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Friday, June 23, 2023

ALIEN MANIFESTATION? Bizarre Incident That Left Witnesses Shocked & Dumbfounded

A bizarre encounter by 3 teen girls in Puebla, Mexico. An American man appears asking for directions to an unknown address. Then a driver in an old taxi suddenly manifests and helps him.

The following account was forwarded to me by my friends Cam & Kyle at Expanded Perspectives:

"This is an account of an incident that happened in 1974 when I was 15 years old living in the city of Puebla, Mexico with my family. On this day my younger sister, Janet, (she was 14), her best friend, Shay (also an American living in Puebla), and I were gathering in the afternoon so we could take a bus together to the city of Cholula to make clay for art class.

While Janet and I were walking around the block to pick up Shay at her house, we saw an American man appearing to be in his mid to late 30s, walking in the opposite direction of us, on the other side of the street. He was carrying a large duffel bag over his shoulder. Janet and I started speaking loudly in English, hoping we would get his attention, but to no avail. When we arrived at Shay’s house, we insisted that she hurry for the possibility of catching up with that guy. By the time she was finally ready we were sure we would have missed him, but instead, he was in the same place where we saw him last.

We already told Shay about this guy and after seeing him now, and walking in the same direction, we all spoke up loudly in English, hoping again to get his attention. This time it worked. From across the street, he yelled to us, “Do you speak English?” He crossed the street to the side we were on and told us he was looking for a specific address, taking out a piece of paper where the address was written and showing it to us. We did not recognize the street name; it was a long Aztec name beginning with the letter T. Since we were on Tehuacan Street, he thought the street we were on was the same street, but it was not. We decided to walk him to the house number on Tehuacan Street that he had on his paper. While walking to that address each of us would think different things (especially lots of questions), and he would look at each of us, and answer our thoughts out loud. He was reading our minds. For instance, I thought to myself, “I wonder what his name is,” and he would look at me, and reply, “Richard.” Janet said she was wondering where he was from, and he turned to Janet and just said, “Santa Barbara, California.”

Of course, I didn’t know why he looked at Janet and said that, but I was catching on quickly to understand that he read our minds, as none of us said a word, and he just answered our thought questions while facing the person who had the thought. At one point he looked directly at Shay and said that she shouldn’t worry about Jaime (Shay’s boyfriend) and that he/Jaime wouldn’t be jealous. Later Shay said she was worried about what Jaime might think about the situation of joining this attractive guy.

We arrived at the house that had that number he had on his paper (it was in the direction of where we were going to catch the bus to Cholula). Because he did not know any Spanish, we spoke with the maid who answered the door at that house. The maid said that this was not the house he was looking for, and the people who lived there were not the people Richard was looking for, and she closed the door. Richard continued addressing our thoughts, and after the door closed, I said out loud, “Hey, we probably have a map at our house (it was an apartment) and could find the address from there.”

As you might have gathered by now, we (Shay, Janet, and I) abandoned the journey to Cholula to make clay. Everyone agreed that this was a good idea, so we turned back and walked to our apartment. Once there, Richard, Shay, and Janet were joined at the dining room table by my sister, Louise (the eldest of us three). Our maid, Ana, met Richard, as did my mother, and Ana and later my mother, pulled me aside and chasƟsed me for bringing a stranger to our home. When my mother confronted me, I replied that she wasn’t living her Christan values if she thought it was all right to put a person out who needed help (I sometimes was a sassy kid).

It turned out we didn’t have a map at our home, so I ran around the apartment building asking neighbors if they had one. No one did. I went to the ground floor Beauty Shop and asked the ladies in there, and no one had one, nor had they heard of the street. One beautician suggested we take a bus, and before getting on, ask the bus driver if they knew of the street, because (she said) bus drivers know the city and her streets best. All the time I was running around, Richard, both my sisters (Louise and Janet), Shay, and my mother were sitting around the round dining room table. I would stop by periodically to give them updates. During one of these updates, I noticed that Richard had poured out a bunch of salt from the saltshaker, and in front of him, he had formed a pyramid, complete with four flat sides, and a pointed top. I remember looking at that and thinking it was odd but was more focused on trying to find a map for Richard. Later Ana commented to me that he was rude to make such a mess on the table with the salt.

Since no one in the building had a map, we took the advice of going to a bus stop and asking a bus driver about the address. We went to the bus stop that was around the corner, on the street where Shay lived and where we first found Richard. That bus stop was across the street from a park that normally was crowded with people but was totally empty when we got there. Richard, Shay, Janet, and I waited at that corner for the buses. Buses in a Mexican city are plentiful, and they would come by about every five minutes or so.

When the buses arrived and stopped, I took the written address and asked the bus driver if they knew the street. Five buses went by in all. A couple of the bus drivers replied that if the spelling and the name were changed, they might know the street, while all the others said there was no such street. I had thought that I would continue with Richard to his destination (as I have said before, he was attractive). In a little bit, you will see why this is significant.

