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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Campers Encounter UNKNOWN 7-FOOT-TALL CRYPTID BIPED in the Adirondacks

A couple is camping at an Adirondacks campground. After hearing heavy footfalls near their tent that night they open the flap and observe a 7-foot-tall bipedal cryptid dart into the trees.

I received the following account:

"In the summer of 2009, my girlfriend and I were on our yearly camping trip with her mom, dad, and her brother and his wife. That year the six of us had traveled north from where we lived near Albany, New York to a campground in the Adirondack Mountains. It was a small campground but they did have full cabins there as well as sites for both RVs and tents. My girlfriend's parents rented one of the cabins for a week and we planned to set up a tent for ourselves just outside of the cabin.

We had left after work on a Friday. We ate dinner when we got there and hung out by the fire pit. The six of us talked about all sorts of things. It was a great first night. We were all tired though so we headed to bed at about 9 30. We'd been up since 5 am that morning having worked a full day, so we were all pretty tired. The moon was full so there was plenty of light around but not enough to see details beyond 20 feet or so. I pitched our tent relatively close to the cabin. My girlfriend's brother and his wife pitched their tent on the far side of the cabin about 50 feet away.

About an hour later after falling asleep I was awoken by my girlfriend who had said she heard something outside our tent but couldn't see anything out the mesh window. She thought it sounded like heavy footsteps walking through leaves and twigs as it moved around our site. We were near the center of the campground where there weren't too many trees. I listened a bit but could barely lift my head since I was so tired. I didn't hear anything so I told her not to worry and that whatever it was would probably move on soon. It was probably just some forest animal checking out our scent. I instantly went back to sleep but I woke up again when she nudged me awake a few minutes later saying that whatever it was had moved closer. She said that she could hear breathing outside the tent and felt like something was looking at her through the mesh window. I reluctantly gave in and woke myself up to check out what might be going on. I told her not to move as I slowly unzipped the flap of our tent.

As soon as I did my girlfriend let out a scream because something jumped from the area right outside our tent and jumped into the trees right across from us. We both saw it at the same time before it darted behind the trees. It then stopped and looked back at us. It was about seven feet tall, muscular, and had a large head with long hair. The creature didn't seem aggressive but instead seemed curious as it stood there staring at us for what felt like a long time. It had yellow eyes that almost glowed in the dark and I feel I saw a mouth with sharp teeth. After standing there for a few seconds it turned and slowly walked away into the woods on the other side of the campground.

I unzipped the tent flap all the way and stepped outside very cautiously. I looked in the direction that it had gone but I couldn't see anything in the dark. I stood there for a bit listening before I went back inside the tent and zipped it up. I was now doubting if we had really seen anything at all but at the same time, we both just laid there in our sleeping bags for several minutes not saying anything and barely breathing. We were both in shock at what had just happened. We stayed awake for probably the next two hours and we did both hear distant screaming noises a few times that night but somehow we both finally fell asleep although I have to admit I had dreams of being chased and running for my life through the forest.

The next day when we all got up and were making breakfast I told my girlfriend's brother about what happened. I asked him if he had heard or seen anything at all. But he said he hadn't so it was looking as if only my girlfriend and I had experienced it. But later that day after a morning hike we were sitting in the cabin with her mom and dad when one of the campground managers came by with his dog. The dog looked like a German Shepherd mix. The dog was acting very strangely as if he had spotted or smelled something unusual in the area and was trying to pull his owner towards it. The manager passed the time a bit talking to us and checking in on us before finally asking if we had seen anything like a bear around recently, saying that his dog seemed to be very interested in our area specifically. He was wondering what could possibly be up when we told him no. He seemed relieved but said that he had received a report from other campers that they had seen a large black bear in the area and that it was smart enough to have learned how to open up their locked food storage containers. I don't know if what we saw was a bear or not but I do know that bears don't usually stand seven feet tall or walk on their back legs. I'm pretty sure bears are nocturnal so there's that.

What exactly did we see that night? I'm not sure but it was definitely something very strange and out of the ordinary. My girlfriend and I are confident that it wasn't just a black bear but something much more and the fact that other campers had reported seeing something similar in the area lends credibility to our story." J



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