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Saturday, June 03, 2023

SASQUATCH Freaks Out US Army Convoy Near Fort Carson, Colorado

A US Army convoy is traveling back to Fort Carson, Colorado when a Sasquatch walks out in front of the lead Bradley crew. All chaos breaks out and the entire base heard the melee on the radio.

"This encounter took place on Fort Carson, Colorado gunnery range in the fall of 1991. I grew up an Air Force brat who had been just about everywhere. I joined the US Army out of high school and I have my proud career to hang my hat on. That being said it's taken me many many years to have the guts to share this story. I have been haunted ever since. It still makes me shake to the core reliving that night.

Our squadron was out in the field preparing for the qualification of the M1 tank and Bradley fighting vehicle crews. We called this gunnery downrange Fort Carson a 'scrub brush.' which is an untouched landscape with a view of the Rocky Mountain front range that is simply beautiful. Towards the end of qualification, it is about 1 30 AM and the tank and Bradley crews were appearing to road march back to camp. The road back to camp was a well-groomed dirt road with very deep ditches on either side due to the heavy rainfall. Our team was back in the barracks awaiting the crews as we were to go to them if their vehicles had an issue or breakdowns. Nearly everyone in the barracks was laying on their cots either sleeping or playing Bones by the stove, as it was a chilly night.

The head NCO is playing Bones and listening to the radio traffic. He shouted out they were on their way back in. People start to stir and move around trying to wake up just in case they needed us. I was laying on the end of my cot with my feet on the floor. I had my beanie pulled down over my face to block the light. I was fully awake. The radio is directly across from me. Suddenly, over the radio, our CO gave orders to start the road march back to camp. The radio crackled and conversations began to take place. The first crews to road march back out were the Bradley fighting vehicle teams. The first Bradley had a ground guide out front. Everyone was wearing night vision goggles and they were using blackout lights to guide their way. 

Without warning one of the drivers shouted, "Hey! What the hell is that? I know the voice came over the radio. I don't know another voice. We need to stop. We need to stop!" The CEO came over the radio and wanted to know what was going on up there. Another voice, "Sir, we need to stop." Just then I recognized our ExO telling the CEO, "We need to stop the convoy now, Sir!"  Meanwhile, at the same time, everyone back in the barracks was now standing next to the radio and listening to what was going on, and staring at each other with amazement. The CO gave the order to the lead Bradley to come to a full stop and halt the convoy. Keep in mind, while all this was taking place, the first and second Bradley crews were staring at a bipedal dark figure standing on the road looking over his shoulder at them at about 50 feet away. I mentioned the deep ditches. It was said by several crew members that this figure stepped out of the ditch with ease and began to walk in the middle of the road in front of the convoy. This bipedal creature had no care in the world that the crews or the vehicles were there. It's just standing there.

By the time the CEO got to the front of the convoy to see what was going on, he had a hell of a mess on his hands. The radio chatter exploded into yells and f-bombs. People telling the ground guy to run and jump up on the top of the turret for safety. The ExO shouting to everyone over the radio to calm down and get their sh*t together. The first ground guide stated that in his night vision goggles when this creature stepped out of the ditch and onto the road the creature's eyes were glowing like green fire and standing before him. It was like having an out-of-body experience. The remaining crew had no idea what was going on up front. They could not really get a good look. But the first three Bradley's got to see everything. All the crews heard everything and in the third Bradley was the ExO. He was a former state trooper, a solid no BS kind of guy who was standing through the turret hatch. He saw everything.

As the CEO was making his way up the road to the front of the convoy the creature turned and calmly walked to the other side of the road and disappeared into the ditch. The CEO was met by the ExO and the ground guide who told him what had happened. You could hear the conversation going back and forth through the ground guide's mic. Tensions were high. Soon the convoy was underway again.

About 30 minutes later the door burst open in our barracks and the crews started pouring in. They're excited and shouting at us. "Did you hear what happened?" The first ground guide was pushed to the front of the crowd and was asked to tell us what had happened, in a military kind of way, if you know what I mean.

Suddenly the CEO came through the door. Someone yelled "Attention!" He made his way through the crowd to the center of the room and stated, "You didn't see anything. None of this happened. And if I hear of any chatter about it tonight you will answer to me. Do you understand?" Everyone yelled, "Yes sir!"

The next morning we're all spent from the night before. No one got any sleep and to make things worse in came the Blackhawks and men in suits with the base commander. They spoke to certain people and the incident was soon put behind us. The most common thread amongst the eyewitnesses was that the Sasquatch seemed to not really care about the chaos on the road that night. It never ran or seemed to be scared. The way it stood there and stared at them, eyes glowing, is what freaked everyone out."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ls56d3_pQ6s



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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