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Friday, June 30, 2023

'PORTAL-TRAVELING' BIGFOOT Encountered on Roan Mountain, Tennessee!

An Alabama man is visiting his sister in Roan Mountain, Tennessee. While out at night exploring, he has a dramatic close encounter with a huge Bigfoot. The creature then disappears into a portal!

“The only person I've ever told is my wife at the time, now my ex. She laughed and accused me of making it all up. Before I get to my encounter I'll give you a little backstory. I was born in Mobile, Alabama in 1964. Up until the mid-20s, I'd never been on any higher ground than a couple of hundred feet above sea level. In the mid-80s to early 90s, my sister had gotten married and moved to Roan Mountain in eastern Tennessee. My wife and I took a trip up there to visit for a week.

After the first few days of running around and seeing the sights, we spent the day just hanging out at the house. This led to a few cold beverages being consumed and the grill getting fired up that evening. Later that night, around 9:00 PM, I went out on the back porch to get another beer. That's when I noticed about half a dozen deer about 100 yards out in the field behind the house. One had a nice rack and I couldn't quite make out the number of points, so I slipped off the porch and eased over to the corner of the fence which put me about 60 to 70 yards away from them.

As I'm standing there against the fence watching the deer. (The big one was a nice 10-point minimum 200 class). That's when I noticed the moon. When I say it noticed, I mean noticed! It was huge and seemed so much closer than I'd ever seen it before. Now I've been out in the Gulf of Mexico at night and been able to witness the moon well away from any city lights and you can see all kinds of detail on the surface of the Moon with the naked eye. But that night, I finally understood what the word awesome means or what awestruck means.

So, I'm standing at this fence watching the deer, or was supposed to be but I can't take my eyes off this big glowing yellowish-orange ball of light that seems to be just out of reach. So after what I thought was around 20 minutes later (I found out it was more like an hour), I start noticing a tickling sensation on the back of my neck. I shrug my shoulders and turned my neck a couple of times trying to shake loose whatever it was it was tickling me and just then the deer got spooked and bounced away. The noise finally forced me to break my gaze on the moon. That's when I realized that I've probably been out there long enough.

I decided to go back inside. I took one last look and mumbled a 'Wow' at the beauty of this little sun-reflecting satellite that orbits our world and that's when it hit me. I felt the hot breath of a huge creature hit the back of my neck at the same time hearing or feeling the deepest chest rumbling 'Hmm' I've ever heard. I spied onto my right, looking over my shoulder. All I could see was black as far as my peripheral vision would allow. It was all Bigfoot! This all happened in a split second. When I got my head around far enough, I realized that my face was maybe eight to ten inches away from this thing's upper abdomen. Looking up I saw this beast's pectoral muscles stuck off his chest about six inches and were huge. His chest was every bit of four and a half feet wide his shoulders they're as big as basketballs added another foot or so on each side from shoulder to shoulder. This thing was at least six feet wide. I've not got a good look at his hands or face but his arms were probably more impressive than his chest and shoulders. If Hulk Hogan has 22-inch pipe bones, this bipedal beast was sporting 28 to 30-inch guns. His forearms would make Popeye jealous. His arms were covered in long dark hair maybe four or six inches in length. If I had to guess this behemoth must have been around 10 feet tall and seven to eight hundred pounds. As far as his face goes, from the angle I was at all it could make out was a squared-off bearded chin. I cannot see a nose, eyes, ears, raised brow ridge, conical head, nothing, so I can't say whether it looked more like a man or an ape. His arms were more like an ape's but his chest was more human-like, just a little more hairy than most.

Now this is where the story starts getting weird. As I mentioned earlier, it all happened in a split second. As I spun around and was in the process of looking up, this thing was going from a bent over position to standing up straight and taking a step back to his right. As he pulled his left leg over his right, it was like he was slipping through a slit in a green screen. I'm not sure if it was a portal or some sort of inter-dimensional doorway or what, all I know is this huge thing vanished within that split second. By the way, there was no foul smell associated with this creature. There was a slight musty smell but it reminded me of the same smell a horse gives off. I mean you could smell it but I'm not going to say it was a stench.

I will say this, I hear a lot of people saying that these things are evil and demons and they may be. All I know is I got the impression that this beast was intelligent and appreciated my interest in the “Moon.” The 'Hmm' that he gave out made me feel the same way I would feel when I do something good that would make my grandfather proud and he would give me the same approving 'Hmm' that this Bigfoot did. You just never had the same volume or power that this thing did."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lY3jpOh4G0

NOTE: I have posted other strange accounts from Roan Mountain in Tennessee & North Carolina. My maternal grandmother's family is from the area, and I have heard a multitude of interesting personal stories from friends and relatives all of my life. It truly is a hotbed for Bigfoot. Lon



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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