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Sunday, June 18, 2023

Large HAIRLESS, BLUE-EYED CRYPTID FELINE Stalks Rural Texas Property

A rural Rusk County, Texas resident confronts a large hairless blue-eyed feline stalking his property. His chickens were eventually attacked and killed by the unknown beast.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"A few years ago my wife and I were living near Laneville, Texas which is located in Rusk County on Farm to Market Route 225. My wife loves gardens and we always had a chicken pen. Our adult children enjoy the garden produce and the fresh eggs from our hens. We lived this way for many years after we moved there in 1981. We had no intention of ever going back to the big city.

The incident that I'm writing about happened in 2015 and it signaled the end of our chicken business. Each morning I have to walk down to the chicken pen that was 150 feet behind our house. After I fed the chickens and checked their water I headed back to the house to eat breakfast. I had guns but I never carried one around our own property.

At that time we had a terrier who went everywhere we did. She had never shown any inclination to be afraid of anything, but on this day I was in the middle of my chores when the terrier stopped dead still. She was fixed on something beyond the tree line behind the chicken pen and the hair on her neck and back stood straight up. She was frozen in place and didn't move a single muscle. I shifted my gaze to the tree line and what I saw caught my breath.

I knew I was looking at something I had never seen before. This 'thing' apparently had been walking just outside the tree line and it stopped when we did. It seemed to be the size of a wolf. Its head was light gray and there wasn't a single hair on its body. Its rear legs made it appear as though it could easily walk on all fours or stand upright like a man. The tail was the same length as its body and from where I stood it looked like a dog until it turned revealing a head, that looked more like a feline than a canine with similar short pointed ears. The eyes were something unworldly. They were bright blue and bored into us for about 15 seconds showing no sign of fear. It then turned and walked to the woods and out of sight.

I tried to make sense of what I had just witnessed as I hurried and tossed the chicken feed into the pen I realized that the terrier had already hightailed it back to the house ahead of me. 

Over breakfast I told my wife about the encounter and from that day onward the terrier would not go near the chicken pen unless she was with me. Even then she stayed behind me always watching the woods. I did too. It's strange how random things can suddenly make sense once you see a connection.

A few weeks later, a feral dog got into the pen and was trying to kill a chicken. I was going to gather eggs and ever since the strange encounter that day I had begun carrying a rifle with me. I shot the dog, got a shovel, and dug a hole behind the pen. The feral dog was the size of a large collie and must have weighed 80 or so pounds. I had to drag the carcass to the hole and roll it in. After burying the dog and securing the pen I went back to the house and that was the end of it, or so we thought.

Two days later, while feeding the chickens, I noticed something odd behind the pen. I walked around to take a look. What I found was a hole two feet across right where I had buried the dead dog and the carcass was gone. There were no drag marks so whatever it was, it was big enough to pull the body up out of the dirt and carry it off without leaving a trail. I searched all over the back of our property and never found anything that would suggest some sort of scavenger was at work. My wife and I were the only ones who knew what I had buried back there.

The next morning, when I went to feed the chickens, it looked like a crime scene. They were all dead and their headless remains were scattered about the pen. The rooster had been tossed 20 feet from the ground into the top of a persimmon tree. Oddly enough, given the scale of the carnage, there was not a single drop of blood anywhere. The gate was latched and there was no hole in the fence or signs of something that gained entry by digging under the fence. But the killer had left some evidence behind. There were footprints and deep gouges made by three long claws that were estimated to be two and a half inches long.

I drove over to my neighbor's house and asked him to have a look at the tracks. He was a hunter who was born and raised in the area, but even he was stumped. He suggested we call a friend of his who was a constable and another longtime resident. He looked at the tracks and examined the dead chickens. After he noticed the dead rooster dangling in the tree he warned us not to go out at night without a gun.

We decided not to replace the chickens. Not long after that incident, we moved to another location. We just didn't want to cross paths with whatever was lurking around the property." E



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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