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Monday, June 26, 2023

Peace Corps Volunteers' Amazing YETI Encounter in Nepal

A couple is in the Peace Corps in 1997, working in Nepal. They hike the mountains frequently. One day, they encounter a Yeti that was watching them. The woman experienced 'mind speak.'

"My first name is Debbie. I'm not in a position where my full name can be revealed. I wish that wasn't the case. My encounter is brief but it has stuck with me since. In 1997 my husband and I were in the Peace Corps volunteering to do some good in the world. We were posted in Nepal in Dolpa, one of the most remote northern areas high in the Himalayan Mountains around 10 to 12,000 feet above sea level. Dolpa borders Tibet. The area was closed to tourists at the time. It is very remote but since we were Peace Corps and stationed there we were permitted to hike/track to rural towns to do our job.

We lived mostly with Buddhist people. They were honest hard-working wonderful and peaceful people. We had been on a track to conduct services to local community health care workers in very remote villages. I'm a pediatric nurse so I would teach safe birthing techniques and care for infants and children, especially for burns, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, and dehydration. We trekked for two weeks at a time sometimes hiking above 14 to 15,000 feet above the tree line. It's very remote. The nearest village will be a day's hike in between and the occasional tea house or lodge every two to three hours along the trail would follow the glacier river with the occasional bridge to cross. The bridges often were just two large trees spanning the raging river or sometimes a suspended wood platform bridge.

One time on our way back from a long two-week trek, we were hiking home and we were still about two to three days out from Dunai our home village. Our backpacks weighed about 25 to 30 pounds so they're packed tightly. This was the era before cell phones not that it would matter because even today I doubt there is internet/Wi-Fi service since it's so remote. But we had a regular camera that I'd pack deep into my backpack. My husband was in front of me on the trail. we'd been hiking for several hours following the glacier river and to my right was the steep gorge down the mountain leading to the river. To my left, as the steep mountainside traversed up very steep so steep one would have a very difficult time climbing/hiking it.

So we're trekking along, our thoughts to our own, when all of a sudden I felt my hair stand on the back of my neck and my ears started ringing. It got deathly quiet I looked ahead and I saw my husband still walking ahead on the trail. I stopped, looked down and right on the dirt trail was a very large footprint that traversed the entire trail maybe 18 to 20 inches long much longer than a hiking boot. I could easily make out the toes, with the big toe at a flat foot bottom and very wide heel. I thought wow someone has gigantic feet and is flat-footed. But why would someone be out here in bare feet? Even Nepalese wore footwear when trekking, typically flip-flops actually. Then I just froze and my heart started pounding in my chest. I knew it was there staring at me to my left. I could feel it, I sense it right next to me in the bush maybe a few feet away on my left on the mountainside staring at me out of my peripheral vision. I had a human-like face, and its eyes staring at me! I never felt so much fear in my life. I didn't make out its body because it was standing behind a tree peering off to the side. I knew if I didn't yell for my husband to come and see the footprint he would never believe me. I wasn't about to put my backpack down to bring up my camera. I was too scared and had this sense of 'run now.'

Then, in my mind, I heard it say, 'Just keep going. I will not hurt you but keep going. Do not look at me.' I said back in my mind, 'I just want to show my husband the footprint and then we will go.' So I tried to yell. My voice froze. I cannot make a sound. it was so strange and I'm a talker. I barely got my voice to whisper to my husband to come back. Of course, he didn't hear me, so I kept trying to yell, but I just couldn't. My husband happened to look back because I think he sensed I wasn't behind him anymore and he started backtracking towards me. I still could barely talk and sensed the Yeti to my left this whole time watching me quietly. I didn't feel like it would hurt me but, nonetheless, I was petrified. When my husband reached me I pointed down on the path and showed him the footprint. He stared at it. Then he stared at me wide-eyed and started to look toward the Yeti and I said, 'Stop. We got to go now.' My husband nodded and we sprinted down the trail.

We ran for about 30 minutes until we felt that weird feeling leave us. I felt petrified the whole time and didn't stop trying to sprint even with our heavy packs until we felt normal again. When we finally stopped I told my husband what I encountered, the voice, and the glimpse of its face/eyes, and that the Yeti had spoken to me in my head  I never heard of mind speak until later and then it made sense. We both were so shaken but I'm glad he saw the footprint or I don't think he would have fully believed me.

When we arrived in the next town to stay overnight we asked the locals if they'd ever seen the Yeti and, oh wow, did the stories fly. They told us the Yeti live in the mountain and to never hike alone and that if we didn't bother it would not bother us. But once in a while, the Yeti would come into town and take small livestock chickens and goats, or other crops mostly potatoes. They told us they tried to live peacefully with the Yeti but not to anger it or the Yeti would seek revenge. Children were not allowed to go in the mountains alone.

Since that time and living on the US east coast, mostly in Pennsylvania and Maryland, I'm not having any encounters. We hike the Appalachian Trail frequently but honestly, that's fine with me. I've heard whistling sounds late at night. I've encountered bluish orbs too, but that is another story for another time. I wanted to share my Yeti story finally." Debbie

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvS4SZTjHOY



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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