After the fifth bus left, we stood there quietly. Shay, Janet, and I were facing Richard and the empty park behind him, while Richard was facing the opposite way, with his back to the park. His duffle bag was on the ground next to him. We were all silent, and then suddenly, ‘Poof,’ in a split second, a large, old-time taxi-looking bomb of a car appeared right before our eyes! No engine sound, facing the wrong direction on a one-way street, and just behind Richard. We (Shay, Janet, and I) were totally flabbergasted! Breathless! In total shock! The car appeared old, with a splotchy green paint job, light green, with faded areas here and there. Directly after it appeared a man who looked and sounded EXACTLY like Alfred Hitchcock, seated in the driver’s seat, and having his elbow out the opened window resting his arm there, said, “Young man, are you looking for T…. Street?” He said the EXACT name of the street that no one had heard of before. His voice was totally Alfred Hitchcock’s voice, too!

Immediately Richard picked up his duffle bag, turned around, and said, “Yes, I am.” At that, Alfred Hitchcock closed his hands together (as in prayer), then opened them with a map opening between his hands. He said to Richard, “This is where we are, and this is where we’re going,” pointing out the places on the map. Richard was leaning towards Alfred Hitchcock and getting this information and they continued talking to each other. Shay leaned against the car to catch her breath as we were all so blown away by the car and Alfred Hitchcock’s appearance. Janet sharply told Shay to stop leaning on the car, because if it disappeared like it appeared, she would be flat on her back in the street. Shay stopped leaning.

At about that point, Richard picked up his duffle bag, walked around the front of the car, threw his duffle bag in the car, and right before he got in the passenger seat, looked at me and asked, “Don’t you want to come?” I said an emphatic, No! He said OK, got in the seat, and then the car, with no engine motor sounds, turned the corner towards Shay’s house, and while it was turning Alfred Hitchcock said loudly to us, “Have a nice trip, see you in the funny papers!” (I had never before had heard the expression of, ‘see you in the funny papers’). As soon as the car straightened onto the street, the car, with Alfred Hitchcock and Richard in it, disappeared immediately, as quickly as it had first shown up.

We (Shay, Janet, and I) were so freaked out that we all started running towards our home in a frantic state, but at one point we all stopped, gathered together, kind of hugging each other and feeling like deer in headlights. When we were together like that, we heard all around us, especially above us, Alfred Hitchcock’s voice laughing and laughing. After a minute or two of that low, sinister laugh, it stopped, and we felt ‘released,’ and ran on.

For the past (almost) 50 years I have kept my eyes open to anything that might explain the incident. Janet and I have told the story through the years (we have not been in touch with Shay, so I don’t know if she has spoken of it since we all left Mexico). I’ve asked many people what they thought, and only once when I went to a seance that a friend had organized, did the medium tell me it was an alien abduction when I explained the experience to her after she did a reading of the group. That never felt ‘right’ to me, but I don’t know.

In 2008 I ran across a Reuters article on the torture of sleep deprivation that shamed our country in Gitmo with terrorist prisoners. I was teaching Introduction to Psychology and a course called The Psychology of Dreams at our nearby university, so I read much about sleep, dreams, and the effect sleep deprivation has on the psyche. The article was about the sleep deprivation of bin Laden’s driver, Salim Hamdan. The article described how Hamdan was tortured by being deprived of sleep for 50 days.

I read on and was blown away when I read two paragraphs in that article that stood out for me. The first read, “They also said the records indicated Hamdan and other prisoners at the remote detention camp in southeastern Cuba were visited by someone called “Alfred Hitchcock,” apparently over the British master of psychological thriller films who died in 1980.” Later in the article under the heading, “Who was Alfred Hitchcock?” it read, “Defense lawyers said they were curious about the meaning of entries in the documents that ‘Alfred Hitchcock’ had visited Hamdan and other prisoners. “Who Alfred Hitchcock is [,] I have no idea,” said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Brian Mizer, a defense lawyer, “It’s obviously a code name for something.” I have not found any further strange information about ‘Alfred Hitchcock,’ but the incident that happened to us happened in 1974, and Alfred Hitchcock was alive at that time.

I don’t think I ever thought it was the ‘real’ Alfred Hitchcock, nor a ghost of one, but a duplicate in some strange way. This entire incident was experienced by my sister, Janet, her friend, Shay, and me, while several other witnesses were a part of the experience at certain points. My older sister, Louise, my mother, and our maid, Ana, met Richard and witnessed some of his strange behaviors (reading minds and making a pyramid out of salt). I would just like to know if anyone out there has any idea what it may have been about.

I had most of my “out-of-science” experiences there in Puebla, and I have always wondered if it is a place where magical types of things happen. Even when I go back to visit my older sister, nephew, and his family, I have strange things happen, so I don’t think it was a thing of youth, but rather of place. That is interesting to me. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC-S) and educator in Texas, with three master’s degrees. My sister, Janet, is a veterinarian and a paramedic here in Texas, and my sister, Louise, has a Ph.D. and teaches at a university in Mexico. I think we could be considered credible."

NOTE: Was the man, referred to as 'Alfred Hitchcock,' an alien manifestation? Could this event be a type of alien abduction? Very bizarre account! Lon



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