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Thursday, June 01, 2023

TALL, WIDE, & BLACK BIGFOOT Encountered at Home Construction Site in Greene County, PA

Father & son encounter a tall, wide, & black Bigfoot at a home construction site near Carmichaels Township in Greene County, Pennsylvania.

"Back in 1979 I found this while visiting my grandparents in Carmichaels Township, Pennsylvania (Greene County) for the weekend. One of my uncles is having a house built on a piece of land about a quarter mile down the road from my grandparent's house. My uncle was over at my other uncle's house a few miles away. My father wanted to go see his property and construction progress so we walked down the road to see it for ourselves.

A workman's van parked in the front part of the property where he kept all his tools and some other equipment. His dog, a big German Shepherd that loved to bark and make his presence known to everyone, was chained to his van as a deterrent to anyone that might try to steal his tools. As we approached my uncle's property we noticed that his dog wasn't barking or growling. His dog had crawled underneath the van and was whining like it was scared. I remember my father and I thought this is very odd but decided to walk around back where the new house was being built. About 50 to 60 feet beyond his work bin where his work van was parked was a hill that was dug out for the foundation of the new house. There's also a large tree there and that is where we saw it. My father saw it first and told me to stop. It was large, it was wide, and it was black. The creature must have heard us and was leaning against the tree just staring at us. We temporarily froze. It slowly moved so that it was partially behind the tree and its head was visible from the other side, kind of like he was playing peek-a-boo. I remember my father leaning to the side to get a better view when this creature stepped out from behind the tree in full view. That was the point when my father threw me over his shoulder and did a full-on sprint back to my grandparent's house, a quarter mile away.

It didn't appear to be aggressive but I guess my father didn't want to take any chances. We got to their house and my father yelled for everyone to get in the back room and stay put. He called his other brother that lived on the other side of town and told him to bring his shotguns. Both of his brothers showed up and they all went back down the road to investigate, hence the saying there's nothing more dangerous than a scared human being.

They didn't find anything, not even the dog who had crawled back up underneath the van. My uncles gave me and my dad a bunch of grief over this whole story and said we had just seen a black bear. Well, that was no black bear. Being that this event happened so long ago I can't accurately say how tall the creature was, it was 50 to 60 feet away, but it was larger than any person I've ever seen, maybe seven or eight feet tall. What really stuck with me over these years was just how wide the creature was. It was massive, probably twice the width of a large man. It is pretty much spot with that Bigfoot scene in the Patterson-Gimlin film.

A few days later one of my uncles called my father when he went back to work a couple of days later. He said one of his co-workers actually approached him and said, 'You're not going to believe what I think I saw over the weekend when I was out fishing.' Apparently, there were numerous sightings over the weekend from several miles away and the local news people even wrote an article about it."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osG6y6hUolU



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