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Sunday, July 16, 2023

'HAIRY MAN' Attacks & Kills Blackfoot Nation Father

An account about a 'hairy man' attacking a native man on the Blackfoot reservation of western Montana is recounted by a resident. The horrible incident was told to him by his father.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"I live in western Montana and live on a reservation known as the Blackfoot Nation. My father is a tribal member and my mother is not, I am therefore a white descendant and have grown up experiencing both sides of the culture. Both whites and Indians have stories that they rarely tell.

When my father was born he was 'conscious.' This is something he would never tell a stranger but I am telling you what he told me. He remembers being in a waiting room before birth and surrounded by thousands of babies. Some were deformed, and some were sickly. There were Black, Asian, and other races and one of them was covered in hair. It's impossible for me to explain this part better than he could but basically he saw the waiting room for souls. He was one of the few who were led through. I am only sharing this detail because as a child I had dreams about the 'Hearing Man' and his family before I was ever exposed to the concept of Bigfoot.

These dreams were frightening and unexplained and only made sense years later when my father related this to me. In my opinion the hairy man is somehow related to this area in a big way. My ancestors, having been the first to settle this area, have had extensive experiences with a hairy man. Sasquatch may be a part of my genetic memory as well as my father's and our grandfathers. My father was born with precognition of the hairy man.

As a small boy he was playing in the living room with many brothers when one of them burst through the door screaming and crying for my grandmother to come out and make him go away. This was the first time the hairy man had appeared in my father's life. My uncle, also a child at the time, had seen a Sasquatch in this small garden out back which is next to a small creek. The Sasquatch was stealing vegetables and ran off after being seen. Nobody spoke of this event afterwards. Sasquatch was taken for granted back then.

As the years went by my father reached his early 20s and stories had been popping up around the reservation about a wild man breaking into houses and scaring children at night.  The wild man was said to be very large and smelly. One family in particular started to be visited by the hairy man almost every night. They would come home and see the door left open, their food taken, and the animals cowering under the table. This routine was so familiar that they treated it as a common occurrence, like the family ghost as my father put it.

Everyone started to lock their doors at night. Dogs were acting cowardly for no apparent reason. The wild man was having his way. He was getting bold. He started to break into houses during the middle of the day. Children would see him. The tribal police were called and meetings were held. The town was becoming more and more shaken up by the presence of this unknown intruder. This was when something incredible happened to the particular family who was favored by the hairy man.

One night, while standing on the porch, the father was yanked off by his feet in full view of the entire family. They screamed and huddled together and cried. Well, whatever it was, fought with the father on the porch. The sounds of fighting and screaming was traumatic for the kids. They are now grown up like myself and I wonder to this day how much this affected their lives. 

The father was gone for days. Whatever it was that had taken him had carried him off into the night after the struggle on the porch. There was blood on the grass and the family grabbed neighbors and other men of the community to help recover the father. The men got together and followed the signs and trails left by whatever it was. There were drops of blood and signs of something very large passing through. They followed this trail all the way to the very creek where my uncle had spotted a Sasquatch when he was a boy. They followed the creek all night.

When the men returned the next day they didn't speak a word. A whole group of grown men and not one of them was willing to speak about what happened. They had however found the father and recovered him. He was beaten black and blue over his entire body. He had broken arms and legs. The father was in shock and incoherent. He couldn't speak a word. One of my uncles had gone to see the man and his family in the hospital. There was a fair amount of good will being shown to the family that went through this horrible experience. Nobody knew what happened, only that the father was close to death and that the family was very shaken up. My uncle stopped by to pay his respects and saw for himself the father lying in the hospital. His eyes were bulging wide. He was trembling constantly. This man had been beaten badly.

He died that night and to this day nobody knows what grabbed him or what happened to him. To this day the men who went on the recovery mission to save him have kept their stories to themselves. Only a select circle, including my father, remembers these incidents. All that I was told was that those men found what it was that took the father. They found the 'Hearing Man' and they killed it with high power rifles and buried the body. The men who did this feel incredibly guilty.

The older generation told us to avoid the Sasquatch and leave them alone because they are human beings. They are not animals and they are not magic. But they can most certainly be monsters and this is one story that corroborates that." LM



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