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Thursday, June 22, 2023

Eyewitness Reports 'WOLFMAN' Roams Sleepy Hollow, New York

A group of young friends is walking through the woods near Sleepy Hollow, New York. They started to notice that they are being followed by a black upright canine. They had other encounters with the 'Wolf Man.'

"My friend Matt lived on the corner of South Carpenter in Sleepy Hollow, New York. His house was surrounded by woods and had well water. His neighbors owned cows horses and many acres of land. Matt's sister was a medium and was able to communicate with spirits. She was kind of gothic and had a strange group of friends.

During one birthday party, a group of goths came back terrified. They said they had seen a witch in the woods. At first, they saw an old lady from a distance and it seemed like she was lost and looking for something. They approached her eager to help. They stepped closer and went to reach for her shoulder when she began laughing. She turned around and petrified the group. Most of the people thought the group was lying but Matt knew his sister could tell the kids were serious too. They were actually scared and the forest they were in was a labyrinth of spooky trees. It was easy to get turned around.

Later that year, this is what happened. Matt, Bill, and I were hiking during the winter months. There wasn't snow on the ground but the air sure was cold. We were bundled up and didn't plan on going far. But of course, we followed the trail and it led us to a place we could never imagine. I was following Matt but he wasn't the best with directions. We were in a thick forest that we had never explored before. We continued trekking, searching desperately for familiar territory. It was getting dark. Finally, we heard cars. We made it to the road and saw it with Sleepy Hollow. I thought it was funny and antagonized Bill and Matt about the Headless Horseman, but they were a little younger than me and started to cry. They were scared.

It should have been straightforward to make it back to the house using the roads. But sadly we did not make the best decisions. Matt was oblivious to the surrounding streets and directions and was clueless about how to get us back. I remember the route my dad used very vaguely and attempted to lead us back. There were no sidewalks so we walked on the ditch alongside the forest.

After a while, Bill ran ahead of me. He said something was back there, something was following us. I didn't believe him and I stopped walking. I looked back and saw that he wasn't lying, there was some kind of black upright dog just walking behind us. We started to jog and so did the canine. Matt and Bill were faster than me. I told them to run ahead and that I would get this thing away from us. By that point, I had a general idea of where I was. I bee-lined it to the forest and caught the trail. I couldn't see much but the trees paved the way for me. I had no visual of the dog anymore but I knew it was on my trail.

After what felt like forever, I could hear the commotion from Matt's family's party. The flames from the bonfire peeked through the trees and I felt relieved. I moved towards the tree line and suddenly went barrelling into the ground. My foot caught a root and I was badly scraped up. With my hands and knees bleeding I rolled over in slow motion and my life flashed before my eyes. I heard something crashing down the path about 30 yards from me. I hopped to my feet and went straight through the briars and branches leaping to the illuminating grass. I made it to the fire and the creature luckily left the darkness. Matt and Bill were already sitting on their mom's lap telling the story. My parents were happy to see I was still alive but not surprised at all. The adults saw my wounds and gasped. I told them the werewolf got me.

Years later my friend Alex moved nearby. He had two encounters with a 'Wolfman.' Once, he and his two sisters saw a large lycan creature cross the road and scale a deep hill within seconds. His other encounter was with me we saw a pair of eyes out of his patio window in the woods. It was the scariest night of my life and I never slept over there again. We tried to sleep in the basement but had to go upstairs because we were terrified.” GL

NOTE: The 'Wolfman' is not the only cryptid seen in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Lon



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