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Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Oregon Logger Describes His BIGFOOT EXPERIENCES

An Oregon logger discusses his encounters with Bigfoot while working in Mount Hood National Forest. He describes its uncanny ability to show up silently while being curious.

"I was on our property in the Mount Hood National Forest in western Oregon. I was making a new access road for equipment to get through and had been cutting with my chainsaw for some time when I decided to take a break. I pulled my earplugs out which I normally leave in my ears. I sat there inspecting my work. Suddenly, something started crunching through the thick brush from down over the hillside in my direction straight at me. At first, I thought it was an elk but the equipment noise should have kept the area clear of most animals and I could tell it was cumbersome and lumbered along on two feet.

I started straining my eyes to see what was coming through the thicket as it approached and got closer with every step. Finally, by the sound, I knew I should be seeing it because it wasn't more than 50 feet in the brush but I couldn't make out any dark forms at all. It was November and all the leaves were gone off the trees and plants so I had visibility of 200 feet. 

Suddenly, it came to a stop. It all went silent, extremely silent. There were no typical forest noises of any kind. I could feel that I was being watched but why couldn't I see it. Anyway, I got tired of whatever it was playing games. I put my earplugs back in, fired up my saw, and went back to work, keeping my eyes down low just in case it let itself be seen. I knew it was watching me but I wasn't going to give it the satisfaction of freaking me out. I trust the Lord to keep me safe and that thing knew it.

I didn't have anything else happen that day. But when I returned the next morning something had taken all the brush I had stacked in piles along the new road and scattered it back in my way. Again, upon noticing this, I was peering through the woods around me with my senses on edge. When my two dogs came out to visit me, they quietly walked up behind me and stepped on some branches breaking them. I about jumped into the next county. I went back to work re-stacking the brush and nothing more happened.

About six months later, though, I was in an area not far from there where I had been cutting all day, trying to get a section out of an old growth fur log for carving. It was getting close to dusk and I had my old Chevy pickup parked not far from me, about 40 feet away. I was preoccupied with what I was doing at the moment. But as I let my saw start a new cut down through the five-foot log I glanced over at my truck and there standing alongside it, between me and the car, was a massive being, all black or dark brown and staring at me! I cursed under my breath because I really wasn't looking for a visit now. My truck is hot blue so this thing stood out really well against it. That rig is on 35-inch tires, a six-inch lift with the top of the cab being about seven feet tall and this thing's head was quickly a foot taller than the truck. I didn't stare at it or want to make a lot of eye contact with it, but I noticed it was about four feet wide at the shoulders and its arms hung down to its knees. It was very hairy and very solid. I'm no judge, but I'm assuming it had to have been at least 600 pounds if not more.

The second I saw this thing standing there a cold shiver ran down me but I didn't want it to think I saw it so I turned back to focus on my cutting. I didn't want to look back or head over to see if it was still there. It was now it was about 10 feet closer to me and standing more to my left near the hood of my truck. I could feel my heart pounding and I was getting a cold sweat too, but I went back to focusing on my work. I didn't look back for several minutes knowing that things could show up next to me or behind me without warning. I find the best thing to do is focus on what I'm doing and not look around and don't get let my imagination run away with me. It's easy to do out there in the dark with those Bigfoot being curious and coming around.

I looked back up after five minutes and it was gone, thank God. But I'm sure it was standing in the dark there somewhere and I wasn't about to look around for it. I finished my work there packed my tools and headed to the house without anything more occurring.

The next day I went back, but after that, I tried to get back before dusk. I had previously thought that they were kind of shy but not after what I've seen. They're curious and will show up even if equipment or machinery is running.

One summer, several years ago, I was spending an evening with a friend over in Washington at a rock pit we used to camp at quite a bit. Over a decade ago she had her own encounters with the Bigfoot in which one walked up to her and her brother in the forest on Mount Hood. They were armed with AR-15s but were both frozen in fear. It got within five feet of them and just locked eyes with her. It was a nine to ten-foot male and watched her intently for about a minute before turning its head and disappearing into the trees. They literally looked and looked for it, but it had vanished. This encounter happened in broad daylight.

Anyway, they are amazing creatures."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2uh5tsDC0E&t=749s



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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