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Thursday, June 22, 2023

Witness Experiences UNEXPLAINED 'TIME SLIP' in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

A girl and her family are visiting her grandmother in Lancaster County, PA. She is exploring the woods near the house, but she experiences a time slip and disappears for several hours.

"I've thought about this incident nearly every day for the past 20 years and still don't know exactly what happened. I believe I experienced a rip in the space-time continuum or some other less cliche version of that. All I know is that one moment the sky was blue and the next second it was night.

We were staying at my grandmother's house in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania during the summer. When I was a kid I loved going to my grandma's because it was so different from my life in Philadelphia.

So, we'd been there for over a week at this point. I just needed to get out of the house. There was a small creek that divided the woods from the property and there was a thick tree branch that stretched across the brook so I could use that to hop over the water and then also used some big rocks as additional stepping stones. I got over the stream and into the woods. I just meandered about. Many years previous, my brother and I had built a tree house so I decided I would go and try to find it to see if it was still standing. I walked about five minutes into the woods and reached the large oak that once held our makeshift treehouse. Not surprisingly, it was a total wreck and I decided that I'd be foolish to climb up there. So, instead, I just started to turn around and walk back to the house.

When I reached the creek, this time there was this faint white glow coming from the water. I thought it was weird looking back on it but just figured that it was probably the angle of the Sun or something. I mean the water looked normal except for the edges and the ripples almost shined and sparkled in the light. It's sort of hard to explain. Also, the stream was moving more quickly than usual but not flooding or anything, so I had no clue why something like this would be happening.

I just started to hop my way over the rocks and onto the branch bridge but when my foot touched the far bank I felt a flash of light overtake my vision and I fell flat on the ground. When I opened my eyes again I thought I'd gone blind. I honestly wondered if I had hurt my eyes somehow. The world had fallen into complete darkness even though it couldn't have been even half past two in the afternoon. I managed to get myself back on my feet and made my way back to the house. Luckily I knew the property well and I made it there without incident.

I flung open the door and there stood my mother and my grandmother in the kitchen. The looks on their faces were frightening. I'd never seen them with such serious expressions. My grandmother was on the phone with the police and my brother was sitting quietly on the couch. His head spun as soon as I opened the door I could tell by looking at everybody's faces that they had all been crying. Their cheeks were streaked and their eyes were red. My mom then asked me where I had been and said I knew I wasn't allowed to be gone that long. Apparently, I'd been gone for hours. I watched as her face moved between anger and being relieved to see me alive.

I couldn't understand it at first because I'd only just walked five minutes into the woods. But they said they had searched and called my name and went down to the creek. But they never saw any signs of me. Nothing. I still don't know what happened but I do believe that I somehow was caught in a time warp. There's no other explanation that's reasonable for what happened except for something supernatural. I couldn't have fallen or gotten lost because my family searched the area. They would have seen me. I didn't go far. They would have literally had to step over my body if they were in the area of that creek. It's just impossible that I was near where they were looking and not in some otherworldly place. Still, none of them believed me and my mom was always very adamant that I do not share my story with teachers and friends.

Since then, I realized that I wasn't alone in this experience after watching various videos and reading other accounts. But I'm still looking for answers. I can't easily go back there to check it out because my grandmother ended up passing away a few years ago and after that, my family sold the property. I am eventually going to contact them and see if I can go back and find answers." C



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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