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Saturday, June 24, 2023

Stalked by UFOs & LIGHTS, Family May Have Experienced ABDUCTIONS

An Ontario resident is alarmed after observing several bright lights hovering over her backyard. More strange events and dreams suggest that the woman and her family may have experienced abductions.

"It was around 4 AM and I had finished a movie on the couch with my husband, but he fell asleep. Once it ended I went to the door to have a cigarette before bed. We lived in a basement apartment and our door was ground level at the rear of the house facing south with a small backyard about 15-20ft deep with 3 large trees lining the edge backing onto bush and swamp.

When I opened our big door and looked out the screen door (which had glass at the top and a screen at the bottom). I typically open the screen door a bit and set the bar to hold it and stick half of my body outside to have a cigarette. As soon as I set the bar and looked up I immediately noticed 3 large glowing lights hovering at the very top of those 3 trees. 2 white ones were in the two left trees and 1 red one in the tree on the right. I was taken off guard a bit and figured it was a reflection from the stove or microwave so I concluded that if I moved or blocked the light the light would go away. I ran into my bedroom which had a huge picture window right next to the door I was poking out of. If it was truly a reflection I'd see nothing in a dark room?.

So I peeked out of the blinds and there they were. I was blown away so I ran back out into the living room and looked again. For some reason I cannot understand why I didn't wake my husband to show him, it was like I was in a state of shock or like everything around me froze and I forgot about him. This time when I looked out the door, it was still open a little bit, I stuck my head out and all of a sudden I had this overwhelming feeling of being exposed, and just as I jumped to shut the door in fear I could make out multiple beings walking around in the backyard with 2 of them coming towards me at the door. But the way they moved was strange, like in one place one second then another the next. I freaked and slammed both doors shut and ran to grab my video camera and ran into my bedroom to record. When I looked out I could still see them. It scared me so much I couldn't handle the thought of opening the blinds, so I set my camera up and stuck it in the blinds.

By this time it was probably around 4:30-5:00 AM and I was wide awake in a state of panic in a half-seated position at the edge of the middle of my bed (the bed was against the wall with a large picture window spanning the entire bed) holding the camera in the blinds recording and taking the odd terrifying peek, when all of a sudden I'm waking up and it's sunny out! Only then I realized I was sitting or half falling off the end of my bed very awkwardly and the camera was on top of my dresser. I grabbed it immediately to review the footage. The first two playbacks were nothing and the third was only 30 seconds of blackness. I was devastated. Then it was like reality snapped back in and I looked up and it was 7:30 in the morning! FYI, I cannot just fall asleep sitting up or not in a bed laying down comfortably, so the odds that I just passed out are highly unfavorable because it has not happened since.

I barreled out of the room to tell my husband and I couldn't speak fast enough. I was in a total moment of panic and anxiety. The first thing he asked is why I did not wake him and to this day I'm so mad I didn't but I can't figure out why. I remember looking right at him laying there sleeping when I first saw the objects, then it was like time around me was frozen. I was still in real-time.

Before that experience my husband and our, at the time, 3 years old daughter would see strange lights moving erratically, always flashing white and red in inconsistent patterns. We live under a flight path and are used to seeing planes and small water planes or helicopters pass over but these flew much differently and very low also typically sighted and remained in the same area. After the experience, the sightings got more intense. Walking the dog I would spot a large light or craft that would seem to stalk me. My husband would often notice lights following him while driving home from work. I'd go out into my driveway to see the stars with my daughter and end up always having a sighting.

One night I put out the garbage and a red light about twice the size of a yoga ball hovering above the middle of the road, very low. I looked directly at it and yelled "Go away!" quite a few times and returned inside. After that, we would rarely see them and we're never stalked again. Though I do fear and am almost certain we are still visited, since over the past year I've had a few very strange vivid dreams that almost seem like memories of being on board a craft with my husband, tons of other humans gathered in a large room with multiple entities, some larger ones in robes at the front watching, and others walking around. One female entity comes over and takes my husband by the hand and escorted him to a private room, to briefly cover it...

I am aware there are no answers to these strange events but am more concerned about finding out if there were any related sightings or experiences in my area around that time and about my story being documented for research, etc.

I almost forgot to mention the area of trees that the UFOs were hovering in seemed to be affected, as the top of the trees died, exactly within the top of it. This occurred in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada." L



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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