we a part of a grander scheme? Lon



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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