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Sunday, June 04, 2023

SASQUATCH & OTHER ANOMALIES Described by Rural Northeast Pennsylvania Resident (PHOTOS)

A northeast Pennsylvania retiree describes various anomalies, including Sasquatch and other creatures, that occurred on his rural property over the 25 years he lived there. 

I recently received the following information:

"I'm a retired guy in his late 60s who lived in upper northeast Pennsylvania close to the New York border in an area known as the Endless Mountains (near Forkston Mountain in Wyoming County). I've lived there for 25 years. I moved south in 2020. My property was too large for one guy to care for because I lived alone. These beings let me know their presence only two days after moving in. I bought my acreage in the 1980s and then built the house later. I lived on a dirt road and had two neighbors, one on each side of me, both a quarter mile away. There's a pond and swamp 200 yards down from the house and on the other side of the pond is a small open area and the beginning of a rugged set of woods. There was a field on one side of the house and woods. Across the road was a small open area and a mile-long section of woods. That was their area, the Sasquatch people.

Of course, make no mistake, this was the wilderness and I lived alone. So I really didn't want any interactions with them, although they tried really hard to have it with me. I saw all the different wildlife there, including a bear hybrid, wild dogs, and a puma which I had on trail cam three times. I also had a backyard sighting after a few years of living there. I was able to get an old Jeep along with a tractor and brush cutter and proceeded to make Jeep trails on over 200 acres. The trails went through the woods, fields, and hills. It was not all my land but with the permission of the other landowners, I was able to make some awesome trails.

My first suspicions of weird stuff going on were when trees started being pushed down across the trails in various places. But it wasn't one tree, it was multiple trees being pushed down in the same spot. They were live trees, not rotten ones. In one section of the trail, over the years, it happened at least 10 to 12 times with a 20-foot section of trail and it would happen from one day to the next, with no wind or storms.

Fast forward to 2009 when my daughter and family flew in from Phoenix for a visit. Living in the desert, my grandson and granddaughter never saw the woods, so we wanted to hike into the woods about 100 yards down from the pond dam. My daughter was snapping pictures with a good quality digital camera while we descended down a ravine and we crossed over a small stream and up the other side. Suddenly, my seven-year-old grandson (who is autistic) took off through the woods running away from us. I go and chase him.

Enclosed are photos related to our walk. The first photo she took was on our descent down the ravine. She never noticed a small forest being standing down by the stream until she looked closely at the photo a few months later. The little guy was about 50 to 60 yards down from us just next to the creek. He looks only to be about two and a half feet tall. He looks partially cloaked. The second photo of him is through a filter. The other photo shows why I think my grandson took off running. He must have sensed or seen the shadow being or a cloaked forest being and got scared. That is not a smudge in the camera.

A few months after my daughter's visit I was cruising the trail alongside those same woods and as I was cruising by I saw a partially cloaked being in the same woods. It was much larger than the one in the photo. It looked like it was gliding through the woods, not bobbing up and down like we do when we walk. It was large and dark.

I retired in 2012 so I was spending all my time home and around the property. This is when all the crazy stuff started happening. In August 2012 I had a daylight UFO sighting through binoculars. It was in the evening after dinner and I was in my off-roader cruising around the pond. I saw this very large bright gold silent V-shaped craft in the sky. It was not a stealth jet or a triangular-shaped craft, but a V-shaped craft. I stopped the vehicle, grabbed my binoculars, and watched it until it went out of sight over the hill. A few days later I found two barefoot prints down on the pond dam. No human in the right mind would walk in that area barefoot. I could not stop thinking about the UFO and the possible connection. I had thoughts that Sasquatch was a really intelligent being.

About a week later I would make 2 wood knocks for five straight evenings just after it turned dark. I would go out on the front porch and swing it two times on the porch posts. It echoed really well. There were no replies. But, be careful what you wish for. That was the beginning for me.

A few days later I heard two knocks from the woods from across the dirt road. Then again the next day. That wasn't all that happened. I heard loud bizarre screaming sounds twice during the day coming from those same woods. I was the only one around during the day because the neighbors worked. To confirm what I heard my friend's 90-year-old mother, who lived under a mile away, heard the same scream on the same day. My friend is aware of these beings also. He had a sighting on his property and I heard of another sighting about half a mile away as well.

I was friendly with one of my other neighbors and he told me his sister was visiting for a week. While sitting on the back porch at night she heard a very loud knock coming from the woods below the house. The next day I went outside and heard a tree crashing down in the woods. I also told my other neighbor about these beings because he had two young kids and to never let them out and about at night. He snickered a bit but he knew I was serious and got the message. I also heard strange 'hoots' coming from the woods across from me in the middle of the day. It was not an owl. It went on for at least 10 minutes. I knew it had to be them.

One nice fall evening I was watching TV in my living room with the front windows open. Suddenly I heard very loud 'speaking' coming from the woods across the road. It overpowered the TV sound. It was just garbled speech and I couldn't understand a word. I jumped up and ran out onto the front porch, but saw nothing. It was all starting to creep me out, especially because I was living alone. I decided not to have interactions with them. I also had weird things going on in my house. I don't think it was a Sasquatch, I could be wrong. But it was frightening.

One morning during the spring of 2013 I noticed two 'gifts' left for me in the front yard. Here are photos of both (below).

My daughter was also aware of some of the activities. She took a photo of a Sasquatch that was about 100 feet or so from where she was standing (below).

There were so many unexplained things happening around there that I eventually decided to sell the property and move elsewhere. My daughter was also concerned for my safety.

I may later go into detail with you about the other activity and things I witnessed." K

NOTE: I was able to talk to the individual by telephone. I am passing this information on to a Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigator. If or when we gather further evidence I will post a follow-up with this account. Lon



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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