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Saturday, July 01, 2023

Lifelong Skeptic Acknowledges UNEXPLAINED ACTIVITY at His Missouri Home

A skeptic from Missouri, who was raised as an Atheist, was not a believer in the paranormal. That was until he began to observe and experienced various paranormal events.

I received the following account:

"I grew up a hard-core Atheist and nonbeliever in the paranormal. Even the thought of E.T. life forms with technology capable of light-speed travel seemed far-fetched and improbable. God seemed impossible and if God did exist according to a scripture I felt like he was a being without good morals. Around 2017 I became more of an agnostic who shattered his ideals of absolution but still needed evidence for proof. I don't claim to know what could or could not be out there anymore. All I know is that the possibility remains.

My father lives off Highway 44 between St. James and Cuba, Missouri. For several years, he has had strange events and sightings at his house and in his area. Going back to 2018, my father, my brother, and I were out at the barn late at night, roughly 10pm, doing work on my father's truck. We usually have some type of firearm nearby. As I was smoking a cigarette outside of the barn I felt really uneasy. Nothing had happened out of the ordinary but I felt like I was being watched by someone having a scope on my forehead. The neighbors live about a quarter mile down the road on one side of my father's house and on the other side is an open field. In front of the house is the road with the woods on the other side of the road and behind the house is about 4 acres of land stretching all in a square that is mostly open with scattered trees and the forest is the edge of the property. I felt like the "threat" was coming from the woods behind the house. I told my father and brother but they felt fine. He told me that if I felt "off" to shoot several slugs in that direction. So I shot 3 slugs off into the woods. I didn't hear anything more, but the feeling persisted for about another 10 minutes or so. I figured I was psyching myself out and didn't think much of the situation. This happened near late summer or early fall I believe.

Nearly a year later in mid-July, I went back down there. This time my father instructed me to listen for a sound. It was nearly inaudible. It sounded like a heartbeat coming from the floor of his house. It was only possible to hear it if everything was dead silent and your head was near the floor. Nothing shook but the sound was so consistent that it persisted at all times of the day and for over several months. I ask him if it was still happening when I left and he would always tell me that it was, until about October I believe. It was odd, to say the least, but it never made me feel unsafe.

However, in September I went down there for a weekend and had one of the scariest encounters of my life. I felt like a small child who wanted to cry for help. My father, my brother, their dog, and my cousin all went to town. So instead of sleeping on the couch, I went to sleep in my father's room. It was roughly 8-10am when I went to sleep on his king-sized memory foam mattress. I don't know how much time had passed when I fell back to sleep but I was suddenly woke from my slumber when I felt the bed slightly moved. I figured the dog had jumped up but I was so tired I didn't even open my eyes.

Seconds later the bed violently raised and slammed up and down for what seemed to be about 10-20 seconds. Scared out of my mind I was paralyzed still. I didn't hear anything other than the bed slamming and the box fan being swept across the floor. As soon as it stopped I opened my eyes and looked around the small room. There was a closet near the door that was closed and the door that was cracked open which is not unusual. Afraid to move for nearly 20 minutes I just sat there. I was hoping that nothing was in the closet. I grabbed the shotgun near the bed and opened up the closet and it was empty. I then checked the rest of the house. Some open windows with the screens still in and both doors leading outside bolted locked. I proceeded to look online if an earthquake had happened. It didn't make sense because the box fan had been moved nearly 5 feet and was on the floor face down. My family returned after this incident about 2 hours later and I kept silent because I forced myself to believe it was my imagination.

Nearly 2 years later, in 2021, the unexplained phenomena started to happen on almost a weekly basis. My brother moved out so the only 2 people who noticed it were me when I was down there and my father. He started off the conversation when I arrived there one Friday night with "I am not on drugs but I need your eye to tell me if I'm going insane." Since I was more open-minded at this time I agreed to listen and look at what he wanted to show me. It was nearly 11pm and he instructed me towards his room to shut off his lights. What I saw was a silhouette humanoid figure that would almost leave tracers of itself as it would walk between two different trees in the backyard. From point A to point B. However, at Point B, the figure would basically teleport back to point A and repeat the cycle. It also happened in my brother's room except the figure would seemingly disappear and reappear behind multiple different trees but still in a pattern. I honestly thought my father's eyes and my eyes were playing tricks on us and I was feeding off his delusions. That's until I saw a light flashing in the woods. It looked yellowish-orange but it flickered 3 times right at the house in 3-second intervals that would slowly fade down. He didn't see it at that time nor did he tell me about it. But when I told him what I had just seen it was as if I had just confirmed his fears. He said that he had also seen lights in the same area of the woods. We both covered our windows that night with blackout sheets and slept with a firearm next to our bed.

I would also hear almost stomping sounds in the attic late at night almost any time I was down there for a 2-3 day period. Too scared to check we just ignored it. I've also seen rusted metal illuminate green which is highly odd. For the first time, I saw the shadows before I convinced myself they were real. I coughed up multiple ideas as to what was causing them. Maybe it was the moon and the clouds? Nope, it was a new moon and there was a single cloud in the sky. Maybe it was something like a bird/bat/bug flying around the pole lights? The pole lights don't reach the edge of the woods and the silhouette was so dark it was as if some mass had to be right there. These are all my first-hand accounts. I have several other accounts I could add to these but it could just be more of a coincidence than actual strange occurrences. I don't scare easily. Nor do I usually believe in the supernatural. But I'm now a believer." SS



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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