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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

UNKNOWN UPRIGHT CRYPTID Observed by Park Rangers in Central Pennsylvania

Park rangers at Little Buffalo State Park in central Pennsylvania recall a sighting of an upright cryptid that they had in the park one summer night. What did they observe?

I received the following account:

"I had been working as a park ranger at Little Buffalo State Park in central Pennsylvania for about six months when I had my encounter. It was August of 2006. My partner and I were driving around the park at night to do a final check of the area for the evening. We were about halfway through our section of the park when we got a call from dispatch saying that there was a camper who wanted us to come out and take a look at his RV because he thought it had been vandalized or broken into. I told dispatch that we would be there shortly. We turned our vehicle around and we arrived at this campsite within five minutes or so.

We found a gentleman in his mid-60s standing outside his RV and looking very nervous. He walked up to our truck and I asked him if we could please take a look at his camper. His behavior was very unusual and so he cautiously agreed and walked over to the camper with us following closely behind. He was very nervous and he kept looking around the entire time almost like he was expecting something to jump out. We took a quick look inside the camper and found nothing that appeared to be out of place or missing. I asked him if anything had been taken from inside and he said no but that there were some things that he thought were moved around during the short time he was gone. I looked around for another minute or so before telling him that we didn't see anything wrong.

We thanked him for calling us and then we started walking back towards the truck. That's when my partner, who is an avid hunter, said to me, "Do you smell that?" I stopped walking for a second because I honestly didn't notice any kind of odor other than the normal smell of a State Park campground, mildew, pine needles, etc. My partner has spent many hours in the woods so he knows his smells. He told me that it smelled like something was trying to cover up its own scent and now that he said that that's when I noticed it too. It was a very light odor but definitely there. We looked around for another minute or so before my partner said I think we need to get out of here.

We got into our truck and drove off towards the main area of the park which is about one mile away from where we were at the campsite. We navigated our way up a path and as soon as we got onto the main road that travels through the park we both saw it. It looked like a seven to eight-foot-tall creature walking along the road. I was driving so I didn't get a good look at it but my partner saw it walk out onto the road in front of us. It then quickly crossed to the other side where there was more vegetation and trees. He said that he could only see the backside as it walked across the road but that it had very wide shoulders, almost too wide for its body. He also said that he thought he could see long black hair covering its arms and shoulders but he wasn't sure because it was dark. We drove around looking for this thing for about an hour. We had no luck finding anything else unusual so we eventually gave up and returned to the office.

The next day I couldn't stop thinking about it so I went back to the site by myself in hopes of finding any evidence of what we saw or smelled there. But we found nothing out of place or unusual in any way. I decided to just move on and not focus on it since no concrete evidence could be found. I've heard of other encounters in this area as well which makes me believe that there is something going on out here for sure. Also, there have been sightings reported from this area all the way over to Harrisburg.

Anyway, that's my story. I'm not here to convince anybody that what I saw was real but I know that what I saw and smelled was real. Also, there have been several reports of dead deer in the area, deer that are torn apart but not eaten. Now that's very unusual, to say the least, so I'm wondering if this is all connected somehow. The most common theory among hunters around here is that something is killing deer just for sport and then covering up its tracks or scent with another odor to mask its own. I can't quite figure out how that would work but that's what some people are saying. In the end, I'm not sure exactly what I think is going on." H

NOTE: Little Buffalo State Park is located in Perry County. The overall area has been a hot spot for upright canine activity, including other nearby state forests and state game lands (Bald Eagle State Forest, Rothrock State Forest, & Tuscarora State Forest). There has also been Bigfoot activity, especially in Bald Eagle State Forest and south into Michaux State Forest. Lon



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