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Thursday, August 03, 2023

Colorado Witness Fixated By PALE CRAWLER HUMANOID Encounter

An encounter with a pale crawler humanoid leaves a Colorado witness reeling about what they observed and an obsession to obtain more information on the unknown being.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"So, I don't typically believe in this kind of stuff, but I had a very strange encounter a while back. I told my coworkers about it, and they insisted I had seen a rake? I've been researching since I had no idea what it was. It looks very similar to what I saw, except it's a fictional creature from a creepypasta? (Just learned about that too) So I'm not sure what I saw.

Anyway, I was driving home from work about a month or so ago and headed down this typically busy side street in Douglas County, Colorado, called Havana. It's close to Centennial Airport, in a business district, surrounded by apartments. It was about 1:30am and there wasn't much traffic, just a Jeep in front of me. As I drove around a bend in the road, where Dry Creek turns into Havana, I saw in my peripheral vision a figure to my right on the sidewalk standing between two small trees held up by wire supports. The creature stood kind of behind them. At first glance, I figured it was just a tall, slender dog, like a white greyhound or Great Dane. It escaped and seemed to bark at traffic on the sidewalk.

I was traveling about 45 mph when I passed, and it was dark out. But I noticed as I passed by, that it appeared to have a humanoid shaped head with black eyes. It also had a bent over hunched back, long slender legs, and an unusually wide mouth, like it was screaming or something.

I thought to myself, "Yo, what was that?" so I slowed down quickly to look back, and in my mirror, I saw the creature turn around and run off towards a fence/brick retaining wall on the other side of the sidewalk. But as it ran off, I saw how tall and slender the creature was. It seemed very pale, almost grey, with a anorexic and boney appearance. It also moved strangely, where its hind leg joints were inverted and bent in the opposite direction from its front legs. At that point, I was seriously creeped out. The Jeep in front of me had also slowed down, so I could only assume they saw it, too.

We both continued driving as it was late/early and couldn't stop in the middle of a busy road. However, that situation really made my skin crawl. I checked my mirrors for the rest of the drive home. I debated if I should've called a non-emergency line to have an officer check it out, but I told myself they would think I was an idiot.

Now, every night when I take that road, I look around to see if i can spot it again. I really want to believe it was just a dog. However, I can't stop thinking about how strange and quickly it moved with its backwards knees and how long/wide its mouth stretched. I haven't talked about this much except to some family and my coworkers because, frankly, it sounds ridiculous.

I'm wondering what I saw? And if it's something I should talk about? Or should I pretend I never saw anything and move on with my life?


I've had a few more strange occurrences that I am unsure if they are related to, but worth noting. So, it's been a little over a week since I made this post. I decided to drive around the neighboring area on my way home from work recently at about 1am, just to look around. However, I didn't see much of anything. Just a bunch of empty parking lots, dark fields, and closed office buildings. I can't stop thinking about the thing I saw. I've been feeling uneasy like I need validation due to self-skepticism.

I've also been feeling uncomfortable in and around my house lately. I almost feel like something is watching me. I know that sounds like paranoia, but you know that natural feeling you get when you realize someone is in a room you're walking into? Even though they aren't talking or noisy? Like you can sense their presence? It seems like that.

I don't live too far from the area where I saw it. However, as of lately, I feel my skin crawling at night when I walk from my car to my house. I live in a three-floor house shared with my family. They sleep upstairs, and I have a finished basement. I usually get home around 1-2am, so by the time I get home they are already upstairs and asleep. The last few nights while I've been home, I've been hearing noises from the kitchen and living room, which are right above my room (always around 2pm-4pm) that sound like someone is walking around. I've looked up a few times to see if someone is up there, but no one is up, and the rooms are empty. I keep telling myself it's just the house settling, but the consistent timing is weird. I've asked my family if they are coming down at all to the kitchen and living room at night and they've all denied it.

The creepiest occurrence I've had recently was in my basement room. Remember that feeling of presence in the room I talked about? I feel like eyes are on me in my room and I've heard random sounds at the window in my basement the last few nights. We have a converted window well in my room that's about three feet from the floor and has blinds. The well itself is pretty deep by about 5 feet and 4 feet wide with an escape ladder and no cover. I've heard a loud thump twice this last week, like something has hit the ground or fallen into the window well. I occasionally hear tapping sounds from the window. Like something's hitting the glass. This happened again the other night, so I walked over and opened the blinds but didn't see anything. I'm overthinking, or just going crazy.

Last night was the final straw that pushed me to update this post. I got home around 1:30am and grabbed my backpack and stuff out of my car. As I walked to the door of my house it was pretty dark out and my family had forgotten to leave the light on for me. I struggled to find my house key to unlock the door with my water bottle, dinner, and backpack in my hands. As I was fumbling around with my keys, I heard this really strange, gargled growling/hissing sound. Strongly enough, The best way I could describe it, is like the weird sound Enderman makes in Minecraft when you kill them. Yeah, it sounded like that (not as intense) but almost metallic and echoing, like a wet growl through a pipe. Even stranger was that it sounded like it was just in front of me on my porch at my front door, even though nothing was there. I quickly unlocked the door and ran in. Locked the door behind me and turned on all the lights I could find. I also heard more tapping on my window that night but still couldn't see anything.

I've felt on edge the last few nights. I'd really like to hope this is all just a racoon and I'm just paranoid. But I can't help but feel all these weird occurrences are connected in some way. Also, I feel watched. For now, I'm just going to stop wondering and ignore it all. It's not my objective to dig deeper into this and stir up a hornet's nest or drive myself crazy." F



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