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Thursday, June 15, 2023

U.S. Military Operation TRACKS & KILLS BIGFOOT PAIR in Alaska

A classified military operation occurs in Alaska in which a platoon is assigned the task of tracking and killing a particular Bigfoot. The eyewitness came forward after many years of silence.

“The names in the following account are changed to avoid criminal prosecution. Both I and the man who told me of the incident are holders of now inactive top secret clearances issued by DoN CAF (Department of the Navy Central Adjudication Facility). I don't know if the details of the incident are still classified. This is why I've changed the names. I apologize in advance for the cryptic nature of the story. However, I have known this man (I'll call him Jim) and served in combat with him for many years. I have and will stake my life on his integrity. People have been misled to believe that these are animals so it's okay to kill them.

Some time ago Jim was sent on a tad temporary additional duty to a unit in Alaska. Most of the time there was spent on field daying at this or that location sitting around and passing scuttlebutt (rumors) about the nature of their purpose there. The official title is simply Security Force Training was conducted On Target acquisition field navigation and winter survival alert drills were called almost daily.

Jim and his platoon responded to the alert as always. Only this time the truck they had boarded started pulling out. He said they rode from 15 to 20 minutes to get out there in the middle of a huge valley at which point they were told to follow an officer and a civilian guide. He and the others walked quickly at first for about a mile and then were told to be quiet. They're also told to check their weapons - standard M16s a4s and one guy had an M40 and a 762 by 51 millimeter bolt action rifle. They were told they were there to kill an animal that was a threat to the compound and local residences. Jim told me that he had been on edge until that point because he didn't know what they were up against but that a hunt for a bear or something was a relief.

They spread out in a skirmished line and move forward slowly and quietly with the guide about 20 yards in front of them. They had advanced that way about 150 yards when the guide stopped. They were just inside a tree line on the edge of a large meadow. As the line got to the guide, Jim said he saw what looked like a dark brown bear about another 50 yards into the meadow. The officer pointed to the bear and indicated that there was their target at that point he and the others cycled the bolts on the rifles and took aim. That's when the bear stood up, only it wasn't a bear.

He said it was about six feet tall with wide flat shoulders not the sloping shoulders of a bear and the legs were too long to be a bear. Its head was humped and it had a long and it had long arms it turned its head and looked at them. No one fired a shot. The thing grabs something off the ground and started running away. That's when he saw the second one – smaller, in his words “about maybe four or five feet tall following the big one. They were quick too.” The officer in charge hollered shoot and we opened fire. The first to go down was a smaller one. The big one stopped while still under fire and went back to the small one, dropped to a knee, and let out what Jim described as the cry of a mother over her dying child. I saw the hair on his arm stand up when he said 'I kid you not.' The rest of the story was told to me with his head down unable to look me in the eyes.

We stopped firing when the mother cried out but the officer ordered us to kill it, so we resumed fire. The mother refused to leave the down child and took what he said was around 90 to 100 more rounds and she finally went down. No one moved forward but they stopped firing and reloaded. He said, “We held our position for, I don't know, about 10 or so more minutes. That's when the officer started to walk toward it. The guy told him to stay there, wait, and give us some time to be sure it was dead.

About an hour passed with no one talking he said we couldn't even look at each other. My gut was churning the whole time and I wanted to throw up. Finally, the guide and the officer walked to the bodies and confirmed the kill. The rest of the platoon were not allowed to view the bodies but were ordered back to the truck. On the way back to the compound he saw other military vehicles heading toward the site but they weren't from his compound. He said, “I don't know where they came from. I mean we were the only military in the area.”

Upon returning to the compound he and the rest of the platoon were debriefed one by one and told not to talk to anyone about the mission under threat of a life sentence in Leavenworth. Both Jim and I are retired and both our wives have passed so we don't have much to lose. It took a couple of shots of Jack (Daniels) and some other war stories to get to this one but I swear every word is true. Jim doesn't lie and neither do I and I'll have words with any man who says this didn't happen.

People need to know these are not animals. They are just as human as you or me I don't know how they came to be and I don't care, I just want people to know. I hope you can help make that happen feel free to email me if you want any more info. Jim won't talk to you I try to talk to him into it but he refuses. To tell the truth, I think he's ashamed of what he and the others did. He does agree though that people need to know. Thank you, Mike."

NOTE: I'm not surprised by the details in this account. I have heard of other situations that involved military forces used to kill Bigfoot, this account in particular - U.S. Special Forces Hunt 'Killer Bigfoot' Group in Western North Carolina. Lon

Transcribed Source: https://youtube.com/watch?v=iYqnOTFOPP0



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