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Friday, June 23, 2023

Outdoorsman Describes Remarkable BIGFOOT KNOCKS & CALLS Heard in Coastal Northern California

An experienced outdoorsman describes his experiences in the coastal northern California wilderness, in particular, the remarkable sounds that Bigfoot can generate. 

"In July 2018 I was staying in a very isolated region with limited access behind three log gates 20 miles south of Whitethorn, California on a primitive 4x4 road. This place is at the end of the road, a lost world of primeval forest on the northern border of a vast green belt spreading from Shelter Cove on the Lost Coast East to Highway 101 and south to Fort Bragg, CA.

At about 3 AM I was awakened. It was a hot, dark, and completely silent July night in these mountains. Something above my tent location, approximately two to three hundred meters, began knocking on wood. It's best described as loud whacks by a big club or branch on a tree trunk. They started one knock which got my attention. There was a brief hesitation then several more knocks, but randomly timed. The knocking was loud, so loud that it echoed down the canyon in the stillness. The event lasted only a minute or two. My first thoughts were that there was no one on the mountain who could be out here in the middle of a primitive and protective area. These knocks were from something large and no North American animal could have made them. Listening intently while my mind tried to wrap around how the noise was made.

I began to wonder about Bigfoot legends. The night fell silent again. Afterward, I told a few locals and learned that there had been many Bigfoot sightings near Piercy and north of Willow Creek.

Fast forward to two weeks ago while waiting at the first locked gate to the same conservation area I heard two distinct vocalizations which cannot be explained. As I waited in the dusk for about 45 minutes waiting to meet a party at the gate who was running late. I heard a very loud wail/scream/call that I'd never heard before in nature. The sound was coming from the heavily wooded area above me about two to three hundred meters. I instantly knew where I had heard such an unfamiliar call about three years previous. There's a few-second delay from the first call, then a few more, then silence for about a minute leading me to wonder if this whole experience was surreal. It thought that it was an unknown animal or some kind of implausible prank. It was loud and echoing down the mountain as though some huge creature could belt with the lungs of Pavarotti, only much louder. The chance of it being a prankster in this wilderness was highly unlikely. Then began another call out at about three to four hundred meters to the north. It was also just as loud but came only three calls in succession. It had a distinct higher pitch, This absolutely blew my mind because the first call might be attributed to an elk on steroids but the response brought chills down my spine.

I'll never forget that second vocalization as it was so unique and this was obviously communication between two individuals in possibly a rudimentary language.

Another experience happened just the night before the dual vocalizations on a Friday evening in early November 2019. I had just moved into a cabin that my brother and I rented located along an extremely rugged canyon area of the Mattole River. It was dusk, quite dark already in the forest. I was outside looking at the stars, taking in the newness of these rugged surroundings.

Suddenly, there was a screaming that was so loud and so foreboding that I could only listen in amazement. It was the loudest screaming I've ever heard. I thought it was produced by some kind of banshee from a horror film. The screaming continued at full throttle for over five minutes. I know mountain lions can scream but nothing like this. It sounded much louder, more guttural, literally as if someone had set up loudspeakers and played the bloodiest scream that Hollywood could produce. I wondered if someone was up on the mountainside pranking me as a newcomer to the neighborhood. I listened for a bit then went inside and told my brother about it because it was so unnerving. Bigfoot did not ever enter my mind.

But then at dusk, the very next evening, I heard two calls while waiting at the gate. I've since been over and over in my mind why have I been so lucky to hear and experience these mysterious sounds, much less three distinct vocalizations which cannot be explained in a 24-hour period.

I've been to a lot of different wilderness areas during my life, but those sounds in that specific location were simply remarkable."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70ex9-xpDh0



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