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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

TWO 3-FOOT-TALL 'FISH-LIKE' HUMANOIDS Seen Along The Delaware River

A young man, who lives next to the Delaware River, starts to notice strange prints in his yard. One night, he and his girlfriend observe two 3-foot-tall fish-like humanoids walking in his yard.

I recently received the following account:

"I live in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania in Delaware County. I went to college in Philadelphia. my parents moved to Florida a few months ago but they kept their house here. So I'm living in it right now. The property is along the bank of the Delaware River.

The river is 20 or so yards from the back door of the house. I had found a new job and I stayed up later and later. I was bored and with nobody else to hang out with. Most nights I would wind up outside in a lawn chair, fishing in the river until three in the morning. It was on a night like this when the first incident happened.

I wasn't paying too much attention around me. I was watching something on my phone and my rod started bouncing around like crazy. I jumped up to set the hook jerking it back. The line went slack for a second and then jerked away. I figured I had a fish on but when I tried to reel again it wouldn't budge. I thought maybe I was snagged but then the line snapped away again. I'm not an expert fisherman but the way the line moved was odd, not like a typical fish bite, but like something in the water was purposely pulling back on the line each time I did. It was almost like it was intelligent.

I was a bit freaked out and I ended up just cutting the line and heading back inside. I told myself it was caught on a snag or something but I suspected otherwise.

A week later I had fallen asleep in my chair and I woke up startled after hearing a large splash in the water just a few yards out. The light from my back porch barely hit the edge of the water and I could see a series of rings spreading out from where something had entered the water. A new set of rings then appeared a few feet away and then again and again until they were out of sight. I was a bit baffled since catfish or bottom feeders seldom come to the surface of the water and they rarely jump. I grabbed my gear and headed inside, but in my groggy state, I left my cutting board knife and a fresh bag of bait (I used pepperoni for catfish) sitting on the ground outside.

The next day I realized what I had done and I went outside to retrieve it. Everything was gone. In the patch of dirt near where I had left the stuff I could see faint prints, some kind of thin-footed animal with only two long slender toes had been walking through the area. I also found silvery fish scales that were spread sporadically around and both prints and the scales led straight back to the water's edge. I must admit that at this point I was a little bugged out. I didn't know what to make of the evidence but I figured that any kind of call to the police was going to get me laughed at.

I tried to find information on the prints online but with no luck. I decided that I would give fishing a rest for a while. I needed to get better sleep anyway. I was starting to get tired halfway through the day at work.

Two weeks went by and I hadn't been back outside to fish. I had started dating a new girl. Between her and work I pretty much forgot all about the tracks. But then the most bizarre incident occurred.

I was fast asleep in the room upstairs when I was shaken awake by my girlfriend. She told me that my dog was downstairs barking like crazy. I'm a heavy sleeper and probably wouldn't have noticed but sure enough he was downstairs going nuts. Before I reached the stairs the barking abruptly stopped, but then it turned into a low growl. I felt a twinge of panic. My girlfriend was behind me on the stairs and we crept down quietly. I could see the dog standing at the back door in a rigid posture growling at something outside. I walked quietly over to him and tried to calm him down. I was stroking his head when I heard my girlfriend let out a gasp. She was looking through the small window of the backdoor. I stood up to look for myself. Unmistakenly, there were two bipedal creatures, no more than three feet tall, walking around my backyard. It was dark and the lights were off but I could make out a pallid silver color to them. They had no eyes that I could see but something like a fin was running along the spine of each creature.

We stood frozen for a few moments watching these two creatures. At one point they ambled over to each other. I swear that they were making hand gestures toward the house. My girlfriend saw this too and whispered that she was going to call the cops. She ran upstairs to grab her phone while I stayed and watched for a few more minutes. My dog started barking again and this time both creatures just walked away towards the river and disappeared under the water.

The police arrived about 20 minutes later and looked around. They didn't see any sign of the creatures but said that they had found some wet prints outside. They were the exact same ones that I had seen on the ground a few weeks ago. Since no crime was committed they didn't seem too interested, but the officers took my report and told me to call again if anything else happened.

So this was a month ago. I've looked online for any kind of information on these creatures but I can't find anything. I haven't gotten a good night's sleep since and my girlfriend has refused to come back to the house. Do you have any idea what these creatures may have been?" R

NOTE: I got back to the witness and asked for more detail. There wasn't much more information that he could provide. He did state that he had contacted other investigators who ignored his inquiry. I will admit, this is the first time I have heard or read of anything similar being seen in the area, let alone the region. If you have any information that may help, please feel free to contact me. Lon



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